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Stuck with Real Life

I realized that it’s been such a long time ever since I’ve written anything remotely about my hobbies, my JPop fixation, fashion and all the other random shite usually associated with this blog.

Not that I don’t care really, but truth is–since January of this year, I’ve been running my ass around trying to fix all my wrong decisions and making sure that I will survive the year without any other nervous breakdown or trips to the hospital once again. I guess, my short yet unfortunately memorable four-month stint at The Firm has really left me drained and stuck with Real Life for five freaking months. Since January, until the last day of May, I’ve been trying to fix my life and my career. I am not saying that it was a mistake to even work at The Firm because in the short four months that I was there, I got to meet really amazing people PLUS the training was really worth the nervous breakdown. But at my age, I figured I don’t deserve to be treated the company whipping girl who was being stabbed repeatedly in the back by the Head Crypt Keeper and Jabba The Hutt.

Good thing He gave me a second chance by blessing me with a job that I never thought I would have. I will start the second half of the year blessed with a new opportunity, it’s now up to me to make sure that I will deliver and stand-out on this new company.

Since I was hella busy with life, I missed a lot of great things. Like the fact that my Chuck Bass was in Manila to be an endorser for Penshoppe,one of Manila’s clothing brands.

from penshoppe's FB page
From Penshoppe's Facebook page

OMG — just look at Ed Westwick’s eyes on the picture above. He is freaking to die for! He’s just so effing HOT! This is a good call for Penshoppe–to tap the Gossip Girl star to be the face of the brand here in Manila. I mean, let’s face it — Penshoppe used to be one of the leading brands in the 90s, but they’ve pretty much eating Bench’s dust for the last few years. I remember that they used to have the coolest campaigns before like, “Express Yourself” and “Club Pen” back in the 90s.

One of my favorite Penshoppe commercials was “Love in 4 Acts”:

And then, of course the “Express Yourself” ad, “The Audition”. My books for school used to be covered with print ads of this group. I think I was in junior high then? Maaan, I remembered having those turtle neck shirt in three colors. Plus, the Penshoppe tee (with the pencil logo) in about four colors.

And then, of course — Ed Westwick is not the first international star to be the face of Penshoppe. Mandy Moore was featured in their print and ad campaign in 2003 (with a very lucky Brad Turvey):

Obviously, Ed’s appointment as the new brand ambassador for Penshoppe is paying off big time. He was just in the country for four short days but he managed to turn the country’s netizens and fashion watchers gaga with anticipation for possible sightings of Mr. Bass. Suffice to say, it has brought a new level of excitement for the 25 year old brand.

Then, my favorite Korean girl group 2NE1 had a concert. I know that they’ve been coming for a concert but I was just too busy with salvaging my career and keeping myself sane to even bother with buying a ticket.

You could prolly say that at one point in this chaotic four-month ordeal, I had only one thing in mind: survive the tempest that was The Firm and come out unscathed, PLUS with a better paying and better-treating job. My Asian-fixation, my fashion-preferences and all the usual preoccupations just flew out the window.

Now that I am again at a better place, maybe I can again give attention to my little hobbies and wonderful preoccupations. I missed having them around.


Santa called, he wants his tinsels back

Japanese idols really have it bad when it comes to costume choices. I mean, I bemoaned before the styling and costuming for my favorite group, Arashi and wow, there is actually another group that tops them when it comes to blindness-inducing/gag-reflex styling.



Please meet Dream Morning Musume, one of Japan’s numerous idol groups with really nifty costume preferences. They are currently promoting their upcoming album, “Dori Musu”. (source)

If you noticed, it’s like two opposing poles when it comes to the sartorial preferences of idol groups from Japan compared to the idols from South Korea. Lest some crazy/deranged/psychologically incapacitated fan gets berserk, I am just comparing their clothing choices and not their talents and capabilities. So please, hold on to your panties.

The idol groups of South Korea are more sleek, dressed very well (especially the male groups) and would often boast of wearing “off the ramp pieces” from well known western designers. Best dressed for me is Top and G-Dragon of Big Bang (who are all nifty dressers too)

For girls, I like the street-style and cred of Big Bang label-mates, 2NE1:

Obviously by now, you can see that I am partial to street-style clothing. Other notable dressers include Girls Generation and Super Junior.

For Japanese idols, it has become a must to wear feather boas, glitters, tassels and various what nots. The more you look like a marching band, or a New Orleans parade delegate that is superbly high on crack, the better.

