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…spending the day in bed

Take your dirty minds off the gutter cos this post is not R-18.

I spent the day in bed nursing a bad and-I must say-icky bout with flu and cough that eventually evolved into full-blown fever. This has been the recurring malaise in this household – the endless coughing and sneezing, discarded tissues and cough drops and other medicines pooling on the kitchen table.

The workaholic that I am, I attempted to work from home using the out-of-office feature of the company email. But my boss, bless her heart, has issued directives that I need to just rest, sleep and yes, hydrate. I happily obliged — sleeping like I never did before. I must have amounted a decent amount of “air miles” just by the whole day shut-eye. The only draw back to this is that I will be wide awake until 12 midnight.

Spending the day in bed is glorious, for the first three hours at least. After that, it’s just me and a series of “I am so bored…I am so bored” rant. I tried to stave away boredom by sleeping but upon waking up, I was bored again. Must be the fact that I am used to doing a lot of things (usually at the same time) every waking hour. The fact that my work calendar is filled to the brim, and it’s just January 03, is a testament of the things to come my way this 2014.

At work, I usually try to catch a few zzzzs during lunch break, but my staff has gotten this habit of waking me up by urgently and forcefully whispering my name just as the clock hits 1PM. I usually wake up with a jerk and a searing headache.

Spending the day in bed constituted of reading trashy celebrity stories (didn’t know Charlize Theron and Sean Penn is now an item. Thanks, TMZ) and playing with the other cat (name: Scarface) who decided to park her butt on my tummy. I would have loved to watch television, but I don’t have one in my room. I would have taken the time to catch up on my reading but I need to buy a new one, preferably the fourth book in the Game of Thrones series. And besides, I cannot read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for the 8th? 9th? time because then, I would need to read the rest of the series again. I mean, I would love to but…

By noon, I had to drag my butt downstairs to eat then go back up again to rest and drink my meds. In one of my visits to the OB Gyne, the doctor told me that she would definitely issue a “bed rest” order as soon as I was able to conceive, the whole afternoon lying in bed got me thinking if I could handle 30 days or more of bed rest. God bless my heart, I will go bonkers.


wanna have the cheekbones of your dreams?

see the cheekbones?
the beautiful and yummy Godfrey Gao, modeling for Louis Vuitton
agyness deyn

If your cheeks quite resemble newly risen baked bread, I have the solution for you. Presenting, the means to achieve that sexy, protruding cheekbones that will immediately give you ten thousand model points.

My solution:

massage that cheek fat away!

Okay, forgive my ugly mug gracing this post. But what I am trying to demonstrate (or show, to be exact) is the pink contraption I have in my hand. I don’t know what they call it, a “face massager”? But this Y-shaped thing will massage your cheek fat to kingdom come, giving you chiseled looks that can win you any modeling campaign. (Though, do note that the chiseled face will have to come with a chiseled body too, of course).

I first saw this being used by one of the contestants on the local show Pinoy Big Brother. The girl was using this practically everywhere and I got curious (not to mention, desperate to rid myself of extra fat). So, I’ve been looking for this stuff for a year now, before finally encountering it in Saizen.

So, how do you use this? Quite easy actually. You just roll the wheels attached to both ends of the contraption then push and pull away, until you feel all your face fat melt. When you think you’ve finally achieved the face and body type of Agyness Deyn or Godfrey Gao, you can use the massager for headaches.

So, in the interest of science (and because I am a crazy girl), I will monitor if there are any changes in my face during the course of the period I am using it. Will it be able to transform my siopao-like cheeks to that of Agyness Deyn? Will I grow cheekbones? That remains to be seen… Boredom really has a way of making you do a lot of stupid things: here’s my plan — I will use the face massager for a month (starting yesterday May 03 and will end on June 03) and report to the three loyal people who reads this blog if there are any significant changes in my face. And because I have a way of inducing gag-reflex in my readers just by being all-out makapal ang mukha, I will post weekly pictures to prove if a) it’s working, so please buy one at Saizen; or b) it’s pure crap, use the PHP85 to buy a set meal of burger and fries instead. Or if all else fails, fake it with make-up.

I just hope you have strong tolerance for shite. My ugly mug can actually ruin your appetite 🙂
I also have a face soap and all-in-one cream given by a good friend which I hope to test and try out by next week. Will also let you know if it works.

Let the experimenting begin!