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Hello 2016! 

Hello 2016 – and thank you 2015 for a fruitful start for KamikazeeGirl. 

2015 has been a very auspicious start for this blog. I purchased my domain name Last January 1, 2015 with the intention to take this site publicly. While it took me six months, in June of 2015, to finally have the courage and bring this blog and myself out from the shadows – the opportunity finally came with my first invite as a blogger from Lazada Philippines.

From there, the invitations and events just kept on rolling – in the span of six months, I have written about Philippine real estate, beauty products, health supplements, health runs and campaigns to restaurant reviews and hotel stays. 

The best part about taking this blog public is the opportunity to meet a lot of people and new friends. I have been blessed to meet some of the most amazing, most creative people during event coverage and remain in awe of how they want to take their blogs to the next level. These are individuals that are very dedicated and very passionate about their respective blog sites. I have learned a lot from them.

The  perfect ending to the year was the opportunity to host my first blog giveaway courtesy of the generosity of Nichols Airport Hotel. (Incidentally, you have until this week to send in your entries!) 

For 2016, I want to take this blog up the next level and make it a worthwhile read to its visitors. 

  • Always write original articles – Give back to event organizers and PR contacts by writing original posts. 
  • Resolve to always feature a product or the company’s unique brand identity – what makes them tick? What makes the product different? Is the service/ product according to the company’s brand identity? 
  • Attend more events – a bit tricky since I have a responsibility to my full-time work. 
  • Give back – if opportunity permits, host more giveaways 
  • Improve blog format and possible hosting 

Let’s rock 2016 – here’s to more opportunities and discovering new friends. 


KamikazeeGirl is going to Blogapalooza 2015


I have just received word (i.e: read on the Blogapalooza Community FB Site) that KamikazeeGirl is one of the confirmed attendees for this year’s Blogapalooza. Now, my Saturday is off to a great start!

From the Blogapalooza Site: “Blogapalooza is a community of Bloggers and Online Influencers who love sharing and links to businesses who want to share their cool products / services. Blogapalooza is the biggest business to blogger event in the Philippines (recording 700+ bloggers with 50+ sponsors in 2014).”

I am excited to hear about the latest and coolest products now available in the market. The funny thing is that while my day job is in PR and events, I rarely go outside and discover what the market has to offer. My industry is very traditional and the “players” within in tend to be very inclusive. Hence, my corporate day job usually means meeting people within  and around the industry; writing copy and press releases and organizing events within the same industry where you meet the same people. Do not get me wrong – I love my job as it gives me the balance and stability that I need.

But blogging? Blogging is where I can let my hair down, meet new people and discover trends, products and innovations outside my industry.

KamikazeeGirl has been around actually for about four years. Back then, it was just an online journal where I let my hair down and write about my daily rants and happenings. It used to be very personal and contained my JPop/Kpop obsessions, Japanese culture finds, among other things. I tried to dabble here and there to events but maybe because my commitment and heart wasn’t really on it, it didn’t get much to anywhere.

That is until this year when I decided to go back to writing eventually, after a few more years in corporate. Again, while I what I do in my “other life” — the stress and toll its taking to my health is just not cutting it for me anymore. With that decision, I decided to write more and to take KamikazeeGirl on the next level. So far, I am happy to meet other bloggers during events and I am happy that there are brands who now includes me during events and pitches.

That’s why I am grateful for the opportunity to attend Blogapalooza – it’s a chance to be exposed to noteworthy brands, get to know more about the blogging community and maybe, even possibly, meet new friends.

Content VS Revenue: Blogging issues in perspective

How do you maintain credibility and standards of your blog, while maximizing it also as a revenue-earning tool? This is just one of the many issues on the blogging community in general which was discussed during the recently concluded, “Shop Till You Blog: A Lifestyle Blogger Mixer” by online giant LAZADA.

We are lucky to be one of the invited bloggers during the event where Lazada, through its key officers Inanc Balci (Lazada PH CEO) and Florian Holm (Lazada Chief Marketing Officer), together with top blogger Kryzz Uy discussed the many ways one can maximize his or her blog presence — either by crafting creative content or by finding ways to monetize her blog if this is the direction the blogger wants to take. While Kryzz gave insights on how to create compelling and interesting content, Balci and Holm outlined ways on how Lazada can give additional revenue to the lifestyle bloggers just by being part of the Lazada Affiliate Program. 

Lazada top man Inanc Balci talks about how Lazada plans to grow its affiliate program locally

For Lazada, one of the profitable means to earn for being an affiliate is through the use of “deep links” which generates a unique link that will credit all sales to your account. Lazada makes the business of earning extra money simple by doing away from a lot of confusing rules and processes. 


The many misconceptions of blogging

In her  talk, Kryzz highlights that being a blogger goes beyond attending events and getting cool swag- a responsible blogger keeps a schedule of their post and ensures that content presented is helpful and relevant. 

