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Kick-ass Mondays


my kick-ass monday threads

 Unlike other corporate warriors, I do not hate Mondays. There’s something about whining about the start of the work week that doesn’t appeal to me. While the job or the company is not perfect, I have so much respect for my work and the organization I work for to even bitch about it. It’s a means to start the week on a positive and thankful note. Most of all, I don’t want to attract any bad juju and make corpo life unbearable for me. 

I had an awesome Sunday – thanks to the impromptu shopping spree from the Hubs.  For only PHP1,000 consider my haul (thanks to the massive sale over at H&M) – knitted cardigan with faux leather sleeves which I bought at 70% off; brown cargo-type slacks also at 70% and from Forever 21, round sunnies which gave me the look of a happy alien.

My pair of shoes was also bought at 70% off also at H&M. I bought them almost a month ago, and I can’t stop wearing them with whatever I have in the closet. 

Here’s to a wicked Monday! I hope you don’t let Mondays break you. 


…today’s dose of vanity (Vol 1, Issue 1)

TODAY’s DOSE OF VANITY (phrase): a collection of my efforts to scare away my readers by doing either: posting my ugly (don’t worry readers, I have a healthy dose of self confidence); or make like a fashion blogger and post OOTDs (where my usual choice of clothes doesn’t exactly read “Fashion Week”

For this issue:


Maxi dress: Forever21, bought for PHP505 or USD12
Knitted Sweater: Primark (given by the mum-in-law)
Rosary Necklace: Forever 21; about PHP250 (USD6)
Knitted Wedge Sneakers: Non-branded, about a thousand bucks
Belt: Bench

I am starting to love maxi-dresses! My current haunt nowadays is the maxidress/maxi skirt pins/board on Pinterest. I know wearing a maxi dress entails well toned gams and long legs–which I either don’t have. But screw the convention, I love the way it skims the body and flatter (thankfully) the happy love handles.

Should my strict budget allow, I intend on stocking up a few. So for a couple of weeks, I will be reverting to my old 25 year old self and get temporary citizenship at Forever21. Uniqlo is also a nice source for maxi dresses but my problem with this brand is that it doesn’t seemt to like curvy (read: fat) people. Finding a L or XL-sized dress in Uniqlo is like trying to find a prep-school graduate haggling in Divisoria–Possible but nothing short of a miracle.

MEOW! (Little rewards for a job well done)

In life, it is better to celebrate the little blessings and little rewards we get — instead of harping on the negatives.

For almost two months now, I have been swamped with work and has been battling the daily stress of even dealing with people I rather feed to the Walkers. I was also trying to fit in my consulting gig in between the back-breaking marketing work and somehow, by the Grace of the Higher Being, I was able to manage my schedule. I am lucky that my client is understanding of my situation — the bottom line is that as long as I keep my end of the bargain and submit my copies on sked. Still, I would have loved to provide them more time. I enjoy working for this little group and the people are quite nice.

I was able to get earlier the check representing the first half of my consulting gig. It was precious, and again came at an opportune time.

Here’s the reward I bought myself for being such a Little AssKicker:

photo (14)

photo (12)

Military green V-neck t-shirt – PHP259 (about USD6)
High waisted black skirt – PHP399 (about USD10)
Cross earrings – PHP125 (about USD3)
Meow Necklace – PHP200 (about USD4)

All of these for less than PHP1,000.00!

Sometimes, nothing beats the simple pleasures of life. Like, Forever 21+. I used to think that getting curves was the bane of my existence because I can’t get nice clothes that fit me. With Forever 21+ — I was able to buy myself jeans (without having been shamed into not fitting into a size 30), leggings that does not highlight my cellulites and dresses that does not accentuate the love handles.

Double yey again for life’s little pleasures 🙂

Denim Dreams

I was the girl who was always in skirts and dainty little dresses.
Not because I am a girly-girl, but those are the only things that fit me.

For a time, I posted a series of my woes on this blog — woes about being fat, being a dress-size too big, of clothes not fitting and of having to deal with insensitive people who make fun of me because of my weight.

