I stayed in Homey Hostel while in Taipei – and it ticked off all my hostel must-haves

In the last five years, I have been travelling more and more frequently – often times, going out the country two times a year – depending on the funds available, or the level of stress and misery that I am in. For 2018 alone, I went to Japan twice, starting the year in Nagoya and …

Get ready for affordable pre-need as Cosmopolitan Climbs enters the market

In a country like the Philippines where less than 10% of the total population has access to an easily available microinsurance plan, two of the biggest names in the Visayas and Mindanao region joined forces to ensure that the larger part of the population will continue to be protected, especially during times of need through …

Discovering what it means to be truly healthy with LifeScience

I don't need much to know that at my current state: I am beyond unhealthy. It's not even the excess 25 kilograms that I can't seem to shake off - it's the long nights awake, the stressful situations, the fact that I don't eat right and almost have zero exercise. For the longest time, I …

The Fitness Diaries: Day One of Boxing – where I hardly floated, but looked like a bee

The Greatest of All Time, Muhammad Ali once said, "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee..." In my case, "it was floated pathetically like a bee..." THIS. BEE.  Seriously speaking, I always knew that starting to get healthy is not a walk in the park. I have wasted a lot of years reveling in my sedentary …

Blogger Christmas gathering set; receives overwhelming support from brand sponsors

The Filipino Bloggers Network (FBN), one of the most active bloggers group in the country, will hold its annual Christmas Get-Together at St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant in Mandaluyong City on December 28, 2016. FBN currently has more than 1,800 blogger members and continue to expand as it provides a venue for Filipino bloggers to …

15 Silkamazing Years of Making Filipinas Beautiful

  The amazing story of Silka's success began 15 years ago when the then-fledging brand launched Silka Papaya lotion which immediately caught the fancy of beauty-conscious Filipinas. Affordable and effective at the same time, Silka Papaya lotion established itself as one of the best-selling skin whitening and moisturizing lotion in the country. To celebrate its …

RamenNation: The Best Ramens in Manila according to Japanese Reviewer

Being a Japanophile, I am absolutely in love with anything Japan: the fashion, the music, the culture and of course, the food. So when Manila experienced Ramen-explosion in the past two years, my heart immediately burst with excitement in trying to find the best Ramen. I have tried quite a few here and there (and have favorites of …

Teqube offers gadgets based on the Filipinos’ digital lifestyle

Teqube is staking its claim on the growing gadget market by opening its own concept store   and gadget store in the market, offering accessories and decides based on consumer lifestyle preferences.  A member of the  Tao Group of Companies, Teqube continues to find ways to reach consumers and present offerings to answer their digital …

Go Manila: Your Guide to the Urban Jungle that is Manila

Here’s an App intended for those who find Manila intimidating.

Kamikazee WanderGirl

Interested to visit the country’s capital but overwhelmed by the thought of navigating chaotic, crazy Manila?

Out of the country’s 7,100 islands and its many cities and municipalities spread out all through out the country, nothing evokes fear among tourists (and locals) alike than spending a day navigating through the many twists and turns of glorious Manila. From the narrow streets, one way thoroughfares and traffic gridlock, a day spent navigating the busy streets of Manila is not for the faint of heart.


(from the press release)

Envisioned for both local residents and tourists, Go Manila seeks to make life easy in an otherwise complicated Urban Jungle.

In a click of a button, you can have full access to real time Traffic Livestream, locate and contact Emergency Locations and Hotlines and discover the historic capital of the Philippines at the tip of your finger with easy access to popular tourist destinations, restaurants and nightspots.

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