Stuck with Real Life

I realized that it's been such a long time ever since I've written anything remotely about my hobbies, my JPop fixation, fashion and all the other random shite usually associated with this blog. Not that I don't care really, but truth is--since January of this year, I've been running my ass around trying to fix … Continue reading Stuck with Real Life


Santa called, he wants his tinsels back

Japanese idols really have it bad when it comes to costume choices. I mean, I bemoaned before the styling and costuming for my favorite group, Arashi and wow, there is actually another group that tops them when it comes to blindness-inducing/gag-reflex styling. Presenting: Please meet Dream Morning Musume, one of Japan's numerous idol groups with … Continue reading Santa called, he wants his tinsels back

2NE1 says, “Follow Me”

Uber-cool Korean girl group 2NE1 returns with "Follow Me", their latest single released today, 11 March. So glad you're back 2NE1, after all, no one can imitate your refreshing techno-beats. CL also figures prominently in the video minus her iconic sunnies.

Jung Hyongwa on “We Got Married” – to like or not to like

...that is the question. I feel like such a BAD and UNSUPPORTIVE fan. A good fan supports her "idol" on his undertakings even if some are questionable, or unlikeable. Period. So why am I so freaking torn about this undertaking? Jung Hyongwa, my Shinwoo oppa is now on "We Got Married" (the Korean reality show … Continue reading Jung Hyongwa on “We Got Married” – to like or not to like