My friends used to wonder why they haven’t seen me wear jeans–I told them it’s much of a trouble (and too much of a traumatic experience) to fit jeans in places where they do not have my size.

I knew it would be a long time before I can go back to jeans again — to toss off that rugged, rock and roll look that comes effortlessly for some, but had gone on to be much of a trauma for little, old fat me.

…and then, I got involved in Fitfil. I lost a few pounds (8.8! still a long way to go to my ideal weight) and lost a few in my girth.

And here’s what I wore earlier:

Forever 21+ Denim Jeans - Regular Straight Cut
Forever 21+ Denim Jeans – Regular Straight Cut

* picture from the Forever 21 website I was wearing the exact thing earlier, plaid button-downs, Forever 21+ jeans with heavy goth boots.

I WAS WEARING JEANS! Might not be a big deal for some, but for someone like me who’s been abstaining from dark denim for about three (or was it four?) years already, this is a reason to celebrate. The denim, a purchase from the Forever 21 store in SM Makati, is from the eponymous line’s Forever 21+ collection (for curvy girls). The happy thing is my waistline is down to 34, only 6 more inches before I go back to my normal waistline. The funny thing is — the jeans are still a bit loose on my waist area!

I know this is just a small victory in my battle against the bulge. But it’s definitely something that I want to celebrate. It’s been a long time indeed and honestly, I felt a surge of emotion after I have tried it on — went seamlessly and fits just fine. No bulges, no awkward push and pulls, no straining buttons, it was perfect.

My battle with the bulge is just beginning (and made more difficult, no thanks to Christmas) and I intend to continue to have the upper hand. While I know that it will take me a long time to achieve my ideal weight (120 lbs) –I am not and will never give up.

One day, I will no longer have to hide under tonics, leggings, whimsy skirts and dainty dresses. Wearing denims will no longer be just a dream.

* Forever 21+ Denims retails for PHP695.00

Vilest. Cruddest.

I had it with the convenience store whose name is not composed of numbers. I am no longer buying any kind of Food Toppings and Rice Meals from this convenience store. In honor of arguably the vilest kind of food which I ate since I last worked in Pier 2–I vowed that I will make a new category for this blog. VILEST FOOD I ATE

Presenting my lunch earlier:

an almost non-palatable rice and roadkill as my viand

The label says it’s burger steak in mushroom gravy, it felt like eating the carcass of an unfortunate road kill, served half-cold with gravy made of mush and coloring. It was vile that I immediately lost interest in eating after just a few spoonful. This is what I get for putting work first before my own well-being, for resorting to easy fixes via convenience stores instead of buying a home cooked meal.

Just how unappetizing is my lunch? See for yourself:

Where do I begin? The rice is hardly appetizing, a bit undercooked and dry while the viand—oh shit, let’s not even talk about the viand. At times, it looked like the undercooked insides of an unfortunate roadkill; while the sauce is something you see from a baby’s diaper. I AM REALLY SORRY for describing food this way, but this bar none–is the worst food I ate as of today, considering I experienced working for a shipping company and even experienced the humble crews’ meals. Nothing can be worse that this.

What pisses me off is that last week, I also bought rice toppers from this convenience store (yes, I am a workaholic lazy ass who purchases food on convenience store instead of buying them on REAL cooks) and I was made to believe that it was sweet and sour fish. Well, guess what: upon biting on the piece of “fish” it was merely a sliver…a sliver! of fish covered in twenty layers of breading. The sauce was not sweet, just sour and I didn’t tasted anything but vinegar! Unfortunately, I also didn’t finish my food. It was that vile.


I am a big Forever 21 fan — in fact, I was among the first ones who trooped to Megamall when it first opened in the Philippines. So, when a branch opened here in Makati, I am beyond elated.

Forever 21 - Makati

But earlier, I was disappointed with the customer service displayed by the Makati sales team. I was asking for a smaller size for the nice rubber shoes displayed near the cashier. First, it was so hard trying to track someone who will give me even 15 SECONDS of their time to answer a question from a PAYING customer. When someone did manage to give me their precious time, it was like I was intruding. But, I am a customer! And I have a valid question which may lead to a purchase if I am satisfied with her assistance. I deserve at least 15-minutes right?

