Change is not for wussies

There’s a reason for my protracted absence in the last three months: I was in the midst of a job change and was in the process of adjusting, finding my footing and proving myself. The new position, in a very challenging but very good company, also placed me in a manager position which meant being responsibleContinue reading “Change is not for wussies”

Quo Vadis, KamikazeeGirl?

Along with the coming of the New Year is the opportunity to take stock of the past year, forgive past transgressions, learn from the failures of yesterday and move on with hopeful plans for the next. In my case, I am approaching 2017 a lot less cynical, a lot more mature and grown up. SufficeContinue reading “Quo Vadis, KamikazeeGirl?”

The Birthday Manifesto

Like clockwork, as soon as my birthday week rolls around, I get antsy and I start questioning my existence. Call it the birthday blues or mid-life crisis but it’s always the same each time my birthday draws near.  For this year, I tried to make it different. Instead of whining and complaining, I am nowContinue reading “The Birthday Manifesto”

Wedding Anniversary Staycation at Belmont and Nichols Airport Hotel

Time flies when you’re having fun.  I guess the Hubs and I are having the time of our lives since we failed to notice that our lifelong partnership aka marriage has reached its 7th year mark. Yes folks – I have been married that long. While I don’t look like I was past my collegeContinue reading “Wedding Anniversary Staycation at Belmont and Nichols Airport Hotel”

The dress that wouldn’t fit

  My mother-in-law bought the nicest, cutest dress in London for me to wear on my wedding anniversary. The material was good: the softest lace, nice British collars and the nicest hue of blue. Excitedly, I put it on.  It did not fit.  Mother-in-law and sister-one-law balked and keveched on the dress that wouldn’t fit,Continue reading “The dress that wouldn’t fit”

Be a joy to others 

Let me share you a story about a young lady I met during the launch of the new Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Giving Journal.  It’s always nice to be complemented, especially when someone appreciates your talent. Have you imagined a random stranger showing appreciation for what you can do? Or going out of yourContinue reading “Be a joy to others “

Together…let’s try new things

One of the things I have committed to honor this year is to have more time for Dear Hubby. The past year has been very tough for the both of us due to me being too busy and too preoccupied with my career; and him having to also face a lot of challenges professionally. 2014Continue reading “Together…let’s try new things”

Confessions of a serial dieter

It has come to my attention that all perceived weight and flabs that I have managed to lose due to exercising like a mad woman during the last quarter of 2013 has been slowly creeping up my flab-riddled body. The warning signs were there: clothes that felt a bit too tight around the middle, difficulty inContinue reading “Confessions of a serial dieter”