Florian Holm talks about the benefits of being a Lazada affiliate

Creative outlet or revenue earning – I believe that Blogging is a very personal exercise and a unique experience for every blogger. While some maybe contented to write and nothing else, there’s also nothing wrong on earning a little on the side for opportunities being made available to a blogger. In her presentation,  Kryzz talked about finding and pursuing your passion while blogging–that’s what’s important. Anything else: the SWAG, the revenue opportunities, the fame are all just sweet cherries on top. 

Affiliate Marketing 

International social media platforms (like Facebook and Google) and international blogs have been earning a lot from the affiliate program of Lazada. If the opportunity to earn is presented through presence of links and banners – as long as blog content is not compromised, then it is something that should be actively pursued by other bloggers. 

Lazada makes the program as painless and as straightforward as possible:   

…starting you blog anew

It’s almost the end of December — so how do I recover the many days that this blog has been left untouched. I could give you a lot of reasons why I haven’t been updating lately —

The Sad, Melodramatic Truth
I have been busy with life, particularly saving a dear uncle’s life who suffered a stroke. Without a family, without health care insurance, without anything to his name — someone had to be the decision-maker and make all the financial and health decisions for him the whole time he was confined in a hospital. Guess who that was?

The Painful Reality
Truth be told, there are instances where I thought of finally giving up blogging. I mean, what am I to say to still catch your interest? Sometimes, I run out out of things to say or write. Or worse, I have a great idea only for me to self-edit the rough draft and click the “trash” button instead of “publish.” But no matter what I did, I simply can’t let go of this space. This has been my little haven for more than three years and I can’t imagine not having the avenue to share my thoughts. Also, it tickles my hardened, blackish heart to know that people take the effort to read what I write. I don’t need to be famous or blog for profit — having people read my posts and comment. That’s reward enough for me.

The Excuse
I have been too busy with work. Getting promoted as department head had its perks but also a lot of drawbacks. Not having time (to even brush your teeth!) for anything, much less update a blog has become a convenient excuse.

Eventually, I decided it’s about time I change the tone and angle of how I present my little adventures through life. While I still won’t be able to share about my the glitzy lifestyle of the rich and famous (which, I am neither) — I can still assure you of unabashed, unapologetic views to life. As my new title says about this blog, you may use this as a guide — but only if you are ready to a life of constant chaos, adventures and mortifying moments that can leave you pining for anonymity.

I am glad to be still with you and I hope my future posts can guide you through your wild abandon and through this cycle called life.

I am so glad to be back 🙂

Writing about Nothing

What should I write about?

That’s the common dilemma of someone who maintains a blog. I had the opportunity to read this blog from beginning to present and I saw how this blog evolved from a diary of “All Things Japan” to now a venue of rants for a “thirty-something corporate slave-desperate mom-wannabe.”

I have written about adorable Japanese boy bands, questionable fashion sense from JPop girl groups, fashion magazines and food up to fertility woes, marriage and the joys of being a corporate slave. Reading on my previous entries, I noticed that I had time then to write. And I write about everything!

Now, posts are fewer in between and usually it’s even my every day woes. Not surprisingly, this page has become therapeutic since I get to air out all my hang ups and rant about the general suckiness of things. Posting has become a cheaper alternative to therapy or seeing the shrink. By writing down my frustrations sometimes, I have managed to avoid pushing people off the railings of the penthouse floor. It is an escape, an opportunity to go back to the old days when I used to maintain a diary.

In the early days of this blog, one of my former office mates recommended that I monetize the blog by placing ads or working with some PR people. It’s something I refused to consider, being happy of the traffic I get. I also enjoy the fact that this page is not beholden to any one and that my reviews are solely my personal beliefs and not potential online pick-ups for the PR agencies and their respective clients.

Sometimes, I don’t know how much I could share online — especially on my personal and private life. I always say that I have resorted to cannibalizing my life just to give you my daily fodder. All secrets out in the open, worries and challenges flayed and discussed up to the last detail. After all, who would be interested to hear about the office woes of a typical Filipina?

I used to think that starting a blog is merely a hobby, but in the end it’s really a commitment to the discipline of writing and the timelines usually associated with it. You have to find new topics to write about. Or maybe you could write about nothing and make it sound like it’s something?

Blogger burn-out?

Do bloggers get existential crisis? Do we ever get burned out from churning thoughts and posting them?

Have you ever known the feeling that no one really cares what your write or what you think? Well, maybe that’s what I am going through right now. Things or situations doesn’t seem so interesting like I’d like to believe they are. I keep thinking of the places I’ve been, things I’ve seen or experiences I had; then I’ll have an urge to post about it — only to lose interest in the end because I’ll suddenly realize that who the eff cares anyway?

Is this Blogger Burn-out? The feeling that no one really gives a sh*t if you’re wearing clothes from the thrift shop, if you think this X singer is cute or if you are driving yourself to bankruptcy due to your quest for travels. Hence, you always hesitate to write your thoughts.

