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Get your wallets ready -Lazada is ready to launch its crazy 11.11 sale! 

Are you ready to buy a Genius gaming mouse for 11pesos? If you think this is a joke then you haven’t tried Lazada just yet, especially during their crazy 11.11 sale where goods fly off the shelf and people literally wait with bated breath while on their laptops or phones eagerly awaiting the next amazing deal. 

I don’t know about you but I need a new blogging tool, hence I have already trained my eyes on a new Cherry Mobile Cubix Morph going for PHP5,589 or 63% off its original price of PHP14K! 

With more than 8k in discounts, you’re crazy to pass this up!
 The biggest online shopping event in Southeast Asia kicks off on November 11, 2016 with the participation of more than 12,500 local and international brands and 6,000 merchants. This month-long shopping event is Lazada’s fifth Online Revolution since its launch in 2012.

This year’s theme is ‘Brands for All,’ putting customers’ favorite brands in the spotlight. Customers can expect jaw-dropping, well-curated offers, and exclusive launches of branded items. 

These deals come on top of the wide and growing assortment on Lazada. To date, Lazada boasts an unmatched catalog of close to 30 million products for consumers across six Southeast Asian countries. In the Philippines, the assortment grew 4x more than in 2015.

Lazada will offer everything customers love – from huge discounts to flash sales and exclusive bundles. P11 peso deals featuring a Virtual Reality Box, LED light bulb rotating lamp and a Genius gaming mouse among many others, are up for grabs. Limited-time flash deals on a 32” Slim LED TV for Php 5,499, a Fujidenzo 20L microwave oven for Php 1,999, a Star Mobile 4.5” smart phone for Php 999, an HP desk jet printer for Php 888, and a L’Oreal lip and cheek palette set for P399 are only some of the many highlights during this mega shopping day. Perfect value indeed for all the Christmas gift-seekers out there. 

The deals extend to over 17 product categories including Fashion, Health & Beauty, Home & Living, and Electronics. Lazada is focusing deep into its customers’ interests with weekly specials- a curation of items for beauty fans, supermoms and families, techies and fashionistas. 

As if these weren’t enough, Lazada will also launch games to make Christmas online shopping more fun. Follow Lazada’s social media channels to get free shopping vouchers, brand giveaways from Samsung, MamyPoko, Unilever, JBL, Lenovo, and more.

“Online Revolution was launched in 2012 so more consumers could experience the ease and benefits of online shopping. Since then, Online Revolution has become the biggest shopping event in Southeast Asia, where consumers can find amazing deals from the most popular brands conveniently from their smartphones or laptops,” said CEO Inanc Balci. “This year, we have secured commitments from big brand partners for more than one million deals to make Christmas shopping more exciting and effortless for Filipinos. The best of the world is truly at everyone’s fingertips now, more than ever.” 

Lazada has also partnered with top brands to make shopping more rewarding. Use your MasterCard to get an additional 12% off on top of already discounted prices. And if you’re feeling lucky, Isuzu Philippines is giving away a brand new pick-up for more out of town road trips, and Turkish Airlines is raffling off air tickets to fly you off to your dream vacation. 

Ever tried making a wish whenever you see 11.11 on your watch or clock? No need to be on the constant lookout because Lazada’s Online Revolution is guaranteed to make your Christmas shopping wishes and dreams come true with an awesome plethora of deals and steals. 

Visit or download the Lazada mobile app for free to join the biggest online shopping event of the year. Sale runs from November 11 to December 12.


Good news! You can now pay your travel taxes online 

Step by step guide

One of my pet peeves when traveling out of of the country is paying my travel taxes especially if there’s long lines ahead of me. 

