A nice surprise or…a sign from the Universe?

Obviously, I have been away this whole week, no thanks to the ongoing Inquisition currently happening at the office. So imagine my surprise when I checked back on this site and saw the many comments and congratulations from the many gorgeous people of WordPress. And then, I knew why (the congratulations from Meandering Matriarch gaveContinue reading “A nice surprise or…a sign from the Universe?”

Money matters and the search for part-time work continues

Sorry for the intermittent post. I am really having a rough week at work, I think I am losing all the good mojo I deposited when I was starting. Add to that new albeit very minor health concerns that just kept on popping one after the other. Yes, the might be not life threatening butContinue reading “Money matters and the search for part-time work continues”

Maintaining Commitments

The lack of post on this space for the past few days is not because I have abandoned my blog but because Sky Internet sucks helium in the service department. The house didn’t have our wifi connection for the past three days and you can bet that I have become stir-crazy due to the factContinue reading “Maintaining Commitments”

Dazed and Confused.

I used to have an office mate who had a habit of saying “Compuse” instead of “confused”. Imagine hearing this word “compuse” over and over especially if he is indeed confused. Not only it is effing confusing, it is also annoying. Anyway, this anecdote doesn’t have anything to do with today’s rant. I just feltContinue reading “Dazed and Confused.”

A summer get-away, heart-tugging proposal, a (NOT so) royal wedding and the little beach resort that couldn’t

I. The summer outing I vainly tried to recapture one last time before rain and thunderstorms recapture the metro with an annual summer trip with my group of friends, aptly called the Mean Team (and that is not just for name’s sake–we REALLY are mean) from two jobs back. You have the understand these people,Continue reading “A summer get-away, heart-tugging proposal, a (NOT so) royal wedding and the little beach resort that couldn’t”

Meet your new Office Lady

I had my human resources orientation with my newest gig today. It was fun — HR was accommodating and easy to talk to. Anyway, we were discussing about the office rules and regulations, when–of course our conversation went on the topic of OFFICE ATTIRES: no cleavage inducing tops, no sleeveless shirts, no jeans, no leggingsContinue reading “Meet your new Office Lady”

“…karma’s a bitch, buddy”

Wanna meet the person who is making me miserable these past few days? …. … … … … … … This is how you break the hearts and dreams of people under your stead: 1. You tell them to do one thing, then promptly rat them out to the big boss and embellish statements andContinue reading ““…karma’s a bitch, buddy””

Selling the drama

“I’m a publicist, Eric, not David Blaine. …” – Shauna, publicist for Vincent Chase, Entourage Shauna, the long-suffering and fierce mother-figure publicist of Vincent Chase in the hit series “Entourage” basically sums up the life of a publicist. A publicist, or a public relations consultant does wonders in terms of promoting a product, service orContinue reading “Selling the drama”

Let’s all waste our time having meetings!

Is it just me–or do you agree that meetings are major productivity killers? I hate sitting through loooong meetings with a passion, you know the type–a boring presentation, followed by a loooooong discussion where everyone tries to project an air of authority of expertise, intermittently mixed with people standing up answering phone calls, getting coffee,Continue reading “Let’s all waste our time having meetings!”