I love Forever 21, and even if the clothes they sell are not as cheap as the ones sold abroad, I will still buy their products. However, I really wish S.A.s are trained to be nicer and more attentive to customers. And please don’t give me the crap that it’s a busy day or that you are gearing for store closing. Because from what I learned from my Customer Service lessons on the course of 7 years working for marketing and PR, as long as there is a customer, with intent of buying your product or availing you service, you will work efficiently and effectively as much as possible.

And because I was so disappointed with how my inquiry was addressed, I decided not to buy at all. Yeah, I know Forever 21 will not miss the PHP1,000 that I would have spent tonight. But let’s call a spade, a spade — customer service sucks at Forever 21 – Makati, a far-cry from the brisk and efficient service usually present at the Megamall branch.

Stuck on Forever

As previously posted, I have taken it upon myself to visit the new Forever 21 during its opening week.
I did not have the balls to skip work when it opened Friday, never mind that those who attended the early opening got PHP200 voucher. I told myself that I’d rather go on a Saturday or Sunday, where there’s already less people in the store, compared to its opening day.

To say that I was mistaken is a major, effing UNDERSTATEMENT.

I almost shed tears when I saw the much anticipated sign on the store front “Forever 21” it says. But before I was able to go inside, two burly guards (as in bouncers you usually see during concerts) blocked my way and said politely, “ma’am, yung line po to go inside is nasa gilid”

So, I turned left and this is what I saw:

this is what greeted us when we turned left...

Baby Brother and The Hubby wanted to back out. Spending time with a hoard of stampeding women is not exactly their idea of a Sunday afternoon, but luckily the Queen declared, “We’re all going inside. Kaya nga nagpunta si ate sa Megamall is because of Forever 21. Utang na loob, isang linggo na nyang bukambibig yan!” So we all fell in line, but not without a warning from the Baby Brother, “We’re falling in line but you’ll hear it from me if you don’t buy anything!”

Inside was like getting lost in a candy store, albeit a candy store inundated with lines:

me -- lining up with the Queen
lines leading to the cashier
clothes galore

Forever 21's shopping basket (these are The Queen's purchases)

I love my new acquisitions from Forever 21! I am actually looking forward to the next pay day cos I wanted to buy these cute rubber shoes that was already sold out on the second day of the store opening.

the ubiquitous yellow plastic bag
my favorite purchase! Viva Le France!

I only spent 600 bucks for all my purchases that day, beside me a middle aged woman racked up close to 10,000 bucks in her bill. The general atmosphere in the store was that of pure chaos. People were rummaging from racks and racks of clothes. If you ask me, there are stuff that is really cheap compared to other foreign brands, but there are also other stuffs (like dresses, bags) which you can buy at SM or Landmark at half the price. Point is, shop intelligently cos the racks and racks of PRETTY clothes can make you lose your mind and forget your budget (if you have one).

Another excuse to shop

I wrote earlier about the Original Forever 21 opening in Megamall on July 2.

The complete details is finally available through a write-up by Chuvaness on her On the Radar column at the Philippine Star. To quote the write up, here are some interesting and exciting facts about the new store:

* The new store is owned by the SM Group of Companies and will occupy the former Cinderella space.
* Measuring 2,700 square meters, the store will boast of 34 fitting rooms. Imagine how big the store’s gonna be! This time, there’ll be no need to go to Singapore or Bangkok to get the latest collections from Forever 21. I do hope the Wedge Platform Oxfords ($27.80) I’ve been eyeing on the Forever 21 website is included in the initial Philippine collection.

* To be offered on the Philippine collection are (aside from the basics) are Forever 21’s indie/collegiate/boho line “Heritage” and the Gossip Girl-ish Twelve by Twelve. Personally, I am looking forward to the Gossip Girl-ish collection since I am a big fan of the show’s fashion (*ehem* Blair *ehem*)
* Here’s the sweet part, the article notes that all merchandise begins at PHP130 and nothing is above PHP2,500! If this is really true, then the local Forever 21 can expect a loyal and happy shopper in me!

Read more about Forever 21’s opening on “On the Radar”, printed in the Philippine Star.