For the times when I am stuck with the fortieth revision of a program plan or dealing again with the stupid impossibility of office politics that I sit back in my cubicle (amidst the work clutter) and ask myself where would I be should I decided to stick being a writer and not sell my … Continue reading Writing.


The thing about freelancing…

...is that it's not as easy as what people think. This, I realized at 1:00 o clock this morning as I try to set-up a system for the recent freelancing group that I joined. As I copy my resume and try to build up cred online, I realized that buying a laptop computer and having … Continue reading The thing about freelancing…

KamikazeeGirl at FRESH PRESSED?! Seriously????

Whoa! This is a nice surprise! Thank you for those who commented and visited my blog. I appreciated each and every comment received. (Oh crap, this is starting to sound like those awfully cheesy, melodramatic acceptance speeches delivered on local award shows) As someone who used to write for a living, this brings back memories … Continue reading KamikazeeGirl at FRESH PRESSED?! Seriously????

Writers — Please DO NOT take seriously

I saw this entertaining feature via Jessica Zafra's blog, I Write Like Here's my result: I write likeDavid Foster WallaceI Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing! I Write Like compares your writing styles to famous writers. Just paste a sample of your writing (blog post, novel, essay -- PLEASE NOT A … Continue reading Writers — Please DO NOT take seriously