Vinegar, with a punch

Spotted on my mom's small convenience store: Yep, you guessed it right. That's the world's best pound-for-pound king hamming it up on the plastic packaging of a local Vinegar brand. When I said "hamming it up" -- you have to look at his absurdly annoying face as presented on a cheap packaging of plain local …

Model…..professional model, and oh–tempting eye candy as well

Have you seen these commercials? And here is the full one: I kinda hated this plug for America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 over at Star World. I kinda feel like for some of the plugs, it kind of underlined the fact that models are like glorified clothes hanger who get perks for being tall, …

Please pass the Kirin, will ya?

The best way to unwind, rant and even chill out is to drink your heart out. Especially if you have these guys as your beer buddies (forget fishing!) Ooooh, the boys are so grown up now. Endorsing beer and all. Kampai!

Angel Locsin reveals her new love —

...and it's Mosbeau Placenta White! Mosbeau's first ever television commercial is now available in the Philippines! The commercial, which is currently making waves on cyberspace, is expected to air on leading local channels beginning September 28. The TVC highlights Angel's radiantly fair skin while giving emphasis to the actress' naturally beautiful and carefree lifestyle. Famous …

Another Arashi post

Just because I love 'em: This is a Valentine's Day commercial for KDDI mobile phone. And yes, AIBA-kun, you are so damn cute * Today is my Arashi fan-girling day. Gomen! Gomen! For current and future Arashi worship.

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