However, since paying travel taxes is one of my duties as a citizen, I welcome the Travel Tax Online Payment System, a recent initiative of TIEZA, the government arm tasked with the collection and allocation of travel taxes. No more falling in line at the airport just to pay your travel taxes, now all you need is to follow this simple procedure:
1. Go to the TIEZA website at

2. From the TIEZA home page click on “click here” at the Philippine Travel Tax Payment System screen:


If the Philippine Travel Tax Payment System is not the screen displayed on the TIEZA home page, click The Travel Tax Tab, and Select “Pay Travel Tax”

3. Click on “Don’t have an account? Click Here” (assuming you are a first timer).


4. Fill out the member registration form.

5. When done filling out the registration form, click “ok” to confirm information or “Cancel” to change information.

6. Open the email address you provided and confirm your registration via the confirmation link that TIEZA will send you. If the email does not appear right away, wait a few seconds to a minute and refresh your browser. Should the confirmation email never arrived, there is will be a confirmation link to click on the TIEZA site.

Travel Tax Payment:

7. Once confirmed, click “Click Here to fill up Travel Tax Payment Form!” to bring up Travel Tax Payment Form.

8. Fill up Travel Tax Payment form and click “Confirm Application”

9. The online payment form will appear, fill up Online Payment for and click “confirm payment”

10. Your travel tax payment transactions will appear on the next screen under “Recent Travel Tax Application”, when a transaction has been fully completed, a “Print” button will appear next to it. Wait for the button to read “Print” and click the print button. This may take a few minutes. Refresh your browser every 10 seconds until the print button appears.

11. From the final screen you will be able to print your Travel Tax Payment Receipt. Print the receipt, and bring the printout with you to the airport on the day of your flight, to be presented with your other travel documents

For more information, call the TIEZA office at (02) 551 – 9533 for more information.

Dreaming of a corner office and a nice view of the skyline? CEO Suite has you covered

When I was younger, I learned to equate success with having a corner office that came with a nice view of the sky line and with a team of people to help out with the nitty-gritty. For me then — this means continuous employment, clocking at least 15 years or more  in order to finally get prime real estate at the work place. 

As I get older, as my priorities change and as technology evolves, I realized that getting that corner office doesn’t necessarily mean traditional employment. This is the same reason why there’s been a boom in freelancing business, telecommuting and start-ups. People find ways to earn they keep while pursuing their passions – beyond the confines of a traditional workplace. 

For driven and passionate individuals and start-ups, there’s CEO Suite, one of the finest and established network of services offices  in the Region. 

In Manila, CEO Suite is located at the 37th floor of the LKG Tower featuring prime amenities and comfortable work spaces.

Aside from its Manila location, CEO Suites has 600 ready to occupy office suites in 12 prime locations in Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Beijing, Bangkok and Seoul. 




Founded in 1997 with its first center at the Indonesia Stock Exchange a towers in Jakarta by Ms. Mee Kim who has a 24 year experience in the service/serviced office industries. A visionary and entrepreneur, Ms. Kim is passionate in providing premium service levels in any CEO Suite location. 

This passion for service is palpable on the center’s  dedication to top-tier level of service and optimal comfort, this includes provision of fully-equipped boardrooms with panoramic views, well-being lounge with sauna and massage chairs, business lounge with gourmet coffee, microwave and an array of snacks, latest telecommunications systems and office equipment. 

The Manila center offers wifi access, strict security and function rooms. Rates for a one person office desk goes for as low as PHP15,000 per month to as high as PHP215, 000 depending on the requirement. 

Meanwhile, one month of virtual office service  goes for as low as PHP2,888. 


CEO Suite Regional Marketing Director Charyna B. Francisco
Center Manager Lianne T. Muhlfeld
However, more than the top-of-the-line equipment or swanky office environment, CEO Suite boasts of a strong and capable support of its efficient back office staff: from the front liners manning the reception, security and its accounting staff. What the center promises is that there will always be a top caliber support for your emerging business. 

The team endeavors to follow the SCOOT mentality established by its afable foundress:  Sense of urgency, Care, Openness, Ownership, Trust and Team work. 

