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Dazed and Confused.

I used to have an office mate who had a habit of saying “Compuse” instead of “confused”. Imagine hearing this word “compuse” over and over especially if he is indeed confused. Not only it is effing confusing, it is also annoying.

Anyway, this anecdote doesn’t have anything to do with today’s rant. I just felt like starting my blog post with a useless anecdote. Haha!

dazed and confused. blond and crazy.

* Newly-dyed hair, ash-blond at Bench FIX Greenbelt

Anyway, I don’t know what’s with the air we breathe at work, but working there these past few days is starting to stress the hell out of me. My life is governed by the same checklist I devised a few weeks back and making sure that I have accomplished each and every task is taking its toll on me. Just seeing the damned list is giving me the chills already.I wanted to just tear it into two, but what can I do? My boss’–who by the way, is a true angel–only quirk is her love for rules and following the guidelines.

Besides, my company has been really kind to me i.e. tolerating my blond hair cos I swear this is my only way to stand out from the mass of humans chained to their effing chairs. And oh, they also managed to tolerate the way I dress.

Do you know what I wore earlier? Imagine a pink checkered necktie, my brother’s striped cardigan, white short sleeved button-downs, brown slacks and brogues.

from Polyvore.com

Yeah, I try to represent every single day. I keep on telling myself that I rather be different than look like a mass-produced office drone.

I am a bit pissed off today due to the fact that I have been receiving a lot of comments and request for changes on previous projects that I have submitted and gotten approval to before. You would think that following the approval process, it’ll be good to go but no — apparently I have to check the opinion of every Tom, Dick and Harry who cared to give their opinion.

Sorry for this rant, I am just tired. If not for my clothes and my hair, I’d be more than dazed and I’d be more than confused.I’d be effing crazy.


Me, today – 06 October 2011

my favorite brooch, my latest ring and the BEST companion EVER for my daily commute

Today (05 October 2011 in the US), the world has lost one of its greatest visionary, Steve Jobs. I only own one Apple product, an iPod (I can’t afford a mac or an iPhone) but that pink little thing containing about 1,000 songs has been with me in all my travels, late night cramming sessions for my work to-dos, “do-not-bother-me-I-am-busy” moments at work as well as my savior for my daily commute (encompassing 4 jobs already!). Do you know how bad muzak is in the Philippines, not counting commuters who have a propensity to sing while inside a moving vehicle.

I do not own a lot of Apple products, and more importantly, I am very far from a Steve Jobs fan or Apple fan girl — but the only Apple product that I own has become an extension of my life. A definition of who I am. If a stranger were to get hold of my iPod and put it to shuffle, he will hear JPop, praise, RnB, mainstream, OPM, rock, heavy metal and even the occasional love song (and immediately conclude that the person who owned the iPeeeeeeenk–that’s my iPod’s name, by the way—has split personality disorder).

I do know that Mr. Jobs is a visionary, a person who only comes once in a thousand years or so. He is often dubbed as like Leonardo da Vinci and Thomas Edison rolled into one. He is a genius who knows the needs of his customers and even transform wants to necessities.

Rest in peace, Mr. Jobs.


The people at work asked if I was wearing what I was wearing because of the passing of Mr. Jobs. I told them not really — it’s just what I want. I am just listening to my intuition:

Black chiffon dress – PHP50 (thrifted)
Satchel – PHP450 (168 Mall)
Vinyl Maryjane Wedges – a gift from mom
Also wearing a PHP50 ring and a PHP80 brooch from The Landmark

* the day would have been the same, except I was given the chance to see people sinking to professional levels so low you wouldn’t think it exist.

a bit disappointing really especially when earlier, you’ve read about how one man overcame a not so good beginning and went on to become one of the best innovators of the world at the age of 20– but in your world, you have to deal with people so petty and unprofessional it depresses the hell out of you.

Me, today – 28th September 2011

Here’s me, after the great storm that was “Pedring”

Wednesday work attire

Was trying to keep it preppy and still office appropriate. After all, I work for someone whose SOLE definition of office attire is a pair of slacks, collared blouse, coupled with blazer and black pumps. This incessant push for me to conform is annoying me to pieces. I’d rather have all my teeth pulled out without anesthesia than be part of the herd of slacks-wearing, long-sleeved blouse-pushing mass of office drones.


Coat – thrifted; PHP100
Dress – thrifted; PHP85
Necklace – Divisoria (tiange) find; PHP150
Black tights – Landmark, PHP199
Shoes – Clarke’s; gift from my mum-in-law (from the UK)

i have the hands of a freaking seven year old!
new rings!

Accessorized using my new rings, bought for just a hundred bucks for 3 pieces already. These same kind of rings retail for about PHP75 to PHP100 A PIECE on department stores.

