Easy Grocery: Here’s what happened when I let someone else do the grocery shopping for me

Like most people my age, I am terribly busy – with work and with life responsibilities. I dream of attaining work-life balance, a goal which remains as a work in progress for me.

But I am taking steps: I have applied all my existing bills to automatic debit on my bank account, including payments for the house and my two insurance premiums; and are now finding ways to optimize my post-paid usage to the point I can also predict my monthly use. In my mind, there’s nothing wrong with taking the easy option — especially when your hands are always full.

But what about other chores, like feeding the cats, cleaning the house and buying the groceries? These are tasks that looked mundane but can actually eat up a lot of your time. Take buying groceries, for example — while I consider browsing through shelves as a form of therapy, it’s the Manila traffic and the maddening crowd during weekends that usually gets to me.

That’s why I immediately said yes when I was invited to try out a new revolutionary start-up app called Easy Grocery:


The premise behind Easy Grocery is simple: the EasyGrocery app allows you to have  someone do the grocery shopping for you. The goodies will be delivered to your home (at a time of your choosing and convenience), and paid through either through credit card, debit card or cash on delivery. It’s that simple.

While there are other grocery shopping app out there, the difference with EasyGrocery is that you will be in contact with their “runner” the whole time. The goodies you will pay for will be according to your liking — and there will be no errant or missing goodies in your shopping bag upon delivery.


Eugene Leoncio, president and developer of Easy Grocery explained that the concept of Easy Grocery is heavily based on the Filipino trait of “pakisuyo” where you will ask someone to do a light chore for you. Easy Grocery employs runners and motorcycled-delivery drivers who will scour groceries for your needs and deftly deliver your items within a 60-minute guaranteed time. As the app is currently in its infancy, it is currently available for Makati and BGC addresses (with access to groceries located in these areas).


So how’s my Easy Grocery shopping you ask? 

My Easy Grocery shopping experience started when I downloaded their app (available in iOS and Android). The opening screen will ask you the input your location (Makati for me), which will then show the grocery stores available for your specific location. In my case, I chose Rustan’s Glorietta 4 (where I actually do my groceries IRL).

From there, you will see the items available for the particular store, classified according to their SKUs – like Babies, Canned Goods, Dairies/Frozen Food, etc.

The photo below shows the summary of the things I ordered, including the order number which was the numbers at the top-center of the screen, and the status and price of the items and the total amount of my groceries:


The diapers and milk is for my niece, Penny while the rest is for our weekly food stash.

As a shopper, you will be able to see if your items are In Process, In Basket, For Pick-up or In-Transit. In process means that the runner is still looking for your items, in basket means they already found the item and are now in your grocery cart; while For Pick-up means that the items have been bagged and paid for and now are waiting for the delivery guy or rider to arrive. Finally, in transit means the grocery items are now on their way to your specified delivery address.

For cases where your specified item is out of stock, Easy Grocery’s runner will call you or message you (similar to Grab or Uber) to let you know, and will give you options for a replacement.

As soon as the items are marked “In Transit,” you can track the rider and see if he is already near your location:


Because the app is still new — it can’t be helped that there are still areas for improvement. In my case, the app still showed “In Process” on top, but the status of my groceries are already “In Transit.” For cases like these, the rider will contact you and make sure you are informed on the status of your groceries. Similar to ride-sharing apps, you can give stars to the riders to rate their performance.

Here’s how the Easy Grocery rider looks like:


The rider is outfitted with the Easy Grocery shirt and carries a huge (and heavy) customized bag which is heavily padded to protect your grocery items.

The bags are also insulated to protect frozen foods, and as you can see, there are divisions inside to make sure that all items will fit nicely and snugly. The rider will then arrange your items, double check content and then place them to the Easy Grocery bag ecobag before handing them over to you.


For all that convenience, Easy Grocery only charges PHP100 for the “runner” and PHP100 for the “rider;” a total of PHP200, which is small change really compared to the hassle of getting a cab or a Grab/Uber, falling in line, getting hungry and eating out (another expense on top of your grocery budget) and most especially, finding the time out of your busy schedule. The PHP200 fee will be included in your total bill, so there are no surprises or hidden charges at all.


