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Grilla: Pinoy Comfort Food Meant for Sharing 

The plates came out one at a time, usually steaming hot – the smell of familiar, comfort cooking wafting through the air. 

We were at Grilla Restaurant and Bar, a sprawling restaurant and bar serving delectable Pinoy dishes along the SM by the Bay strip within the MOA Complex. At Grilla, your pot of sinigang or sizzling plate of Sisig comes with the magnificent view of the famous Filipino sunset. 

We were first served Tokwa’t Manok (P155), which was their version of tokwa’t baboy. The chicken was supposed to offset the richness of the Pork and give a healthier version of this classic Pinoy pulutan and it was, indeed, good. The chicken was flavorful and tender and the tofu cubes were fried just right However, my coronary arteries were missing the sinfulness of the pork, so this one didn’t fly as much for me. 

Next, we were served the Crispy Chicharon Bacon (P185) which was a run-away hit to the people at the table. Imagine a wide cut of bacon, dressed and breaded then deep fried and served with vinegar as dipping sauce. Yum. 

The following came in quick succession: Beef Kansi (P325), which was a cross between sinigang and bulalo. Served steaming hot, with a soup pour-over, the soup was a nice combination of sour and spicy; the massive serving of Crispy Fish Trio (P450), deep-fried tilapia, bangus and hito served in a large plate; the Sisig Sampler (P320) which became my quick favorite and composed of Grilla’s famous pork Sisig, chicken Sisig and tofu-sigarilyas Sisig. 

If we thought that was the end of the feast we were mistaken. We were just about to attack the fish trio when the efficient servers brought out the Lechon Liempo Ala Cebu (P225) served with sinamak; and the Grilla original dish Grill-A-Palayok (P750), which is the restaurant’s version of a boullabaise – mussels, clams, maya-maya fillet, thinly sliced Beef and pork belly served steaming hot on very hot stones in a palayok. The broth was was made of ginger and lemon grass and reminds you of the kind of soup that warms not only the stomach but also the heart. It was so hearty and delicious. 

Not to be outdone is the final piece-de-resistance: “Pista Sa Nayon” – a collection of Crispy Pata, Sinampalukang Inihaw na Manok, Seafood Gising-Gising, Fried Okoy served with Steamed Rice. This one large serving is perfect for the family lunch and only costs P995. 

Capping off the delicious lunch was Halo-Halo Spring Roll (P165), Grilla’s take on the classic Filipino dessert served on deep fried spring rolls; and the Grilla Dessert Sampler

At the helm of Grilla is a group of friends with a passion for good food and an ambience that brings family and friends together. The interior inside the restaurant is distinctly Filipino, while service is quick and light. At the forefront during the launch is former PBA cater Ritchie Ticzon whose good looks continued to turn heads in spite the passing of time. 

Former cager turned restaurateur Ritchie Tucson with the rest of the Grilla team

Grilla is the kind of place where you often end up meeting with family and friends for a “salo-salo” – a gathering of good company while enjoying good food. The food servings are huge; served piping hot and evokes good ol’ Pinoy cooking. 

If you’re looking for a place to dine in within the usually chaotic MOA complex, give Grilla a try – it’s at the thick of the action but minus the chaos. 


A unique dining experience with Quezon

Ribbon cutting


President Manuel L. Quezon, the second president after Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo and the leader of Commonwealth Philippines is known for being the ultimate gentleman — dignified, classic, truly a man of elegance and of the masses.

The father of the Commonwealth is the inspiration behind the new concept buffet restaurant launched by Guevarras, Gruppo Guevarras, Inc. (GGI) in Quezon City aptly named Quezon Buffet.

Carrying GGI’s vision, Quezon Buffet undoubtedly exudes with high caliber dishes at very affordable rates. Quezon showcased a variety of gastronomic fares that will surely suit everyone’s palates. Nestled in the heart of Quezon Avenue, Quezon buffet carries an ambiance of an old-world charm and rustic appeal.

Savour your appetite

Quezon is being developed as haven for delectable cuisines that every Filipino would crave for.

Much of the fares being offered was inspired by President Quezon’s era – highlighting Filipino-Spanish heritage that embodies classic food that includes a roasting station, various meat dishes, seafood, grains and noodles,fresh salads, flavorful soups and dessert selections.

Buffet entree

Lechon Baka


Celebrity Chef behind Quezon

Corporate chef Kalel Chan is the chef behind various fine-dining and high-end restaurants. Considered as one of the Top 10 good-looking chef, Kalel is surprisingly charming and down to earth.He goes for innovative fusion cooking that adds creativeness to his masterpieces.


