…scoring cheap airline tickets!

… in my experience, it would usually involve an over-dependency on various social networks (Facebook and Twitter, mostly), the need to be up and about at ungodly hours to catch seat sales when they drop, then a protracted battle with the airline website to get cheap seats for both inbound and outbound trip, then finallyContinue reading “…scoring cheap airline tickets!”

Inflight entertainment – the Pinoy way

WOHboy…we Pinoys really had to take it much further…. When this video of dancing flight attendants first caught my attention on YouTube (and in the news), I really don’t care much: After all, while we have to admit that this gimmick by CebPac is a bit trite and tacky, we must admit that the dancingContinue reading “Inflight entertainment – the Pinoy way”

Great Singapore Seat Sale at Cebu Pacific!

And so, the airline that made jetsetting possible for money-piching folk like me, Cebu Pacific, has announced the “Great Singapore Seat Sale”, obviously to coincide with the Great Singapore Sale happening from the May 28 to July 25. Hmmmmp, I again bemoan the lack of serious funds on my bank account. Me and the hubbyContinue reading “Great Singapore Seat Sale at Cebu Pacific!”