So, what’s the verdict? 

I like Easy Grocery for the convenience it affords people. Imagine if you just need to buy cat food or kitty litter, or just missing a few ingredients for your dinner party. Instead of taking precious time away from you, you can easily have these items bought for you just by using Easy Grocery.

The app’s commitment to customer service and delivering a good experience for its user is also commendable. I love how its runners and riders can communicate with the shopper, thus lessening the ease of not having control to the shopping experience.

BUT, of course — it still has areas for improvement:

  • Increase reach to other localities and more groceries – more areas and shops covered, which will bring the experience to other people living outside the pilot areas of Makati and BGC
  • More items on the shelves please! I was looking forward to buying rice, coffee, sugar, fruit juice, cat food and kitty litter. These six actually constitute my life’s basic necessities.
  • Fix bugs on the system to ensure customer convenience and peace of mind

The developers has assured us that they are now working double time to address these concerns. To their credit, I saw how they were  personally handling queries from us who were encountering problems during the ordering process.

During our conversation, Leoncio also expressed his hopes to expand the app’s capability and graciously listened and welcomed suggestions from our end. After all, Easy Grocery is a labor of love by Leoncio, who first thought of the app for his wife who was also busy juggling work and household chores.


Will I try it again?

Definitely, and in a heartbeat! I am looking forward to using Easy Grocery as soon as the busy Christmas season rears its ugly head. I look forward to enjoying preparing our Christmas and New Year dinner without having to go through a harrowing experience at the grocers, where everyone seemed out for blood just to have the last piece of queso de bola and jamon serrano.

I love how, in spite being heavily-centric on technology, the app still takes great care to please and communicate with its customers.

I think Easy Grocery is on the right track, and given the right push and improvements, it’s set to revolutionize our grocery shopping experience.


Tried and tested: MyKronoz ZeFit 2 Pulse proves to be the perfect fitness companion when traveling 

Lately I’ve been obsessed with walking. I tried walking everywhere – I try to cover as much as 3 kilometers as much as I can when I walk early in the morning; when malling and even when I run errands. 

So when I finally managed to finalize my plans on the recently-concluded trip to Japan, I resolved to walk as much as I can going to places. One, it will save me my much valued yen, plus I get to see a lot of attractions that are often times not visible when you are always on the bus or the subway. 

That’s why it was a very nice surprise when Mark Embino, the affable and friendly marketing head of X-Mini and MyKronoz under Bridgecom Distribution offered me the MyKronoz ZeFit 2 Pulse to try out while in Japan. 

My perfect travel companions: journal, travel guide and my ZeFit Pulse 2

Of course, I was beyond excited. Recently fitness watches has become my thing – maybe it’s because of my constant walking that I needed to know continuously how much I’ve walked, my heart rate and the calories I managed to burn. Somehow, my only kick in life is to know that walking ALL THAT MUCH actually accounted for something. 

 Sleek yet packs a punch 

The ZeFit 2 Pulse came in a very compact packaging containing the smart watch in cobalt blue, instruction booklet and the charger which is composed of the charging cable and a magnetized head that easily latches on the back of the fitness watch. 

This is a great feature since the smart watch charges immediately as soon as a connected charger is latched on its back. A word of caution though for those, the magnetized charging head is small so make sure not to lose it or you risk spending a lot of time looking for a minuscule charger head (cos I did!) 

Let’s talk about the look and feel of the watch first. It’s very sleek and thin design doesn’t look too intrusive or too techie. The easily-adjustable snap-type band closes and open easily. The watch face has enoug space to display the time and heartbeats, while swiping left or right will display the number of steps, calories burned and hours of sleep. 

6:40PM – Manila Time | Needed to adjust it an hour ahead upon reaching Japan

ZeFit 2 Pulse pairs easily to my iPhone simply by downloading the ZeFit app and syncing it to the device. A word of caution tho, you need to update continuously whenever you fail to wear it. The app is available on iOS and on Google Play.

Oasis 21, Sakae, Nagoya

I love how the design fits the clothes I packed for the trip. Since it’s just a simple watch band, it doesn’t look too obtrusive but can easily catch the eye with its bright blue color. 