For inquiries, you may contact Lianne Muhlfeld, center manager for CEO Suite Manila at (02) 859-2989 or at 


Am filing my 30 days notice tomorrow — a UK cafe needs nanny for its kittens

Just when I thought that I’d be fully contented working for the man, while indulging my passion for writing through blogging and various side hustles, here comes an the news from Mental Floss:

(Excerpted from the Mental Floss report) 

“The Telegraph reports that the position at Cat Café Manchester pays £8 an hour and includes responsibilities like playing with and feeding the café’s many felines. From the job description, which was posted on Facebook:

The role of a Cat Nanny is to look after the general wellbeing of the Manchester Cat family alongside encouraging customer interaction with the cats. You will be required to look after the cats and the customers to the highest standards at all times. Shifts for Cat Nannies can be around the clock, when the café is both open to the public and closed. Our opening hours are 9am-9pm Monday to Sunday.

But the job won’t be all cuddling and playtime. The cat nanny will also be responsible for cleaning litter and changing the bedding for the cats’ beds.”

The late great Sayuri – The Love of my Life (other than the Hubby & my Fam)

That’s it. I’m filing my 30-days notice and moving to the UK to care for cats.

Other than being a writer, I am a card-carrying cat lady. After all, I have a better relationship to cats than to most humans. I have a strong affinity to cats – particularly being the dignified, aloof, imperious members of our species that they are. While I also love dogs – the dog’s constant and profound display of love and emotion, their incessant need for attention and their tendency to grovel most of the times is not just my style.

Being a cat nanny is something that’s already in my resume. While I look like the imperious PR-bitch lady who always have her sh*t together most of the times, at home – I am nothing but a glorified yaya to our cats. No matter how tired or sick or lazy I am feeling, I am compelled to clean the kitty litter, pour a fresh batch, refill the kitty mug and distribute kibble. All the time.

My only consolation is that the Hubby gets to do all that when he’s home before I do. After waiting hand and foot to these feline princesses, I am expected to scoot from my usual place  in our bed to accommodate Scarfy (Sayuri’s girl cat) and her other babies. Yes, in spite the small hovel where the Hub and I live – we still share it with our cats.


Our cats eat better than we do, usually gets immediate check up on the first sign of illness and get the best medicines possible. The day Sayuri (the lovely cat featured in the photos) passed away was one of the worst days of my life. Even now, five months after, there is not a day that goes by that I don’t miss her.

Obviously, I am more than qualified. However, aside from the geographical obstacles which will allow me to drop out of the rat race and run into the open paws of the posh feline variety, the fact that my grown up obligations like bills, buying a home, trying to get pregnant and furthering my career serves as a big obstacle in making my cat nanny dreams come true.

If you’re interested and you think you’re up for the job, visit the Cat Cafe Manchester FB page for more details.

As for me, am keeping my day job.


Get your 40-inch Coocaa SMART TV for only PHP13,990 – exclusively at Lazada

If you are looking for an affordable but very versatile SMART TV, here’s something you might want to check out.  Coocaa – one of the premiere Chinese brands that made its debut launch during Lazada’s 11.11 Online Revolution last year is back. 

What makes the deal sweet is that this brand of Smart LED TV is selling for as low as Php 13,990 for a 40-inch unitonly exclusive during the biggest online sale of the year! Coocaa is only available to online channels. In the Philippines, you can only buy it in Lazada through a very  exciting partnership  with the country’s biggest online shopping mall.
Here’s how you can get your own 40-inch Smart LED TV for only P13,990


Last year’s Online Revolution was very successful for Coocaa’s 40E39YC TV after it has  sold over hundreds of units in less than an hour making it one of the record breaking sales during the 2014 Online Revolution. 

This 2015, Coocaa will be selling its 40E39YC Smart TV. The TV has built – in wifi, a wireless display and has full HD resolution. The TV is also equipped with Sky RSS, MHL and a modern bride stand – retailing only at Php 13,990 from original price of Php 17,990.  
Get your money’s worth and enjoy the full viewing experience without breaking the bank. To check the full specs, go here

This press release is part of Lazada’s 11.11 Campaign where items are sold at unbelievably low prices. KamikazeeGirl is an affiliate of Lazada. 