When I first started blogging, I write when I want to. Until I had a sudden surge of inspiration and started writing four posts a day. FOUR! Now I can even barely write one coherent statement. I really don’t know the reason for this slump. Is it the ultra demanding new work where I am now part of the management, and thus I have to start taking my head out of the clouds, and more with the ten thousand tasks at hand. PLUS add to that the numerous other distractions and adventures that would be too revealing when written in a public blog.

Note that I was blogging four posts in a day when I was still in the Kaisha where work is really slow and the lack of any brain activity will compel you to find ways to exercise your brain.

picture not mine

A quick check in the net reveals that apparently, Blogger burn out is common among those maintaining an online existence. However, most of the articles attribute the burn out from the fact that some bloggers feel that their sites lack the recognition (and traffic) it deserves. Call me crazy but I am happy with the three loyal readers that I have, after all I write because I want to and helps me release stress. Whatever transpires after that (like being featured in WordPress Freshly Pressed) is a really fat cherry on top of a heavily-decorated cake!

For those going through the same online existential crisis, here’s a few tips from www.problogger.net:

1. Do what you love.

Staying motivated is a whole lot easier when you’re constantly thinking about, and dealing with, the topic you blog about. If you love your topic, you’ll find it easier to think up content ideas, engage with readers, and establish a warm and welcoming voice that encourages rapport and develops readership.

2. Take it one step at a time.

When you start a blog, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the things you feel you should be doing to help it grow. Realise up front that your blog isn’t likely to be an overnight super-success and pace yourself. Instead of focusing on what you haven’t done yet, spend time each week assessing the things you have done, and considering ways to build on those results.

If you’re going to avoid burnout, you need to be kind to yourself. Otherwise, it’s all too easy to tell yourself it’s too hard, you don’t have time, and to give up.

3. Plan, plan, plan.

If you haven’t already, develop a flexible, but clear plan of attack for building up your blog’s content and reach. A focused plan will help you to keep your expectations of yourself in check, and to test and assess the results of what you do.

This kind of periodic review will give you information that you can feed back into your efforts to make each new promotional approach more successful, and helps you avoid the must-do-everything-now, scattergun approach that quickly exhausts even the most motivated blogger.

As you plan, you’ll likely identify some easy wins — things that you expect will be fulfilling or gratifying on some level. Perhaps these are tasks that will pull in a lot of readers, or maybe you just know you’ll really enjoy doing them. Try to space these jobs so that when the going gets tough, you know you have a favourite task just around the corner. This can make a big difference to your motivation over time.

4. Allow for downtime.

Once you’ve got a plan, fit some downtime into it. Make sure you’re not always operating at breakneck speed, or that if you are, it’s only for a short, manageable period. Be sure to build in time out for family and friends, and to be flexible about your schedule.

Above all, let yourself really enjoy that time off — don’t spend it guiltily obsessing about all the things you should be doing to build your blog.

5. Realise that everyone has bad days.

It’s true. Some of us even have bad weeks! And months. It doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel or that you don’t have what it takes. Of course you have it — the thing is, you need to manage it to get the most out of it. If you have a bad day, don’t beat yourself up. Accept that this is part of life.

As for me, I’ve just read a really stupid story on Tokyo Hive about a hotel staff going all psycho on Arashi’s Sakurai Sho (inhaling the towel he used? EUUUUUUW….) so please excuse me while I rant about it on another post.

The travails of being adle brained

I had the brilliant idea to delete one of my blogs — the old one which I seriously wish people do not get to see or read… so, off I click the link as stated by yahoo and wordpress, confident that I will not get to wipe out a year’s worth of thoughts.

Then I promptly forgot about it, until I log on tonight and see only remnants of old blog and my familiar dashboard for KamikazeeGirl missing. I start to hyperventilate…hyperventilate…. hyperventilate…

You see, I am very stupid when it comes to items of technology and gadgets. My IQ level takes a serious drop, reduced to the IQ of that of a common house frog. As I type this, I am seriously hyperventilating, thinking I lost KamikazeeGirl forever.

set me now on fire, will you?

I still don’t know if I do, I mean–I am posting ain’t I? But I can’t find my stats…my beloved stats whom I owe to all my readers. I mean, who would waste their time reading a nobody? For those who take time to read my thoughts, I am very grateful. Whoa, and when I panic, I turn melodramatic.

I still don’t know if I really lost KamikazeeGirl — and I have no idea to fix this situation if ever this is true. Just to illustrate how much of a loser I am in the gadget department: I am usually the annoying officemate who harasses the IT department for simple problems, problems that can be easily fixed with “alt-ctrl-del” or by fixing something in the configuration. Well, my solution always is to shut it off from the UPS power supply. Yes, I wreck PCs this way.

So far, Momo hasn’t given me any problems yet–except for the fact that I lost wifi signal once and promptly went postal. Hehe–it seems I just disconnected Momo from the system (stupid me).

Anyway, I really don’t know what will I do should I lose KamikazeeGirl…. put ash in my hair and burn all my clothes? Yes, that means I am in mourning.