Works like magic 

In the seven days that I’ve been on vacation (3 days in Nagoya, 4 in Osaka) – the ZeFit 2 Pulse became a trusted travel companion. As predicted, the hubby and I ended up walking A LOT especially in Nagoya where the side streets are not filled with people. In the course of the day, I managed to discover two shrines and even cool hole-in-the-walls just by walking. I also managed to reach more than 18,000 steps or almost twice the average recommended daily steps. Somehow, I managed to burn all the indulging I did with all that sumptuous food! 

Another cool thing with the ZeFit 2 Pulse is that it has staying power. I managed to charge it at least only twice on the course of the trip. Unlike my phone who acts up when it gets too cold, the freezing temperature did not do anything with the watch. Even when the weather reached up to 3 degrees, the ZeFit still managed to blaze through the cold. 

So if you’re on the look out for a great Starter smart watch, you might wanna consider this beauty. It’s has all the basics you need in one cool package.

Press Release: Here’s a Last Minute Gift Idea – #GoSwift this yuletide season with Acer Swift 7 and New Balance

Holiday season is the perfect time to find new and exciting ways to celebrate and have fun. Millennials, known for their fast-paced lifestyle, eagerness to reach their dreams, appetite to develop deep connections with others, and fondness for documenting awesome memories, will surely look forward to the holidays. Christmas bazaars, family reunions, and barkada parties are just some events they can enjoy! An Acer Swift laptop and a pair of New Balance shoes can surely help make Christmas and New Year a wonderful experience!

The top of the line Acer Swift 7 has a 9.98mm ultra-thin form factor and 1.125 kg with a 4-cell battery pack that can have a battery life of 9 hours and a 256GB SSD, the new Acer Aspire S7 is one laptop that is worthy to be on your wish list. 

With an all-metal chassis, the thinnest laptop in the world is supported with a dual-channel 8GB of on board LPDDR3 SDRAM that has the ability to transfer data twice as much faster than the previous models and consumes very low power and produces less heat. 

The 7th generation Intel® Core™ i5-7Y54 processor is the main chipset of the Acer Aspire S7 with an Intel® HD Graphics 615 on a 13.3″ display with IPS technology, Full HD 1920 x 1080, high-brightness Acer CineCrystal™ LED-backlit TFT LCD that can give flawless graphics and provide better resolution for screen viewing. 

An HD webcam with 1280 x 720 resolution, 720p HD audio/video recording and High dynamic range imaging (HDR) is built in to make video conferencing for professionals easier, faster and more reliable for business. Most importantly, ultra-fast wireless technology is featured. An 802.11ac wireless LAN with a 2×2 MU-MIMO technology can provide seamless connection on the web and with a Bluetooth® 4.0, wireless connectivity to accessories will be hassle-free. The USB Type-C port, supports DisplayPort™ over USB-C™ and DC-in is a revolution for a unified electric connectivity and USB technology. 

The Acer Aspire S7 is backed up with the latest Microsoft operating system, the Windows 10 Home in a 64-bit based processor to enjoy the advantages of 64-bit processing and the ultimate performance of 4 GB or higher memory. 

Enjoy more of the holiday season with your new Swift 7 and a pair of New Balance shoes via the #Go Swift Holiday promo which will run until Dec 31, 2016. Buy a qualified Acer product—such as the trendy Acer Swift 3, Swift 5, and Swift 7 at Acer participating stores nationwide and get a New Balance Gift Card worth P5,000 absolutely FREE. To claim the New Balance Gift Card, just fill out the promo claim form and get the official receipt of your purchase from the store. Submit these requirements together with cut-out of box serial number and two valid IDs.

For more about the latest Acer Swift units and other Acer Philippines’ products, go to http://www.acer.com.ph, follow Acer via Twitter (twitter.com/acerphils) or http://www.Facebook.com/AcerPH. 

Brother ScanNCut CM700 leads crafters to a new world of creative possibilities

Filipino crafters and creative entrepreneurs have a reason to celebrate as  Brother launches its ScanNCut CM70, the world’s first home and hobby cutting machine with built-in scanner and Wi-Fi capability. 

As a crafting enthusiast, I am excited on the numerous possibilities that having the new  CM700 presents – imagine lessening the often part of cutting, designing and seamlessly getting the perfect cut design or pattern. 