10 hours in Pope Francis’ trail

This post chronicles our ten hours of being with the people last Friday, 16 January – the second day of Pope Francis’ visit to the Philippines and officially the start of his official itinerary during his Apostolic and State Visit to the Philippines. (State — because, FYI — Pope Francis is the head of state of the Vatican).

The moment we saw the Sri Lankan plane carrying Pope Francis touch down at the Villamor Airbase, I was already determined to see Pope Francis in the flesh – how, I have no idea. I have no connections, no contacts, and the only person I know who is remotely religious is my own mother whose Legion of Mary group ran out of luck and never got to picked for the “Meeting with Families” in SM MOA Arena. I told my mom (half-seriously), “of all the times when I was hoping your swift connection to the heavens would be of help to me, only to be disappointed…”

My opportunity came in the form of an invitation to one of my company’s branding partners. We were invited to do a medical mission program for the people who will be waiting for the Pope’s motorcade on his way to the Manila Cathedral. We were to give free blood pressure check, free medical consultation and basic medicines to the faithful. We were not given IDs and instead were provided instructions to set up at the gasoline station a stone’s throw away from the Cathedral and fronting the motorcade route by 7AM.

The assignment was easy enough, but getting to Manila Cathedral was another story: all roads leading to Anda Circle was closed to traffic and we were (kindly) informed by one of the police that we will have to walk distance of about 10 kilometers to our destination. While carrying heavy steel posts, tent awning, tables and chairs for the set-up. Good thing a tip from MMDA informed us to take the road leading to Delpan Bridge, which allowed us to park very near the motorcade route.

2015-01-16 09.13.25

Soon, we were taking BPs and dispensing medicines to the faithful. Fatigue, hunger and the weird weather were already taking effect to the many people lined up the streets leading to Manila Cathedral. Until finally, at around 9AM people started becoming restless, cheering loudly and shrieking like there’s no tomorrow whenever the Pope was shown on the live feed beamed to the large LCD screen stationed near us. When the pope was shown climbing to the white Pope Mobile from Malacanang — everyone started screaming their heads off. The excitement, the kilig, the adrenaline, the pure feeling of being awestruck — same things you expect to see or feel when attending your favorite 1D/KPop/Incubus/Pop artist was thick and heavy in the air. Soon, everyone was rushing and pushing to the front of the street and with just a few maneuvering, I found myself standing right in front of the many policemen assigned to the streets and in full viewing distance of the incoming Pontiff. Getting to the spot was not easy and involved a lot of pushing (from the police who was only doing their job) and a lot of people trying to worm their way to your front, pushing you and pulling constantly. And to think I hated sharing personal space with strangers!

2015-01-16 10.59.00

2015-01-16 10.58.57

The prime location afforded me the chance to see Pope Francis:

2015-01-16 10.59.20

I never was a religious person, but my faith and belief in God became more evident when I saw him. People screaming their heads off, kids being thrust forward or babies being lifted to receive his blessings. During the time he was here–people were cooler, more tolerant of their neighbors and there was discipline in the streets. The roads were filled with people but the garbages weren’t anywhere. People actually looked out for each other.

After the Pope passed by, everyone dispersed to the direction of the church to hear mass. These same crowd will line up again for another motorcade which happened after the mass. The mass itself is a revelation. Imagine throngs of people all standing in attention –a mixture of the rich and the poor; men and women and the LGBT community; those who have more than enough and those with barely enough to get by. I know there’s a lot of things that is wrong with my country (corrupt politicians on top of the list) but our faith has a way of uniting us as one (that, and a Manny Pacquiao boxing match). One of my favorite scenes of that day is a barefooted man with his son, sitting in front while listening to the mass.

2015-01-16 19.57.36

Many people has already written about this — but seeing the Pope in the flesh was like being blessed. His smile endeared him closer to many Filipinos. Throughout his four day stay, he never showed any signs of being tired, in spite the grueling schedule, in spite the maddening weather. I guess he was getting his strength from the huge show of support and love of Filipinos.