Quezon Buffet, a place like home

Exuding with elegant ambiance, Quezon buffet incorporates classic lines and Art Deco pieces into its interior, creating a classic touch.The backdrops are great for photo-taking which is a known Filipino past –time in every family gatherings, an intimate date with your special someone or the perfect bonding tick with your friends.

Quezon exudes a classy vibe, from its spacious façade, soft lightings, to minimalist interiors of black and white tones. The wood works and sparkling chandeliers – blends the antiquated with cosmopolitan and classic, as well as the convenience of modern life.

The walls are well-themed with photos of President Quezon through the years, giving customers a nostalgic ambiance.

Quezon gives a convenient and cozy vibe as the dishes are arranged per station and are neatly presented.

The whole place can accommodate close to 200 people with spacious function rooms that can accommodate 30-35 persons, respectively.

Complementing the dishes, the place is satisfying as the service is generally noble. Their service staff are nice and friendly, accompanying customers from the front lobby up to their seats. They depict one of the good traits of every Filipino, which is being hospitable to guests.


ima wo ikuru!

Robin Williams have said it, Cher and Christian reiterated it, “Seize the day!!!”
But how do you say it in my mother tongue (Japanese, of course!) ?

ima wo ikuru!

This is the exact sentiment of two-year old Japanese fusion restaurant and fine dining, Toki (which means this moment in Japanese). The cozy yet classy ambiance mixed with the amazing, amazing, AMAZING food served in this restaurant is best enjoyed in the company of beloved family, good friends and like-minded colleagues.

restaurant facade

Somehow, the combination of all three (good food, nice place and great people) are the foundation of great memories and (hard-to-come by) moments.

Me, I am grateful for the opportunity to discover Toki (thanks to my company and my job as PR). The place was small yet doesn’t feel crowded. For those who want privacy, you can opt to dine in their private dining areas and on the truly pretty “Tatami” room, which seats about 15 pax. (This is good for barkada bonding!)The tatami room was decorated with a mat, a small futon, Japanese knick-knacks and bric-a-bracs.

Joyce, the affable and friendly head server, told me that there is no set amount or cover charge for you to utilize the room. So, just bring your friends and family–and enjoy Toki’s personalized and impressive service.

close-up of that heavenly food from Toki (on the foreground was the beef teriyaki which literally melts in your mouth!)
This is what I had for lunch
The cutest cakes!

The food is simply awesome. Shucks, it’s like being transported a thousand miles away from good old Manila and seeing yourself in Japan, on a lunch break from a grueling (and enjoyable) shopping trip in Harajuku. The food is that good!

And what’s the best thing about my Toki experience?

It’s the bonding with office mates…

KamikazeeGirl with Jeza and Fresh

…picking brains and sharing ideas with the boss

…and capping off a successful event!

A quick trip to the Burger Master!

The good Lord knows when to pick you up from your mundane everyday and give you small gifts that will make you smile.

Today, that gift comes in the form of a good office mate who let me tagged along for a short errand concerning plans for our endorser’s upcoming birthday. Before going to the cake shop we’ve decided to have lunch. I suggested my favorite burger place, Sango! Burger Master at the back of Makati Cinema Square. Have always been a fan of this burger place after I have tried their Rockwell branch, but I haven’t been to the original branch located in Amorsolo (Creekside Mall).

I finally got the chance to go there today (and introduce another unsuspecting–albeit willing victim to the delight that is Sango Burger Master)

Burger Master virgin pops her Sango cherry!
teriyaki + regular burger + the FATTEST fries you'd ever encounter!
origami cranes

these origami animals are just too cute to ignore

There is no words to describe how delicious the food at Sango are. The fries are crispy on the outside and literally melting on the inside, plus it comes with a ketchup and (japanese) mayo dip. And did I tell you they were freakin’ HUGE? My burger was awesome, as always while my office mate’s Yakiniku Rice burger was to die for (she had the rice bun changed to bread bun) and the servings is huge.

And the shakes? The coffee shake tastes creamy and mocha-ish. A nice complement to the tangy sauce of the burger. My office mate had the strawberry shake and she told me it was good.

So, yes….today, I am a happy yuppie. A trip to Sango! has a way of funneling out all negative energies and changing it with happy vibes. Too bad I wasn’t able to filch from the little origami animals on display.