Now working on your next big arts and crafts project can be fun, convenient, and wireless with the new Brother ScanNCut CM700. Designed for different types of artists and crafters—from newbies and amateurs to serious professionals and modern entrepreneurs—this machine can scan, cut, and even draw an endless range of patterns and designs with ease and precision like never before.

“At Brother, we believe in using innovation to complement the lives and passions of our customers,” said Glenn Hocson, Brother Philippines President. “The Brother ScanNCut CM700 is just one of the latest innovations we are bringing in for Filipino artists, crafters, hobbyists, and entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life.”


Create on different devices with the new wireless feature

Always at the forefront of technology and innovation, Brother is constantly designing and developing features that enhance daily life and activities for its users. With the CM700, users can now create patterns and designs on their smartphones and tablet computers anytime and anywhere, then instantly send them over to the cutting machine through a wireless network. 

“By giving the CM700 Wi-Fi capability, Brother is truly changing the way users think about cutting machines forever,” added Hocson. “Users can enjoy hundreds of built-in designs that can eliminate the need for design cartridges or PC connections, and now they can use their own unique designs created on mobile devices for their projects whenever, wherever.”


Four-step creative process

With the Brother ScanNCut CM700, the next big creation is completed in four simple steps: See, Scan, Cut, and Create.

Users can take magazine clippings, online images, favorite photos, and even their own drawings and sketches, scan them on the built-in 300dpi scanner, and immediately cut the design on a wide range of materials, from paper and cardstock to fabric and vinyl. A simple press of a button is all it takes to cut out designs perfectly!

The Brother ScanNCut CM700 comes with various accessories and the ScanNCutCanvas web app to get users started on creative projects right out of the box.


Eye-catching projects and creations

The Brother CM700’s impressive features take the tedious tasks out of the equation, allowing users to focus on translating their big ideas on paper, cardstock, vinyl, and even fabric. 

“The CM700 is ideal for creative entrepreneurs who want to streamline business production,” added Hocson. “This machine delivers consistent results every time, which makes projects and products look more polished and professional.

Creating customized greeting cards, decorative stickers and decals, plush toys, fashion accessories, and more can be fast, easy, and fun—as well as allow entrepreneurs to maximize their time and resources, and keep products uniform in shape and size. All these can help with profit margins and management of customer expectations.

The designs above are for the tote I have created with the help of the ScanNCut. After the transfers have been printed, we ironed it on the ecobag given to us. I am happy to note that even if the bag has been dragged to the beach and even flea market shopping, the designed transfers stayed on.
Get started on exploring endless creative possibilities with the Brother ScanNCut CM700! For more information on this product and the latest innovations from Brother Philippines, visit brother.com.ph or call (02) 581-9888.

(Updated) Alcatel Brings Stylish, Fun Smart Devices to Pinoy Millennials – Now made more affordable with ongoing promo

UPDATE: September 4 

Alcatel has made these gadgets more affordable with the release of their recent promos. Enjoy your Alcatel gadgets at more tempting prices until September 18! 

Find your preferred smart device at a price range from P2,999 to P6,999

Gone are the days when owning a phone meant having a device solely intended for call and text. The smartphone has become a venue to share, express and connect. These portable devices have given users access to unlimited possibilities and staying in touch with the rest of the world.
For Alcatel, a mobile device brand of TCL Communication, style, function, and quality are brought together in all its products. Dubbed as one of the smartphones brand to watch out for, Alcatel places high value in producing quality products that enhance the user experience. It has a wide range of products available in the market; each with distinctive specifications that are tailor fit to user needs. 
Reliable at a reasonable price: Alcatel PIXI

Alcatel PIXI line is a great fit for first-time mobile users and those that want affordable phones that provide quality performance. The Alcatel PIXI line comes in four models: PIXI FIRST; PIXI 4 (5); PIXI 4 (6) and; PIXI 4 (7) tablet.

For those on the lookout for a basic entry-level smart phone for their kids, the PIXI FIRST is a smart choice. Currently on sale for only 2,999, the PIXI FIRST is both stylish and also packs a punch due to its strong Quad Core with 3G Connectivity.