We were lucky to have seen another Pope twenty years after we attended the World Youth Day in Manila. While I am at the crossroads of my life right now, I take comfort on my faith. I know of people who literally followed the Pope everywhere (except Tacloban) and got the chance to see him more than three times, but in my own way — this 10 hours is my way of coming to terms with my faith. I may not be the number one cheerleader of the Catholic Church, but I do know that (other than St. John Paul II), there is no other Pope who inspired people with his humility, warmth and openness than Pope Francis.

There is a post-script to this.

Two days after, I was staying at my in-laws’ house which was along the way to the University of Sto. Tomas, site of Pope Francis’ Meeting with the Youth. I stayed indoors when Pope Francis passed by on his way to the university, but decided to step out after I saw people running from all directions just to get a spot on the highway where the pope will again pass by after UST. This time, I am a bit far from the front but a prime spot with an unhindered view allowed me to see the pope for the second time. This time, he was looking in our direction while waving and smiling to the cheering crowds drenched by rain. I was tempted to capture the moment with my phone, but realized that there are moments that is best viewed through my eyes and not through the screen of my phone.

Pope Francis-mania in Manila

Tomorrow, around this time, His Holiness Pope Francis I will already be in Manila in time for his Mercy and Compassion country visit. The Philippines, considered the largest Catholic nation in Asia, has been preparing for this visit since 4th quarter of 2014 — with parish churches often announcing the expected activities during mass and tarpaulins already sprouting from major thoroughfares. With one day to go, you can probably imagine how excited Filipinos are. Early this week, the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has already released major details of the trip, ranging from the Holy Father’s itinerary, the security measures in place, the roads closed and to be affected, alternate routes, admonishments to shameless politicians and businesses cashing in the Pope’s arrival plus a list of Do’s and Don’ts for the millions and millions of Filipinos who will be attending the Holy Mass at the Luneta Church on January 18.

I was in sophomore year in high school when St. John Paul II went to the Philippines to celebrate the 10th World Youth Day, also month of January in 1995. I remembered badgering my mom non-stop so that she’ll pay for my joining fee as one of the chosen delegates of the school.

pope john paul II

That was probably one of the best days of my high school life: we had delegates come over from other provinces in the Philippines and classes in our school was suspended to accommodate their stay in our school. I studied in an exclusive, all-girls Catholic high school and the fact that there were high school boys (from another Catholic school from other provinces) sent the cloistered girls of St. Anne’s into a flurry of excitement and anticipation. We met with other youth delegates, performed traditional dances, went on a gimmick with the out-of-towners in nearby malls and for a time, even maintained our friendship with some of them. For a time, I was able to be pen pals with about three delegates before we finally lost touch just right at the time I was about to start University.

One of my fondest moments was spending the night, camping at the sprawling grounds of the Luneta Park waiting for the morning mass of the Holy Father, who is now one of the saints of the Catholic Church.

One of these scrawny kids is me, I will not tell which one (hahaha!):

high school classmates world youth day

world youth day sleepover

So, you can probably imagine my excitement now that another pope is visiting the Philippines. While I am not an active member of the Church and I eschew anything that involves too much pomp and pageantry, I am a dedicated and devoted Catholic. In my darkest and lowest moment, it is my faith that pulled me out of my misery. I was a big fan of Saint (Pope) John Paul II and was the type of person who remembered where I was (and what I was doing) when he passed away. I feel the same excitement, respect and awe with Pope Francis I. I have read so much about the Pope and found him to be a refreshing change compared to the stuffy, traditional men of cloth usually present in my country.

Anyway, for those who would like to know where to find Pope Francis I, here’s an infographic of his stay in Manila:


As for me, I am representing my company as one of the health volunteers during his Papal Mass at the Manila Cathedral on January 16. With God’s blessings, it will be the second time that I will get to the Head of the Catholic Church in person.