Aladdin: I may have gotten older — but it’s still a whole new world

It was 1992, and I was at the brink of adolescent rage – the neighborhood cutie must have thought me as a freak; I have just begun freshman year at an all-girls high school filled with nuns and kids with trapper-keepers and Benetton shirts; and yet, my only cause of worry was saving enough moneyContinue reading “Aladdin: I may have gotten older — but it’s still a whole new world”

Paper Junkie, Journal Love

People can be addicted to a lot of things: money, good make-up, nice clothes, living the high life, travel, smokes, drugs and sex. Me — my addiction is pinnacle geek girl — I am hopelessly, addicted to paper. My love affair with paper (notebooks, journals, drawing pad) began as a snot-nosed six year old. Usually depleting aContinue reading “Paper Junkie, Journal Love”

Art Attack: Century City presents a Century of Art

They often times say that Filipinos view art as something intended only for the rich. To me, this is unfortunate as I believe that art is something that everyone should have a chance to enjoy. That’s why I find the street art in BGC cool, because it brings art closer to the younger generation andContinue reading “Art Attack: Century City presents a Century of Art”

Geek out with me at Asia Pop Comic Con from August 26 to 28

It’s a wonderful time to be a geek as Asia Pop Comic Con (APCC)—touted to be the biggest three-day pop-culture extravaganza-is back in Manila from August 26 to 28 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, Manila.  My heart is already bursting at the seams with too much excitement as APCC brings two ofContinue reading “Geek out with me at Asia Pop Comic Con from August 26 to 28”

#TypeKita: A collective effort for creative souls

  As someone who recently rediscovered her creative streak as a means to combat stress, I a more than glad to lend support for initiatives that’s all about the arts.  One of the events i am most looking forward to is the Type Kita Exhibit happening on December 12 and 13 at the former BoschContinue reading “#TypeKita: A collective effort for creative souls”

Lighten up your home with creative modular lamps

One of the most cost-efficient and creative way to decorate your home is to pick a good lamp that compliments your interiors. A carefully thought-of lamp, placed on the most strategic places is guaranteed to be a conversation piece and will definitely add much-needed light and vigor to your home. When decorating with lamps, makeContinue reading “Lighten up your home with creative modular lamps”

Markers, pens & watercolor

Reviving my interest in hand-lettering and calligraphy is one of the best things I’ve done. While it does take time away from my writing and blogging, I found that I am more relaxed and happy when playing with my pens and practicing hand letterings. I’ve devoted my Saturday night as hand-lettering days. I am stillContinue reading “Markers, pens & watercolor”

Hand lettering practice sessions – 16 August 2015

Today is a good day – I managed to get an early start from my very long list of to do’s at work. I finished two reports and checked my work emails. After laboring on work related matters for almost the rest of the day, I managed to squeeze in some practice sessions for handContinue reading “Hand lettering practice sessions – 16 August 2015”

Because the pen will always be mightier than the sword 

  Days like these when my 8 to 5 have been slowly killing me from the inside, I have come to find refuge by going back to the things I love when I was still in Kinder – arts and crafts.  My hoarding of Pens is now on its all-time high, with me not beingContinue reading “Because the pen will always be mightier than the sword “

Battling away stress with Calligraphy and Adult coloring books 

For the past two weeks, I have decided to adapt a more positive vibe on how I approach stress. Before I used to be so antagonistic and negative whenever I am thrust in a stressful situation.  Realizing that the negativity is affecting no one but myself, I have decided to take a different approach. OfContinue reading “Battling away stress with Calligraphy and Adult coloring books “