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Why can’t I quit you?

I thought it was working out for the both of us. We had a good relationship going–but it’s taking its toll on me…

Too much of a good thing can be bad too. I thought I had it under control, I can always quit when things get too much. I spoke too soon–until I realized I can’t function without you. I had to have you…when I wake up, during lunch especially when right in a middle of a stressful situation…at night, just when I had to sleep.

You just have to be there.

But this dysfunctional relationship HAD to stop. No more cheating behind the hubby’s back. No more secret trips to mom’s store just to have you:

it's about time we stay away from each other.

Coke, I may find it hard to quit you–but I am serious this time. I need to lose weight, I need to get past my hyper acidity. You are doing me more harm than good.



Girl Crush

And so, girls must not be in like with other girls.
We girls are a curiously weird and adorable lot. We don’t like it when there are girls much prettier, much more adorable and much more cooler than we are. Notice that when a hot girl enter the room and we start nit-picking on what’s wrong with her.

But then again, this is before this hot, hot woman which recently graced local television

Namie Amuro

The Coke commercial, featuring J-Pop princess Namie Amuro (Amuro Namie) is simply awesome. How can a girl so sweet looking be so fly when it comes to busting those moves? And would you believe that she’s already 32?

Oooh, I freaking adore her

Cokehead, I am

I probably mentioned during one of my endless rants here on my online domain that five freaking years ago, I gained weight and I never stopped gaining ever since. From the lithe and elfin 90 pounds when I was still in university, I boomed to 140 pounds by the time I turned 29. I am 5 feet tall (short?) and by all accounts you could probably say that I am 30 pounds overweight.

(Yeah, people of the world who take delight in pointing out my weight gain–laugh all you want! May you be stuck by a lightning and a bad case of chronic diarrhea!)

Earlier this year, I vowed to start doing something about my weight if i REALLY want to freaking procreate.

(Embarrassing side story: I pretty much had it up to here with people teasing me and The Hubby about the fact that we haven’t had kids yet in spite of a year into our marriage. I pretty much stopped agreeing to meet old friends cos it’s starting to get offensive when they ask me about “procreating”. The thing with Pinoys is we’re so effing taklesa for our own good. It’s hard to keep myself from slapping friends who ask the same questions over and over again: So, when will you have kids?).

Anyway, back to the weight story. Since January started cutting back on meat and started running on a twice a week basis. I also stopped myself from snacking too much on sweets and salty food (which basically makes life heaven for me). But there’s one thing I can’t stop myself from doing: stop DRINKING COKE and coffee!

Caffeine is ruining my life, as we know it.

Every morning, I refuse to function without a steaming hot coffee on the table. I take a bath, dress myself and go to work, where–again–I will take my second cup. At the course of the day, I will drink coke or iced tea depending on the availability on the office vendo. On weekends–no thanks to the maddening heat wave–I will start and end the day with ICE COLD COKE.

And so, the struggle to stop gaining weight continues.

I don’t know what it is with coke and coffee that I simply can’t let go. Was it due to force of habit (I was a writer and I can’t think minus my coffee), or was it the taste? Or I just simply lack the will to just STOP DRINKING.

You could probably say I am the world’s biggest caffeine junkie. I really should stop before I start shooting em up. Imagine me trying to shoot up Coke, lugging my own 1.5 (Zero) with an IV attached to my arm. 🙂