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Me, Today: Max’d out and in the Pink!

typical thursday

At the rate things are going, I will use up all my remaining clothes in my closet by the time the long weekend rolls around.

I always wanted a maxi skirt that would hide my hideous stumpy legs and one that would look amazing with my pink peep-toe bespoke heels. Again, work can still drive me straight to a never ending coma, but at least I look good while being bored.

I love this green maxi skirt which I have been eyeing for a long time at the Landmark Department store before finally relenting and buying a piece for only PHP279 or less than 6USD. I paired the skirt with this six-year old ruffled blouse from Bayo and my pink peeptoe hills that I had customized. A nice little polka dot served as a nice touch to the max’d out outfit.

As for the shoes, I have always loved them. I didn’t have them cheap because they are bespoke pieces and I really had to think long and hard prior to buying them. The piece is sturdy and padded to lessen the strain on your foot, plus the thing I love with bespoke pieces is that you can be sure that you won’t see someone wearing a similar pair.

I had fun gliding across the office hallways, the big large skirt billowing behind me. Talk about being a drama queen.


Me, Today: Kitty Glasses and Dotted Collars

How do I know when things get too boring for me at work?
I act out my frustration with the things I wear.

A lot of things are happening right now at the kaisha — the sort of thing that has a way of leaving you unnerved and out of sorts.

When things start getting confusing, I am known to do one thing. I express my boredom with the way I dress. I make people sit up and notice. I make little waves. Whether people care or not is up to them.

Here’s what I wore on this woeful Wednesday:

preppy. dotty.

The blue cardigan was a thrifted Uniqlo bought for PHP100 (about USD2) in one of my favorite thrift shops; pink V-neck shirt bought at Uniqlo Mall of Asia, on sale for only PHP199 (about USD4); black polka-dot collar necklace bought at the Landmark for PHP107 (about USD2).


My favorite accessories include this long, tubular gold painted ring bought on sale at Forever 21 Mall of Asia for PHP99 and a round faux jem wire ring given as gift by one of my office mates. Of course, I went batty over the dotted collars. The Landmark Department Store in Ayala Center, Makati offered collar necklaces in tons of designs and rendering but my limited budget allowed me to stick to a black and white collab one.

my well-worn oxfords

My shoes are old ones that has seen hundreds of adventures. Bought this for only PHP700 on a clearance sale in Schu’s Shangri-La branch. This remains as one of my best investments in footwear. Sad that it has started becoming frayed but I know that this shoe has served me well and has been with me on my numerous adventures. The skirt was bought on a whim and retailed for less than PHP300.

I am already planning my outfit tomorrow. I guess I needed to log out a bit as I plan to start rummaging on my closet as early as possible.

Seeing life through my kitty glasses

My best friend (since I was sixteen) sent me this awesome glasses for my birthday.

fashionable reading glasses
My new Kitty eye glasses

I have always loved cats, and I have a (closeted) affinity to Hello Kitty, even if I don’t admit it to anybody but my husband and my best friend. But when you look closely, my Blackberry is sheathed in a pink and purple Hello Kitty silicon phone case. You will also see Hello Kitty figures in my closet and a pink Hello Kitty bag which I use for shopping. In short, I am a closeted fan of the pink feline, the same way I am a closeted fan of Britney Spears (haha!)

Anyway, with the too much cuteness presented to me, what can I do but wear the glasses over and over again?

nerdy girl
I love it when I go nerdy

Paired it with a frilly dress (with horse patterns!) and front bow which I found at my favorite thrift shop, black tights and baby doll shoes. Sorry I don’t have any full body photos of myself but I was the happiest nerd you could find in my office building.

Wore it again the next day, with my favorite plaid dress (gifted), black tights and brown boots.

nerd girl
kitty specs
chilling out
chilling out on my sister’s bedroom floor

Again, I managed to get past Human Resources with my office attire — and I continue to skirt past the office rules for corporate attire. Personally, I think I am not breaking the rules since I come to the office more fully clothed and presentable than some of the people I see every Friday. The only difference is that I veer away from the usual jeans and t-shirt combo which seemed to be very prevalent among my colleagues. And besides, I am not showing any skin, all my clothes are clean and well-pressed. So, I think I am still in the clear. I am just not sure if this will continue on until next year. I can continue praying to my lucky stars.

Haven’t posted some of my office outfit shots. Here’s one I wore two Fridays ago:

fashion at work
white V neck shirt for PHP175, collar necklace for less than PHP170, Ms. Selfridge clam digger pants bought on sale PHP500 and Ichigo two -toned shoes…and my favorite hat bought for PHP120 at the Landmark
kamikaze girl
wearing my favorite collar necklace

Thrift shop finds (Day 62 of Project 365)

I mentioned in one of my earlier post that I had to go shopping for our clothes for the Seoul trip.
Here’s some of my finds:

These are for the Queen:

I love the details on this button down knitted sweater. I love the Chinese style buttons, which offsets the simplicity of the sweater. I don’t know if you can see it, but the shoulders were highlighted with military type buttons which gave it a more offbeat style. Got this for just PHP220 pesos (roughly USD5.50) and was still in perfect condition.

This cape-style sweater has a cute hood at the back, plus the buttons are really cute too. Again, very simple yet stylish which is really more like my sister’s style. This was bought for only PHP180, or roughly more than USD4.00.

