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SM Home dishes out on the Art of Tasteful Condo Living

Almost a year ago, I finally embarked on the biggest decision my perpetually-broke heart can make – I invested in my own condo unit, a place that I would eventually call my own after three decades of living with my parents.

For someone who considers homeownership as the ultimate barometer of success, I consider this decision as the best I have made. Since I bought on pre-selling terms, my unit wouldn’t be ready in two years. But this early, I have already collected pictures and pictures of design pegs, and have already expertly curated the looks I want via my Pinterest page.

Before, if you wanted a tastefully decorated unit, you had to get the services of an interior designer. However, the changing times and the availability of resources online has led to a change in perspective among Pinoy homeowners in decorating their homes.

SM Home is changing the way Filipinos approach interior design, starting with the launch of their “Essentials in Condo Living” design series. The program puts the spotlight on very small living spaces optimized and styled up by up and coming professional designers, highlighting how is it possible to turn even a small living space into a perfect home.

“In recent years, we’ve seen condo sixes shrink. And as they do, homeowners have to learn how to maximize spaces, to live comfortably without feeling cooped up,” notes SM Home assistant Vice President for Marketing Tom Castaneda during the media presentation of new condo set ups at the ground concourse of SM Makati.

He adds, “Since small condos demand creativity when it comes to optimizing space, SM Home has turned to design experts to help highlight ways to do that through a series of condo-like setups, as well as expert talks. There’s no shortage of furniture, accessories and small appliances that are designed specifically for condo living. SM Home is filled with compact yet stylish and multifunctional pieces that are condo perfect!”

Here are the tastefully and brilliantly designed setups as unveiled during the launch:

Tapped to lend their design prowess to the project are for up and coming designers who showcased their personal taste using many of the pieces from SM Home.

SM HOME’s Tom Castaneda with designers Ivy Crisostomo, James Razo, Erika Uichanco and Maya Franco

The living room, which takes inspiration from travel buffs is courtesy of Ivy Crisostomo. As a travel buff, I immediately fell in love with the design aesthetic and the brilliant use of elements. I am not too sold on the wall color (“African Herbsman from Boysen) but I see myself copying the design and applying it on my home.

Complementing the living room is the bedroom, a masterpiece created by James Razo, the managing director of his design firm The Gold Team Design Hub.

Cozy and inviting, the bedroom uses clever play on mixed-use pieces, while also making sure that the personality of the home owner shines through the pieces displayed in the room.

In charge of the charming dining room set up is Erika Uichanco, who was named on Real Living magazine’s “Creatives to Watch 2015.”

What I loved most abot Erika’s work is that she was able to make a small space very charming and functional at the same time. Admittedly, there were too many accessories and pieces crammed in such a small space — yet surprisingly, it works. I actually see myself living and using the dining area she designed!

Lastly, the kitchen was the brainchild of Maya Franco. Like the dining room, the kitchen contained a lot of elements and pieces that somehow blended well together, making for a very charming space.

Staying far too long in Pinterest has cultivated my love for quaint kitchen islands that do double duty and I saw that with Maya’s designs.

All design setups were heavily influenced by the popular Scandi-chic style with touches of rustic-luxe.

Personally, I am in awe of the brilliant use of pieces, color and inspiration in spite the limited space. I can’t wait to try them soon!


Crib Goals: Kenwood makes your kitchen posh


What is it with the U.K. and their understated class and elegance? Mix the brilliance in design with innovative minds and we have Kenwood, a respected global brand in food preparation appliances. With presence in over 40 countries around the world, Kenwood is known for its appliances that serves as kitchen must-haves in the last 50 years.

Why should you get a Kenwood for your kitchen? Kenwood gives you kitchen appliances that looks good and performs even better. These things would look fly on your kitchen countertop that you’d probably end up inviting you friends over just to gloat on how stylish your kitchen is. Kenwood has won more than 30 awards for product design in the last 10 years alone – proving that in Kenwood, brilliance in design is never an an after thought.


As a big fan of British brands, it’s love at first sight as soon as I laid my eyes on the amazing array of Kenwood appliances on show during a recent launch held at the British Ambassador’s residence in posh Forbes Park. The launch feted all things British and featured imagery unique to the culture like the red telephone booths, the Mini Cooper, Royal Guards, British-inspired recipes — and the highlight of the evening, a cooking demo courtesy of Kenwood Development Chef Martin Johns, assisted by a special sous chef, the UK Ambassador to the Philippines himself, Mr Asif Ahmad. 



My heart, obviously, is set on the fire engine red espresso maker, which makes for a good conversation piece in any home. Various Kenwood products were on display during the launch, where the media present all lauded and pined after their favorite Kenwood machines. The  brand also recently introduced the award-winning Kenwood MultiOne, a mixer and food processor in one.

Lauded for its high design quality, MultiOne mixes (pardon the pun) good design, superior technology for and durability in one setting. These were among the qualities cited after the MultiOne bagged the Red Dot Award 2015, a prestigious award given to a select number of chosen brands and companies worldwide.

It’s always easy to settle for cheap kitchen appliances for the home. But when you think about it? These are the machines that gets used all the time – they should be durable, safe and efficient. The fact that they also look good on your counter top is also a big plus. Kenwood caters to the category of home owners who believe that investing in a home (and not just a house) should be based in quality.

In the Philippines, Kenwood is exclusively distributed by In the Philippines, Colombo Merchant Philippines, Inc.

For more information on Kenwood products, go to www.kenwood.com. 






‘shrooms for the new home

Seen over at Boing Boing and the Red Ferret:

If you think this is just your average driftwood with a few mushrooms latching itself. Think again. Hit the lights, revel in the darkness, push the on-off button at the back, et voila!

A great conversation piece for your starter home/ design-challenged dwelling space. With the big move slated for the end of the year, I am tempted to replicate this (I’d love to order the original but I doubt if my pedestrian paycheck can afford it). The hubby would trip over this piece.

Read more about the stuff at the Red Ferret Journal (link provided above).