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Higher Learning: iAcademy and its mission of molding future Game Changers

Stepping inside the new iAcademy is like stepping on a time machine from the future. A university housed in a 12-story building; serviced by elevators across all floors; an expensive and airy ambience – you would think that you are just about to set foot inside the Philippine headquarters of a red hot start-up.

The analogy is not surprising; given iACADEMY’s positioning as the “School for Future Game Changers” – there are no boring White walls, staid lectures nor outdated lesson plans, no constricting uniforms, no need to pore over books since kids are encouraged to use Technology for their research.

It’s the kind of place I see my 17 Year old self thriving and succeeding – where individuality is encouraged and learning is actually fun.

As someone educated in one of our country’s state universities, I can’t help but marvel on how amazing and up-to-date the facilities I found during my tour of the school. When i was 17, I wanted to be a graphic artist and a filmmaker, but the options were limited for me back then because Money was actually low and my parents couldn’t afford to send me to a University with a good visual arts program.

I was lucky that I passed my university’s stringest entrance exam and had the opportunity to earn my degree for barely the cost of a second hand iPhone 5. I took up Communication Arts, became a lifestyle reporter before joining corporate PR.

Touring the iACADEMY campus, I remembered my long-forgotten dream to dabble in arts and design. Seeing all the equipment laid out before me brought a tinge of envy towards the talented kids who will use them and one day achieve their dreams. Consider the following:

The kids do their design using Macs
Light boxes for animation
This is where the kids bring their plates of individually-drawn animation sheets and animate their drawing
Inspiring film makers can use this green screen

The classrooms are all conducive to learning – each can comfortably accomodate up to 35 students in a college class and 30 for senior high. Each is also equipped with a security camera (iACADEMY has a strict program against bullying), projector, fully airconditioned and wifi accessible (the whole campus has wifi).

The facilities including the campus cafeteria (covers whole fifth floor), their very own parking lot (2F – 4F), a Student Affairs Center, library, basketball court, dance studios, rooftop deck and Assembly Hall.

But what’s impressive about the campus is that its strong points go beyond the physical (the facilities), but also and more importantly, on the degree Programs being offered by the school.

Initially established as a College with full emphasis on an Information Technology program, iACADEMY is now the undisputed leader In the Arts and Design Program — thanks to the vision of its president and CEO, Ms. Vanessa Tanco.

For the incoming school year, iACADEMY is excited to introduce new academic programs, including: Bachelor of Arts in music production and sound design,

Bachelor of Arts in film and visual effects and Graphic design and illustration.

The school is also on the final stages of a possible MBA program in partnership with the renowned DePaul University in the US.

The level of quality education should, of course be viewed as a worthy investment. We were informed that the tuition ranges from 70k to 80K per term – which to me is fair enough, considering incoming students are given access to quality education, using World Class equipment – in a relaxed, enjoyable and safe environment (the school also does not have any fraternities among the student orgs).

For more information on how to raise future game changers, go to the iACADEMY site.


Discarding friendships

Do you have people in your life that you have outgrown or lost connection or lost interest?
I have.

There are times when I feel guilty for losing touch with people, and not doing anything about it. These are people whom I shared my life with in college or in high school, or from previous jobs, or from childhood. These are the same people that I’ve shared tears, laughter and experiences with. The same people I cut classes with. Back when I was 18, these people were my life. Fast-forward ten years later, I barely even remember who they REALLY were–just their names and the fact that we used to be friends.

How do you arrest the fact that people change and grow up? That one of these days, you sit down for coffee and you can barely tolerate their endless meanderings for things that happened in the past and the what-used-to-be’s

A part felt bad. Am I too much of a bitch for allowing myself to lose people, connections this way?

But how do you stay in touch with people who push their beliefs at you? How do you stay connected with people who laught AT you, and your quirks and choices?

A friend from college once told me to think twice before marrying the Hubby cos she thinks he is a big loser.

A friend mulched off us all — assuming we would “give” cos we were friends. He’s so sensitive he takes offense in everything.

I had friends who delight in pointing out the fact on “my change of weight” assuming I would look the same for the last 15 years of my life. These are the people who delight on calling me “fat”. Three nights ago, I was chatting with a good friend over FB when out of the blue, she said, “ang taba mo, para kang napabayaan sa kusina!”

Right then and there, I considered logging off the PC and let her wonder what the F@ck happened.

Right now, I am confused. With a big wedding due in a few weeks and the probability of seeing these people again.