Mad Love

In honor of St. Valentine’s Day–where people dress in red and try to compete for candle-lit tables located in over-booked restaurants, serving over priced steak–I bring you this adorable albeit, obviously crazy way these hapless Japanese salarymen show their love to their wives. By shouting their messages of love stark raving mad in front ofContinue reading “Mad Love”

Did you accidentally popped your cherry?

NOTE: The succeeding post may not be suitable to minor or prudes. Please do not continue reading if you blush upon hearing the word, “vajayjay” …and wants to have the V back? Cos damn, I got the solution if you suddenly lost your virginity…maybe in the back of a car, on your dorm’s shared couchContinue reading “Did you accidentally popped your cherry?”

Vinegar, with a punch

Spotted on my mom’s small convenience store: Yep, you guessed it right. That’s the world’s best pound-for-pound king hamming it up on the plastic packaging of a local Vinegar brand. When I said “hamming it up” — you have to look at his absurdly annoying face as presented on a cheap packaging of plain localContinue reading “Vinegar, with a punch”

Stark, Raving Sheeny-mad!!!

Charlie Sheen has presented us with many quotable quotes these past few days, and currently holds the distinction and the “Guinness World Record” for the fastest time to reach a million followers on Twitter (it only took him a day) But the real reason why people is soooo into Charlie Sheen these days is becauseContinue reading “Stark, Raving Sheeny-mad!!!”

I am friends with weird people…and I couldn’t be more happier!

I had a great Christmas get-together breakfast with two of the people whose opinion I value so much. These two are good friends from way, way back and I was lucky enough to be part of their little circle. I loved their bitchy, witchy hirits and there are no words to explain how I loveContinue reading “I am friends with weird people…and I couldn’t be more happier!”

To have…and to hold, and to forever remember

My absence these past two days is due to the staging of the wedding I was working on as the on-the-day coordinator/ wedding planner. The wedding opened my eyes on a lot of things — the beauty of finding the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with, the power of vows exchanged straightContinue reading “To have…and to hold, and to forever remember”

“Life lessons I should have taught my pathetic human…” (by your guest blogger, Sayuri)

Oh, I am sorry — if you were expecting to read about those peaky haired, androgynous boys from Japan or weird Japanese-influenced Sartorial preferences. That is not happening today. My human, the bitchy crybaby you call KamikazeeGirl is currently indisposed as of this moment. (How indisposed? she is currently sprawled on the tiny bed IContinue reading ““Life lessons I should have taught my pathetic human…” (by your guest blogger, Sayuri)”

Japanese kids beat the sh*t out of a zombie!

When I was young, I had an uncle who takes great pleasure in making me cry. How? When I was kid I was hella scared of “ati-atihan”. For non-Filipinos, the “ati-atihan” is a group of dancers who go from street to street dancing to a cacophony of drums and whistles. They are usually dressed inContinue reading “Japanese kids beat the sh*t out of a zombie!”

“I’ve been tagged”

I enjoyed answering the meme I stumbled upon last week and thus decided to look for other memes and questions which I can answer. Mr. Google hooked me up with two interesting sites: Sunday Stealing and The Daily Meme. Both blogs encourage the proliferation of memes which provides an in-depth look on a particular blogger.Continue reading ““I’ve been tagged””