…spending the day in bed

Take your dirty minds off the gutter cos this post is not R-18. I spent the day in bed nursing a bad and-I must say-icky bout with flu and cough that eventually evolved into full-blown fever. This has been the recurring malaise in this household - the endless coughing and sneezing, discarded tissues and cough … Continue reading …spending the day in bed


wanna have the cheekbones of your dreams?

If your cheeks quite resemble newly risen baked bread, I have the solution for you. Presenting, the means to achieve that sexy, protruding cheekbones that will immediately give you ten thousand model points. My solution: Okay, forgive my ugly mug gracing this post. But what I am trying to demonstrate (or show, to be exact) … Continue reading wanna have the cheekbones of your dreams?