What is a Cedula — and what is it for?

During the Spanish era, one of the highlights of the Philippine revolution was when Andres Bonifacio and his fellow Katipuneros tore their Cedulas to signal the start of the Filipinos' revolt against Spanish rule. That moment in history is called "The Cry of Pugad Lawin" (also known as "The Cry of Balintawak" where in August … Continue reading What is a Cedula — and what is it for?


It’s not working out anymore, Facebook

How's your relationship with Facebook? Is it still working out? Mine feels like a love affair that is starting to lose its luster, its edges getting frayed. Though I try to deny it, I know the end is inevitable. It's really not working out anymore. I don't know what triggered this aversion to this site. … Continue reading It’s not working out anymore, Facebook

Duty, but not exactly hassle-free.

What can be worse than mile-long traffic and the insipidly annoying "fah-lah-lah-lah-lah" that seemed to follow us everywhere we go these days? It's having to brave the long, frustrating lines while trying to score "tax-free" PX goods on your local duty free. The little sister just arrived from a four-day seminar held in Malaysia and … Continue reading Duty, but not exactly hassle-free.

Maths + Kamikazee Girl = Nosebleed

Earlier, during an important budget deliberation for departmental budget assignment for 2012, The SVP for Finance was explaining in depth details of next year's budget. The SVP was explaining CAPEX, OPEX, budget allotment, computations -- and it all sounded foreign to me. I can literally feel my mouth hanging open. This is how I LITERALLY … Continue reading Maths + Kamikazee Girl = Nosebleed

The search for an (internet) connection: 2 days, and I smell desperation

You will never guess where I am updating this blog. In an INTERNET CAFE, somewhere in urbane Makati...surrounded by kids shouting unprintables as they battle virtual assassins on the world wide web; people making a virtual connection on a very public place and what not. In short, its 1998 once again and I have returned … Continue reading The search for an (internet) connection: 2 days, and I smell desperation