My own fortress of solitude (Day 28/ Project 365)

Feeling a bit frustrated with the cards I am dealt with at the Grindhouse. I have always taken my responsibilities seriously--even to a fault. I am committed to my job, and very conscious of my output. So when someone accused me of being "slow" with my work, I took the remarks to heart. I took … Continue reading My own fortress of solitude (Day 28/ Project 365)


Day 24 and 25 (Project 365)

Day 24 Day 25 The lack of a post yesterday is due to the weird internet connection we have here at home. The firewall kept acting up thus limiting access to the internet. And wow, did I tell you that I managed to be sick again following three days of being confined in bed? Yeah, … Continue reading Day 24 and 25 (Project 365)

Days in oblivion

It's a full-blown countdown before I finally leave my work place of four months. In four months, I managed to do find like-minded individuals whom I spent time bitching, asserting loser status and finally, the joys and blessing of finally finding the opportunity to move on. Here's my Friday night, spent together with the miserable … Continue reading Days in oblivion