Let’s all waste our time having meetings!

Is it just me--or do you agree that meetings are major productivity killers? I hate sitting through loooong meetings with a passion, you know the type--a boring presentation, followed by a loooooong discussion where everyone tries to project an air of authority of expertise, intermittently mixed with people standing up answering phone calls, getting coffee, … Continue reading Let’s all waste our time having meetings!



Wakarimashita...it means I Understand. Or do I really? Two weeks into the new year and two weeks into my new job, I am beginning to ask myself if I still understand who I was. I loved the fact that I am challenged to excel in something I have almost forgotten how to do. I mean, … Continue reading wakarimashita!

Durian Dreams

I always dreamed of migrating to Singapore to start a new life with my hubby. I don't know, maybe it's because of feeling like after ten years of working, I still find little improvement in my life. I probably mentioned before that I have always considered Singapore as the best--if not, one of the best--countries … Continue reading Durian Dreams