The PIXI 4 (5) is perfect for cash-strapped teenagers looking for an affordable but reliable entry-level smart phone, with enhanced camera, battery and audio experience. The PIXI 4 (5) is currently available in the market for only P3,999.

The PIXI 4 (6) is a great purchase for teenagers and those looking for an entry-level smartphone that is light on the pocket but heavy on features, it comes with a 13+8 Mpxl camera and an 8GB memory in a slim and stylish hardware. Currently retails for PHP5,499.

The PIXI 4 (7) tablet is the choice for those who want the big screen experience at a very reasonable price range. This handy gadget is powered by a Quad Core processor for faster response, and encased in a slim and stylish design. Currently retails for P3,899.
Fun and ready for self-expression: Alcatel POP

The POP range of smart phones offer better customization, allowing millenials to express themselves more fully by tweaking the function and design of their smartphone.
Alcatel indulges the music lover with the Alcatel POP 3 (5.5): a slim smartphone done in stylish leather black; large 5.5-inch HD IPS display; full connectivity with 3G+ and smooth browsing with Quad Core CPU. The unit currently retails for only P5,799.
 Gadgets that suit the active lifestyle : Alcatel GO PLAY and Alcatel GO WATCH

Creatively designed and made dust-proof and shock-resistant for the serious gamer, this smartphone packs a lot of punch in spite being a bit small in size. Colorful, trendy and fashionable, Alcatel GO PLAY is the kind of phone that gets a lot of usage and delivers. Powered with long-lasting 2500mAh battery and 8GB ROM + 1GB RAM in internal memory, this smartphone can withstand long marathon sessions. You can play your favorite mobile games displayed in full HD on a 5-inch screen, with 1280×720 pixels on this LTE device. Alcatel GO PLAY is currently priced at P6,999. 

these watches are for kids but their stylish design calls out to the stylish millenials

Alcatel GO WATCH does more than tell time, it is equipped with its own accelerometer, altimeter, pedometer, heart rate monitor and can even track calories burned and quality of sleep. The GO WATCH complements an active lifestyle and comes with a fun, vibrant look and a full color touch screen. Water and shock-resistant and dust proof, the Alcatel GO WATCH is a durable wrist accessory that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It’s best paired with the Alcatel GO PLAY for a maximum outdoor experience. The Alcatel GO Watch currently retails at P3,799. 
I have an Alcatel Go WATCH and I love it to pieces. I will be writing a more thorough review one of these days. Suffice to say, it’s been receiving heavy usage since the day I got it and remains efficient and stylish no matter what I wear. Now, if I can only find a replacement strap for it…

Head to your favorite local retail store to find the Alcatel product that suits your lifestyle. You may also check out the latest operator plans as offered by Smart, or Sun. Alcatel phones are paired with portable mobile devices including pocket WiFis, portable chargers and matched with set data plans. For more information, go to the Alcatel Philippines Facebook page (www.facebook.com/alcatelmobilephilippines) or inquire at your nearest service provider.

Wish I May: Shopback, Put these babies under my Christmas tree!

There is something magical about receiving something you’ve always wished or dreamed about. In the great scheme of things, it can be that dream job, or a complete family, your dream car parked in the garage of your dream house, and yes — even world peace. It can also be the simple things, one that is easily attainable – like a new camera, laptop or even the coolest pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing for some time now.

For the simple things in life you can easily achieve, there’s always Shopback to make it easier — and yes, even more profitable for you.

What is Shopback? 


Shopback is the best online destination when you want discounts and cash-back rewards for all your online spending. With its long list of merchants and online shopping sites as partners, Shopback ensures that there’s always a “cash back” reward for each of your every need: whether electronics, toys, gadgets, mobiles, fashion and other lifestyle products. It’s also very easy to use (please refer below).

Wish I May, Wish I Might 

The things I wanted as my early Christmas gift follows a certain theme. Friends know that I’ve always been in love with traveling. I make it a point to save money and scout for cheap deals just to be able to get out of the country at least, even once a year. This year, my dad finally retired from work and as his birthday gift to my mom has treated us to airline tickets to Singapore, one of our favorite cities in the world. From Singapore, we plan to make a back packing trip going to Malaysia. It’s a unique bonding experience for the family, it’s also an opportunity for us to revisit our favorite places in Singapore, while discovering Malaysia at the same time.

