Vinyls and the classics

Every once in a while, we kids get the chance to visit the in-laws who live somewhere South. Being carless and busy most of the time, we don’t get to visit the elders as much as we would like. My favorite part of every visit is sitting down with my father-in-law, now a septuagenarian, whileContinue reading “Vinyls and the classics”

She loves you, YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! – Or how we treated Mom to a Beatles-themed party

We are a family of die-hard Beatles fanatics. Credit goes to our mom and dad who made sure we grew up appreciating really good music. One of our fondest memories is singing one Beatles song after another in a mean round of Videoke with my paternal uncles. Two of these favorite uncles and Beatles songContinue reading “She loves you, YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! – Or how we treated Mom to a Beatles-themed party”

Marching to the Beat of the Beatles

Hah! Pardon the cheesy title, but look what I found at the in-law’s house during our visit last Saturday: This limited edition copy features an in-depth explanation and the stories behind some of the best Beatles songs ever made. PLUS–really nice pictures which will melt the heart of any die-hard Beatles fan: Of course, IContinue reading “Marching to the Beat of the Beatles”