Plus — I have a new addition to my collection of satchels:

a gift from my number one enabler

While I truly, truly love wearing tights under dresses and skirts–I have to admit that they’re just effing uncomfortable for my poor ass! I don’t know if its because I have a butt as big as one of Jupiter’s moons or because the effing tights is well, kind’a tight for my behind.

I always say this: it’s hell being fashionable and trying to dress well. It’s either you risk your feet hurting due to killer eff me shoes or an uncomfortable feeling down your lower body cos you are swathed with thick panty hose. Guys never suffer for shit such as this.

Who am I kidding? I maybe complaining but I swear to God, I’d be doing the same old shit and wearing the same old thing over and over again.

“Me, Today” is my latest effort in keeping tab of my everyday existence and the many things–happy, sad, moronic, annoying, uplifting, inspiring and worth killing people over–that I encounter in each and everyday of my melodramatic existence. Hopefully, I get to write a lot of positive stuff, not just my constant whining which is the usual tone I adapt in this blog:

The Dish:
1.It’s always good to be nice and friendly to others cos you won’t know when they will save your ass from doing crummy work — I almost got asked to scout for “market prices” without my knowledge. Good thing someone stood up for me. The Lord really does look out for His freaks.

2.Pinoys never learn — seen at a local TV station reporting on the havoc caused by the typhoon “Pedring” – an old woman wails in front of the TV camera, mourning for the house they have lost. She lives right beside the ocean, in a make-shift shanty made of cardboard and steel and iron sheets. The typhoon had washed away her home (built illegally obviously over the waters) and its place now lay a mountain of garbage (obviously caused by the same community that made the sea side their home). She wails on national TV, “I pray that we may be able to rebuild our home on the same place where it used to stood” Yes, you may now call me a heartless bitch, but I kept saying to myself that they shouldn’t be living there in the first place, illegally squatting of a place that is not apt for a community.

3. In relation to number 2 — all these garbage that “Pedring” has brought upon us is also due to our callous indifference. We are revisited by the junk we have discarded in the past.

4. I realized earlier that I have low tolerance for managers who love to micro-manage.

5. And lastly, it’s always good to watch your back.

My favorite things…!

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels
Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
These are a few of my favorite things

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
Silver white winters that melt into springs
These are a few of my favorite things

…no, I don’t really like cream colored ponies or more importantly, girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes…or doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles…

Though I can be really particular with ramen noodles…anyway, far removed from Maria Von Trapp’s crisp apple pie and wholesome favorite things, the soundtrack of my various preoccupations would be more like this…


Well, in the case of the people I know, they don’t turn mad, they go exasperated or worse, supportive. My current obsession are satchel bags and oxford shoes. Yeah, I currently have the young “european” vibe hopefully going on in terms of my choice in clothes. The current understanding with the boss also notes that I must be more conscious of wearing corporate clothes though she highlights that I must not also lose my “individuality” in the process. How do I do that, in a country limited with corporate wear choices, is beyond me.

Anyway, the great benefactor (aka the Hubby) bought me a new satchel after I have told him that I am afraid that the current one that I have will be near breaking point. Must I point out that I did while we were at the Ramp, standing near the shelf of satchels. And oh, the satchel is far from breaking point, just a busted up zipper, that’s all:

I currently adore my tan leather mini-satchel bought with the remnants of my Singapore dollar two weeks ago. However, the zipper couldn’t cope with the stuff I usually cram inside–notebooks, make-up kit, pencil case, umbrella and notes. My new grey satchel is bigger and can accommodate all my stuff without bursting at the seams.

I am excited about using my new bag…in fact, I transferred already most of my stuff and I predict that I will be using em for a very long time.

Supplementing my new satchel are my oxfords who my friends now associate with me.

wedged oxfords

…more favorite things to come in my next installment

Stuck with Real Life

I realized that it’s been such a long time ever since I’ve written anything remotely about my hobbies, my JPop fixation, fashion and all the other random shite usually associated with this blog.

Not that I don’t care really, but truth is–since January of this year, I’ve been running my ass around trying to fix all my wrong decisions and making sure that I will survive the year without any other nervous breakdown or trips to the hospital once again. I guess, my short yet unfortunately memorable four-month stint at The Firm has really left me drained and stuck with Real Life for five freaking months. Since January, until the last day of May, I’ve been trying to fix my life and my career. I am not saying that it was a mistake to even work at The Firm because in the short four months that I was there, I got to meet really amazing people PLUS the training was really worth the nervous breakdown. But at my age, I figured I don’t deserve to be treated the company whipping girl who was being stabbed repeatedly in the back by the Head Crypt Keeper and Jabba The Hutt.