Hence, my wishes are mostly related to this trip. I’ve been saving for some of these items, but it’ll be really cool if I can use the money I managed to save on the trip instead.

  1. A Nikon CoolPix S33 Camera (available in Lazada)


Having your own camera goes a long way if you are a blogger and a constant traveler at the same time. These past year, I’ve been very dependent on my iPhone for everything: make the usual texts and calls, surfing the net, taking pictures during event and for times when I can’t be bothered to bring a laptop, even updating my blog. I am so in love  with my iPhone but we all know it takes crappy photos. With the Nikon CoolPix S33, I can take as much photo as I want, upload it quickly, yet be comfortable enough because it is handy and portable compared to a DSLR camera. And when I am traveling, I can easily take photos with just one hand and quickly stash it in my bag or laptop as needed. Plus, I also love that the camera comes in bright colors, it’s just so me.


2. Superdry Rookie Scoutpack Backpack (Available at Zalora)


You wouldn’t think I would wish only for myself, right? This one’s for my ever supportive hubby whose love for backpacks are legendary. Superdry’s Rookie Scoutpack Backpack is fashionable and stylish without compromising on the space. Its many pockets also helps a lot in traveling since you can easily keep stuff without opening the whole pack. This is the perfect bag for quick trips and budget travels.


3. Onitsuka Tiger Colorado Eighty-Five Sneakers (available at Zalora)


It is pretty known that my taste in footwear and accessories entirely contradicts my age: in short, they are usually colorful, trendy, unique and appropriate only to those who were born about a good five to ten years after me. If you ask me, age is just a number. Life is too short to say no to amazing things.Like this Onitsuka Tiger Colorado Eighty-Five Sneakers. This is my dream shoe. As in, I do not hesitate to always window shop and pine after the very nice Onitsuka Tiger babies displayed on their shop at Greenbelt 5. The nice play on colors and the retro throwback on the usual running shoe silhouette of the 80s is just too good to pass. And yes, need I say more that an eye-catching footwear like this will prove to be the perfect compliment to a well-timed #OOTD atop the Marina Bay Sands’ viewing deck?


4. Skin Inc. Custom Blended Hydrate ‘Em (Set of 4) – available at Sephora PH


Traveling can wreck havoc on your skin – it must be the dry, uncycled air present in airplanes, the stress of a changed environment and the pressure of being constantly on the move. However, Skin Inc.Hydrate ‘Em custom pack of 4 will ensure that my skin remains soft and smooth, even no matter how stressful the trip may be. I’ve also long subscribed to the belief that the earlier we take care of our skin, the less it will give us problems when we grow old. This set comes in handy travel-sized bottles making it sure that passing through airport security is always a breeze.

5. Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack (Available at Asos)


Herschel is the type of bag that is both functional and stylish at the same time.At 23L, I have enough room to stash clothes good for a weekend trip,plus some of my travel must-haves like my trusty journal, my Instax and some films. It is also lightweight and portable enough to carry from one place to another since we will just be taking the bus from Singapore to Malaysia where we will catch our return flight back to the Philippines.


I love that by using Cashback, I am given immediate access to a host of online shops in just one platform — plus earn back a part of the money I spent. Looking through the products available, from one shop to another, it is amazing how a single platform can bring all these selections together.

As mentioned using Cashback is easy. First,  make sure that you sign up for a Shopback account, using either your email address or Facebook account. After signing up, you can now start shopping in any of their partner merchants. Below is a simple illustration on jow to start earning back the cash as soon as you start shopping:

2016-08-18 08.28.37

2016-08-18 08.30.18

2016-08-18 08.35.58


Credit: All images used in this post is courtesy of Shopback and all its partner stores. 


Disclosure: This post is my entry to Shopback’s WinA Wish Blogging Contest. But yes, all items mentioned above are currently taking a long-term residency on my Christmas wish list. Hopefully, the Universe smiles at me and lets me win 🙂 


Review: Music comes to life with JBL Charge 3

Like any kid who grew up in the 90s, I have a soundtrack for every moment of my life: as a teen attempting to run away from home after arguing with mom – “1979” by Smashing Pumpkins; seeing my name on print for the first time – “We are the Champions” by Queen; meeting the love of my life – “Stellar” by Incubus; trying to survive the daily grind at my 8 to 5 – “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People. 