More on this on my next posts…have to leave for a chance for (temporary) freedom.

My favorite girls featured on my favorite mag…

I wish I could say that this is it, since it features two of my girl crushes, Amuro Namie and Anna Tsuchiya. But Scawaii, while amusing and contains a lot of really nice-looking clothes isn’t exactly my fashion bible. I am not much into gyaru fashion. I just don’t think that I can pull off the American-valley girl look, plus I don’t think Manila is ready for gyaru. The traditional and monochromatic urban, commuting Manila will frown upon the burst of color and inspiration usually present in a gyaru gal.

Anyway, these are my favorite girls…

…as featured on Nylon Japan, arguably my favorite Japanese fashion magazine, above Nonno and way above CanCam. The girls were supposed to debut in Japan this March 16, when the great Tohoku earthquake struck. Their Japanese debut was postponed indefinitely.

Meanwhile, I plot on how I can get my hands on Nylon. I really should stop asking people (who is in Japan, SG or HK) to buy me my fashion magazine stash and just start with a subscription. Hmmmmn…must find budget for that 🙂

2NE1 to hit US iTunes charts?

Wowza! To think the girls have staged their comeback just recently.

Based from recent reports from Popseoul (the go-to place for all things K-Pop!), my bad-ass girls were already rocking the US and Canada iTunes Charts. In fact, they ranked #2 in the US charts, the highest from any Korean act. (See ranking here)

In my opinion, no other girl group deserves global recognition than 2NE1–they are fresh, sassy, fashionable, edgy without dripping with the syrupy drivel that is usually present among other acts. (For the record, I highlighted the words, “In my opinion” to stress a point. I don’t have the time nor the patience to deal with crazy fangirls and haters. And this being my blog, I would of course fly the flag of MY FAVORITES and not just some random girl group)

SIDE BAR: I mentioned this because I had a good friend (a really nice girl in fact) who is also blogging who received fanatical messages from one crazy fangirl who frothed at the mouth upon mention of her favorite idol group. My friend was a nice girl who simply and graciously chucked the comment to experience. But I seriously think that crazy girls like these needed to get an effing life

Anyway, where were we? Oh–back to 2NE1. I think 2NE1 best represents the fashionably edgy, talented Asian woman. They refused to be type casted in one nifty mold. In my opinion, CL is too talented for her own good sometimes. D@mn, this woman is sooo hot and sooo edgy, she belongs to the world stage. And yeah, I blogged about how Minzy is growing up to be a pretty and sexy young woman. And she dances really hella good.

With a comeback as powerful as this, the only thing missing is a concert here in the Philippines. Hey, producers—anyone–invest in one good and rocking show. Bring 2nE1 in Manila!!!

…Hmmmmn, maybe I should start a petition?

Can’t Nobody stop 2NE1

Here’s 2NE1’s third video to complete their comeback:

As expected, the girls are freaking awesome: CL looks fierce; Dara looks cool while Bom is just so gorgeous–but the best transformation has to be the baby of the group, Minzy. When 2NE1 started out about a year ago, Minzy was the most child-like. She looked boyish yet feminine at the same time.

But this time around–? Minzy is smoking hot! Her curves has finally developed and she grew her hair long. The fact that she dances really sick adds further to her appeal.

2NE1 really defies the definition of a typical Korean girl group. They are gritty and confident of their sexuality. As always, CL, my favorite member, blows me away with her talent but for this video, it is Minzy who really shines through. She has grown up to be a very pretty lady and I am sure she’ll break a lot of fanboys’ hearts.

Clap your hands for 2NE1!

As far as I am concerned, only one Korean girl band is worth the adulation:

I don’t like dem girl banders with the predilection for pink, for those who go the Lolita route, for those who make pa-cute. I don’t like girl banders who changes image as often as the tides change.

I want my girl band to be rough, to be tough cookies yet sexy and sultry still.

I like them as 2NE1.

Shall I say that Sandara Park is looking lovelier than ever but my favorite 2NE1 remains CL (Lee Chae Rin). She is just too gritty and too raw, talented and cool all at the same time. Plus her taste in clothes was just too out there, to edgy — setting her and the rest of the members apart from the usual girlie girls.

Check out this mean video “Go Away” starring my girl, CL. You go girl!

The men can have all their pseudo-Lolitas in pink, I am happy and contented with my 2NE1.