Good thing He gave me a second chance by blessing me with a job that I never thought I would have. I will start the second half of the year blessed with a new opportunity, it’s now up to me to make sure that I will deliver and stand-out on this new company.

Since I was hella busy with life, I missed a lot of great things. Like the fact that my Chuck Bass was in Manila to be an endorser for Penshoppe,one of Manila’s clothing brands.

from penshoppe's FB page
From Penshoppe's Facebook page

OMG — just look at Ed Westwick’s eyes on the picture above. He is freaking to die for! He’s just so effing HOT! This is a good call for Penshoppe–to tap the Gossip Girl star to be the face of the brand here in Manila. I mean, let’s face it — Penshoppe used to be one of the leading brands in the 90s, but they’ve pretty much eating Bench’s dust for the last few years. I remember that they used to have the coolest campaigns before like, “Express Yourself” and “Club Pen” back in the 90s.

One of my favorite Penshoppe commercials was “Love in 4 Acts”:

And then, of course the “Express Yourself” ad, “The Audition”. My books for school used to be covered with print ads of this group. I think I was in junior high then? Maaan, I remembered having those turtle neck shirt in three colors. Plus, the Penshoppe tee (with the pencil logo) in about four colors.

And then, of course — Ed Westwick is not the first international star to be the face of Penshoppe. Mandy Moore was featured in their print and ad campaign in 2003 (with a very lucky Brad Turvey):

Obviously, Ed’s appointment as the new brand ambassador for Penshoppe is paying off big time. He was just in the country for four short days but he managed to turn the country’s netizens and fashion watchers gaga with anticipation for possible sightings of Mr. Bass. Suffice to say, it has brought a new level of excitement for the 25 year old brand.

Then, my favorite Korean girl group 2NE1 had a concert. I know that they’ve been coming for a concert but I was just too busy with salvaging my career and keeping myself sane to even bother with buying a ticket.

You could prolly say that at one point in this chaotic four-month ordeal, I had only one thing in mind: survive the tempest that was The Firm and come out unscathed, PLUS with a better paying and better-treating job. My Asian-fixation, my fashion-preferences and all the usual preoccupations just flew out the window.

Now that I am again at a better place, maybe I can again give attention to my little hobbies and wonderful preoccupations. I missed having them around.

Harajuku: colored hair, the ganguro, out-of-this world fashion…and now, LED neon lights for the teeth

Before, this is what you can usually expect from Harajuku:

The hairstyle:

The ganguro – (translated as black face) is an alternative fashion trend common among Japanese girls made distinct by their overly-tanned skin, blonde or orange hair and white eye make-up. To get the ganguro effect, girls apply dark brown foundation to the face, white concealer is used as eye make-up and lipstick, black eyeliners as eye shadow and the use of neon or sparkly stickers is also applied.

I know, they kinda look scary–and to think the pictures above are the “mellow” type of ganguros, not the “yamamba” and “mamba”kinds which can make anyone (even despicable me) run away, with just a withering stare. Anyway, who knows that behind that months-worth of make-up is a beautiful or cute face? You don’t believe me? See this “ganguro” tutorial posted on my new blog discovery, From Japan with Love:

…and of course, the fashion!

These are the sights that await you when you go to Harajuku. For the uninitiated, Harajuku is the name of the area around the Yamanote line in the Shibuya ward of Tokyo. This area gained popularity for the high concentration of fashionable people littering the area, especially during Sundays. Considered the fashion capital of the world, many of today’s trends were initially seen in the streets of Harajuku.

Obviously, Harajuku is also one of my dream destinations in Japan. I can almost see it: me, delirious and giving off paroxysms of lust and longing with all the pretty and amazing fashion surrounding me. I swear, I can’t promise whoever I’ll be with that day if I won’t go crazy and embarrass myself in front of these fashion rebels.

Anyway, we go to the real point of this post. I have to give it to these girls, the lengths to which they go just to start a trend really astound me. Presenting, LED lights that changes colors and pulsates to its own beat.

Seriously, the girls’ teeth reminded me of warning devices which bikers used during night time. It was so effing weird, but then again, the thing with Japan trends is that they rarely conform to what is perceived “normal”.

This is taking “glowing smile” to the next level. I could almost imagine these young girls talking to each other before they go out:

J-Girl 1: Yo, we’re going to go clubbing in Harajuku….you gotta be fly girl
J-Girl 2: Yeah, stiff, heavily colored hair – check; fake nails with ribbon and hearts detailing – check; heavy make-up – check….so did I forget something?
J-Girl 1: You gotta teeth up…

(Both girls places their LED lights and smile at each other…)

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* all pictures and videos not my property and were just sourced from the web