This is about a restaurant in MOA serving beef roasts and sandwiches and steaks, etc. 
In relation to my earlier post — hubby and I were looking for a place where we can eat–minus the maddening MOA crowd and wandered into this area.
And we’ve never heard of the resto ever, we had to rely on the posters displaying the food.
Wow — sarap-looking!

So hubby ordered liempo roast while I was swayed by the happy, tasty looking picture of a roast chicken sandwich complete with fries and iced tea and really tasty looking chicken.

…we anticipated the food with glee, and then…

it was the worst, saddest-looking liempo whatever and roast chicken sandwich we’ve ever seen!

first, the liempo roast: the veggies were soggy, the liempo made of thick slices of fat. then, the sandwich: obviously, the bread is not gardenia, it is not grilled unlike in the pic, the cheese slice doesn’t have any taste at all, the chicken roast looks like it’s been reheated fifteen times over. The fries? It’s so well-done that all you taste is oil when you bite at it. what’s worse–it looks like the standard looking fries you buy at Divisoria then re-sold for five pesos per order.

the drinks (iced tea) were bland and tasteless.

I could almost picture Gordon Ramsay sailing through the doors and literally going through the menu, ala Kitchen Confidential– "You call this fries? This is rubbish!" Hahaha!

We were so teed off with this resto that we vowed never to ever eat here again. The quality of the food explains the absence of a crowd.

Job-Hunting Post #1: Job Fair

Don’t get me wrong…I’m currently employed.
But with my health conditions taking a nose dive 3 years into my current job–it’s time to reassess where I stand
So, today — I joined the Tourism Dept.’s "Trabaho sa Turismo" Job Fair…it was good — obviously, madaming kailangan ng trabaho!

It’s going back to basics–sometimes I tell myself I’m too old for this, and with my current position now — "should I go this way again?"

This gets uber validation when 30 minutes into the fair, I wandered into an open booth with no personnel manning it (probably out for lunch)
Me, along with 2 girls were signing the sheet when the HR people arrived (from the look of things either fresh grads or entry levels)
When they saw the people lining up and signing even without them…
…they snickered.

Yep, snickered in front of people applying for a job. Here goes the conversation

Girl 1: Kaya naman pala ng nga ‘to na mag-appky kahit wala tayo
Guy: Hah, eh di sila na lang ang mag-apply, huwag na tayo tumao
Girl 2: Paggupitin na rin natin sila ng application sheet tutal kaya naman nila
Guy: Or better yet, interviewhin na din nila ang sarili nila "sorry, i did not pass…! try again! hahaha

…and they laughed and laughed, with me in front of them

I wanted to tell them…what gives you the right to treat applicants this way? magkano ba kinikita nyo?
but i AM still an applicant…so i shut the hell up and left

till now, i am still beating myself over this. is it right to keep my mouth shut?

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