Here’s the thing–my sister and I agree on a lot of things except our taste in clothes. My sister, being the serious overachiever that she is, prefers simple cuts and muted colors. As much as possible, she wants it understated and without any hint of any of the following: laces, cutesy prints, loud or overly dramatic colors. She wants it fashionable but not too fashionable that it screams Shibuya in your face. I, meanwhile, is crazy for any of the things that she detest. I love patterns and laces and polka-dots. I love fashionable, slightly weird clothes that makes me stand out. I am that kind of girl. Here are the things I bought for myself:

This one has laces, polka-dot patterns on the sleeves and well, looks unique

An H&M shirt dress with built in hood. Bought this one for PHP90.00 or USD2.00.

Another cute hoodie, with a large peacock pattern in front. About PHP180 (USD4.00).

As much as my sister is a straight-as-an-arrow corporate girl, she mentioned that she will be needing my help for her styling during this trip. The possibilities are endless.

Stuff that I am made of…

Just one more day and it’s the end for me.
Somehow, I try to find any kind of emotion left for all the tragedy and agony I’ve experienced this past week, and the funny thing is I don’t feel anything anymore.

I guess I’ve always been the type of person who hates dwelling on the negative. As much as possible, I try to forget what I’ve been through, I am always in a hurry to move forward. Though you can bet I hold grudges and I don’t forget the people who made my life miserable. It’s one of the negative things about me–I don’t easily forgive and I tend to plan my revenge. That’s why The Hubby never failed to remind me that I have been purrrrrty blessed in my short life, and that I shouldn’t spend it holding grudges. Yep, The Grudge — that’s me 🙂

But in spite my shortcomings, I think it’s kinda safe to say that I am made of a lot of things. Not just black or white; sugar or spice; love or hate — I think revel in being the ball of complications that I am…

I. …I am someone that is (thankfully) raised well by my parents
I was born to middle middle-class parents who had to work in order to earn an honest living. I was not schooled in the top 4 universities in the Philippines, but I am a product of a state University. For everything that I buy, I had to work hard to achieve it. In short, I am not rich, I am not famous — but am lucky to possess the breeding that can be equated with proper upbringing.

During my time in the middle of the tempest last week, I had all the reasons to walk away and give the company THE finger. After all–in all intents and purposes–I have nothing to lose. I have an amazing job waiting for me, and I can get by even without the back pay (thanks to a Hubby who pledged support, and parents that are willing to lend me a quick buck). But I decided to swallow my pride and just let it be. I never once answered back or stooped to the level of my tormentors. I had a quick prayer for each time I was faced with harsh words and harsher treatment. As Bitchy C puts it, “It took a lot of courage to choose to take the high road…” and it did. And even till now, I am thankful cos it made me a lot stronger than I thought I was…

“…Sick of all this inertia
Won’t you mend me?

Lover, can you help me?
I’m a child lost in the woods
A black heart pollutes me
And I think

You’re a mountain that I’d like to climb
Not to conquer, but to share in the view

Pulled by a false inertia
Pushed out by circumstance
Pistol firing at my feet
That’s coercing me to dance…”

II. “Haaaaaaaay, Lani…”
That’s what actually Saintly J said (twice) while we were feeling posh and smug, buried chest deep in a late snack of vegetarian crepe (for J), plus a dish of eggs, bacon and crepe for me and Bitchy C (I can’t remember the names cos they were spelled in French). We were at Cafe Breton, celebrating the near-death of my career as a Senior PR Consultant for the Firm.

The food was good, the company was amazing (albeit foul-mouthed):

Bitchy C and I shared this amazing meal -- please don't ask me what it was. It was written in French
vegetarian crepe containing tomatoes, mushroom, tuna and cheese

We were discussing J’s apparent predilection for young, nubile females (unconfirmed — I value my life and I don’t want to die by J’s “eskrima-ing hands” and the apparent happy life waiting for me and Bitchy C away from the tempest that is the former company. We were, as usual, loud, uncouth and hungry — shoveling mouthfuls of food while we goad, tease, harass the poor J.

That’s one thing I am adorably made of: the capacity to meet people and fall head-over-heels-in-like with them. J, Bitchy S, Conservative A, Tattooed L — these were the people I fiercely value at the company-that-must-not-be-named. I was not lucky to find a career in public relations, but I was lucky to find people who accepted me: grammatical errors and all. I am happy and okay with that.

III. Apparently, I was (effing) dressed like Barbie: The travails of being fashion-hungry, and a blondie wannabe

I went to work today, dressed like this:

YES, I am wearing the exact same thing earlier: plaid skirt (pink and brown combo), black forever 21 shirt and heavy studded boots

Apparently, I was FUCKING dressed like plaid-wearing Barbie. I kid you not, I didn’t took pictures cos my face was too harassed to merit public viewing. I was wearing my thrifted plaid skirt (bought for 50 bucks!), my black blouse from Forever 21 and the heavy studded boots I’ve taken to wearing ANYeffingWHERE. Might go out with a bang, I figured…then fast forward at 12MN, I search the net and find Barbie wearing the exact same shit I wore. My fashion peg, ladies and gentlemen, is a doll. Gives you an idea on my maturity quotient.

Everyday, here are the two things that are constant with my life (and outfit):

my black polkadot bag (from Bench) and the studded and chained black boots

The black bag has been through hell and back and still sturdy. The boots is perfect for long walks and for giving the extra “attitude”.

Then, I had the brilliant idea to redo and fix my roots (they are now showing). I’d love to look like BOA:

I love you, Boa's hair!!!!

If only I’d start looking more like a human being (with the high cheekbones), and less like a chipmunk., my life will be easier.