Getting my roots done at Bench Fix

There's something so liberating about getting your hair done. Imagine how you look like after a few months of bad hair day. Usually it starts after you start neglecting your hair, and your long overdue return trip to your salon. The color starts to fade, the hair starts to turn crisp and brittle, the flyaways …

2NE1 says, “Follow Me”

Uber-cool Korean girl group 2NE1 returns with "Follow Me", their latest single released today, 11 March. So glad you're back 2NE1, after all, no one can imitate your refreshing techno-beats. CL also figures prominently in the video minus her iconic sunnies.

I like 2NE1!

Yeah, yeah...we all know Sandara wasn't exactly cool when she was here In fact, with all the things Channel 2 made her do when she was here--you'd think the poor kid had no choice but to be one of those pretty talking, dancing, moving card board cut-outs we all see on TV, So, when Kim Chui was …

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