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Minami Minegishi’s shaved head is just so wrong

I guess by now everyone knows what happened to AKB 48’s Minami Minegishi.
Minami, one of the pioneer members of the leading Japanese girl was caught by a photographer Shukan Bunshun leaving the apartment of Generations member Alan Shirahama early in the morning. (SOURCE)

Of course, the tabloid implied that Minami is having a relationship with the boy band member…and who knows what they probably did during the night she spent there.

Following the publication of the scandal, a video showing Minami in tears, apologizing to fans, AKB members, her family and the management, for “lacking self-awareness” and for causing the scandal. What made the video more heart breaking is the 20 year old, known for her shiny long locks, had shaved her head as a sign of utmost contrition.

Minami went from this…

pic not mine
pic not mine

to this:

pic not mine
pic not mine

I’ve seen the video (of her apology) and it is one of the most heartbreaking videos I’ve seen in a very long time. You can sense her agony and her desperation. And her shaved head — you could see light and dark patches as if it was done in haste (an interview released by her management revealed that after the scandal broke, she went to the make-up room, cried her heart out and emerged with a shaved head). In the video, you can sense her desperation and just how sorry she was, bowing long and deep near the end.

In a related note, tried to watch the video again this evening but most of the links are gone and now labeled as “Private Video”. I was only able to see it at DailyMail.com after searching for it for about a while.

So what do I make of it?

A part of me wants to say that I hope she just gives AKB the finger and embark on a solo career of her own. After all, she is 20 years old and been with the group for 8 years as one of its original members. If the management can’t see her loyalty — then, might as well embark on a solo career, enjoy her life as a healthy 20 year old woman who enters relationships and probably do all the things that come with it. Surely, her talent can take her anywhere after a near decade stint with AKB 48.

Minami, like all idols before her who managed to hurt their careers by doing the unthinkable (…sarcasm here *cough*) by falling in love like any normal human being, deserves to live her life the way she pleases. A part of me wants to believe that the fandom has grown up and in fact, would never mind their idols starting to have healthy relationships.

Though, the other part of me emphasized that in the first place, Minami knew what the rules are when she first joined AKB 48.She knew that there will be no dating, that liking someone should only be one-sided and made private and that there’s no chance in hell that she should be “doing the deed,” in order to preserve AKB 48’s image of innocence and purity to its fans. She signed and the dotted line and now she’s paying for it when she broke the law. Hence, the punishment is expected and should be meted.

First of all, doesn’t she event think that one day, she’ll grow up and find a man she likes?

Secondly, I’ve seen a lot of comments from different news sites and blogs about people commenting how extreme that she had to shave her head when a very contrite sorry would have been enough. I agree on one commenter I’ve read somewhere that we, those who live outside Japan, would never understand the culture of penitence and asking for forgiveness in their country. There, shaving one’s head can be considered as one of the ultimate signs of penance and asking for forgivenes. Hence, when Minami shaved hear head, it is to show her remorse on her “perceived mistakes.”

At the end of the day, I think Minami has shown enough how much she valued and cared for AKB48. Maybe, for this time, they can reinstate her to the group and just move on, wisened by the experience. But, like we all know, the decision lies in the hands of the management. She has been re-assigned to the “trainee group” and God only knows how she will rise from this chapter of her very young life.

Whatever she chose, I am certain that she’ll do just fine. After all, this particular news has spread world wide and already made Minami a household name world wide. It’s just a matter of time before she bounces bank, puts on the skimpy school uniform and show the world what she really got.


@___@ (yellow fluffy…..idols?)

Remember my post about the weird stylings of Japanese idols, the latest of which are the tinsel clad Dream Morning Musume?

WOHHHHHboy, I really spoke too soon this time:

Presenting the uber famous girls of AKB48, promoting their latest single.
Can you guess the peg for the amazing costumes?
* The offspring of Big Bird and an errant condom?
* The offspring of Big Bird and a random hotdog?
* A fluffy, yellow condom?
* yellow popsicles dipped in chicken feathers?

These pictures deserve no words, or explanations. Please — indulge, may you not snort from laughing too much.


The post about that girl group with ten thousand members

Oh, I am sorry for anyone who’ll get offended but I am just thinking out loud, okay? Okay? In my own blog, okay? Okay? Especially if I come across posts such as this on the web.

My knowledge of Japanese idol girl group AKB48 is pretty much next to nothing, except for the fact that the group seems to be a good training ground for AV idols, that getting cosy with guys will get you “graduating early”, and that some of its members go on to be TV and film actresses. But I do know that belonging in a group with ten thousand members (okay, fine 48 only) would pretty much give any aspiring female teen idol a case of the need to freaking shine.

I am just thinking that in a cut-throat idol world, where shelf-life depends on your talent, face and luck (not necessarily in that order) having to compete with 47 other girls to claim the top spot at the girl group hierarchy is pretty much a bummer. I mean, who would want to be the girl always on the edge of the group photo or the one to always be placed on the back–where the danger of a high-teased colored hair mucking your own face is high? Who would want to be the girl that almost made in the biz but did not cos she wasn’t given enough exposure?

Maybe it’s just fortunate that this group had a solid group of followers who welcomed and followed all of their projects and has supported each and everyone of the members in their undertakings. Which led me to again wonder what will I do if I am a sixteen year old Japanese girl hell-bent for stardom but stuck in a group where it will take anyone two minutes to say all the members’ names out loud:

1. I’d probably dress really crazy, as in I’d be the young, J-Pop version of Lady Gaga. The point of the exercise? To freaking stand out. In all of the group photos, performances and appearances. So you could go put me in the back or leftmost bottom part of the pic and I’d still get people’s attention/

2. I’ll start hella flirting those delish Johnny boys. The best way to catch attention (and ire) of the masses is to get my name associated with any Johnny boys–but preferably those who debuted already and not the Juniors. Think Matsumoto Jun, think Kamenashi Kazuya, think Jin Akanashi, think those cutie boys from Hey Say! Though I pretty much steer away from the dudes of SMAP cos they’re way, way senpai…

3. Pose in a magazine where I will flaunt the makings of a serious gravure or AV idol, but at the same time state that I am determined to make it as a serious actress…

4. Be really, really cute. As in cute as hell, those Japanese variety shows would have to talk to me when we guest

5. Make a commercial which will make me strip Lolita-esqe. Peg Vladimir Nobokov’s Lolita as peg. Be sexay as hell, but look innocent and sweet at the same time.

6. Be serious about my craft, dance and sing well and get the attention of big time produces cos I have the makings of a serious actress (yeah, this part is really boring).

Anyway, in case any of the above doesn’t work–I could always quit and join another group where we limit the members to five.


….I mean, WTF?!?
Imagine watching TV (prolly enjoying the horrid drama shows present on local TV) and then see this commercial…

This must be what the CEO meant when we were discussing the perfect TVC: eye-catching, direct to the point and brings the message across in 15-seconds or less.

If all local commercials were like these, The Hubby will find new meaning and value for his late night TV viewing.

For those who wanna know, the girl undressing is Itano Tomomi, part of the Japanese idol group AKB48. It seems this group gravitates on projects such as these. One former member is said to be threading the path of a gravure or AV (adult video) idol.