Minami Minegishi’s shaved head is just so wrong

I guess by now everyone knows what happened to AKB 48's Minami Minegishi. Minami, one of the pioneer members of the leading Japanese girl was caught by a photographer Shukan Bunshun leaving the apartment of Generations member Alan Shirahama early in the morning. (SOURCE) Of course, the tabloid implied that Minami is having a relationship … Continue reading Minami Minegishi’s shaved head is just so wrong


@___@ (yellow fluffy…..idols?)

Remember my post about the weird stylings of Japanese idols, the latest of which are the tinsel clad Dream Morning Musume? WOHHHHHboy, I really spoke too soon this time: Presenting the uber famous girls of AKB48, promoting their latest single. Can you guess the peg for the amazing costumes? * The offspring of Big Bird … Continue reading @___@ (yellow fluffy…..idols?)


....I mean, WTF?!? Imagine watching TV (prolly enjoying the horrid drama shows present on local TV) and then see this commercial... This must be what the CEO meant when we were discussing the perfect TVC: eye-catching, direct to the point and brings the message across in 15-seconds or less. If all local commercials were like … Continue reading (@_@)