In my head, the music is crisp, the lyrics very clear. And in every stage of my life, it’s the music in my head that always manage to get me out of sucky situations. Like a typical Gen-Xer, to me life is one big music video and we all have our respective soundtracks. But what if in real life, the music doesn’t translate as well as you’ve hope because you’re making do with a sub-par speaker? 

This is not a problem for JBL Charge 3, a portable, high-powered Bluetooth speaker that produces high quality stereo sound. I was lucky enough to be given an opportunity by Beyond Innovations to have a feel of this new device and to say I am excited is an understatement. 

Let’s talk about the hardware first. The Charge 3 is beautiful and understated. My unit came in matte gray and I love how it catches the attention without being too flashy. It’s just the right size and can be easily carried from my home to the office when needed. Because I wanted to check the Charge 3’s portability, I decided to bring it to the office. I wanted to see if it will be too tedious carrying the unit from place to place. At first, I tried bringing the whole box but quickly realized it’s a bit of a hassle, I decided to just bring my Charge 3 wrapped in a protective covering, with the charger safely stashed in my bag. 

Right from the time I took it out the box and paired it with my iPhone – my office mates were in love. What makes the JBL Charge 3 a good buy? Let me count the ways: 

  1. Eye Candy – As mentioned above, it looks good without being too flashy. 
  2. Portability – it’s shape allows it to be placed in one corner of the bag without getting squeezed or mushed through out the day 
  3. Sound Quality – the first thing you’ll notice as soon as the song starts to stream trough the Charge 3 is the distinct base sound. It’s loud without being hollow. Charge 3 delivers the bass with enough power even at low sound settings. It’s the perfect partner for weekend parties or outdoors activities. 
  4. Usability – it’s not hard to set up your Charge 3. You can easily pair it to your phone using its Bluetooth function. 
  5. Long battery life – I managed to use my JBL Charge 3 for three days without needing to recharge. It has long battery life and can even function as a power bank. 

Wait? Did I mention it’s waterproof? Yes, the Charge 3 is fully waterproof so you can use it even for pool parties and even to the beach. It’s the kind of gadget that you can bring everywhere without being too high maintenance. 

sourced from the JBL website

So, would I recommend that you get a Charge 3? If you love music as much as I do – then I would recommend that you invest in a Charge 3. It’s the kind of device that would look good on your bedside table or even in your living room, and will deliver the goods as expected. For a waterproof device that has superior sound quality and bearing the trusted JBL name, this is the kind of inveysment that you won’t regret. 

Right now, I am so in love with the Charge 3 that it’s getting heavy usage here at home. I am tempted to bring it again to the office but since it doesn’t have its own carrying case, I really don’t want to risk it considering the weather. Besides, I wouldn’t want management to think that our department has gone bonkers – with the sound quality it produces, I wouldn’t be surprised if the heavy rotation of Kpop and Incubus reaches the HR floor. 

Know more about JBL Charge 3, head to the Beyond Innovations Facebook page

alcatel’s three new products shakes up the Philippine mobile market 

alcatel is ready to up the ante within the local mobile industry with the introduction of three new mobile devices: IDOL 4S+VR as their latest in smart phones; MOVE TIME TRACK AND TALK Watch for wearables and their latest tablet PLUS 10 with 4G LTE keyboard. 

Asserting its presence in the local mobile industry, the launch of its latest range of products is alcatel’s way of showcasing its use of the most dynamics and aggressive mobile technology while being committed in giving Filipino consumers premium level of consumer experience that is distinctly alcatel. 

“alcatel has been known globally to redefine the mobile mass market with its latest technologies that has been designed to be accessible by everyone,” says Liza Woods, alcatel Regional Director for Asia Pacific and Country Manager for the Philippines. Woods further highlighted the brand’s commitment to its customers: “We continuously seek to deliver customized user experiences with innovative, feature-rich, high performance mobile devices that allows consumers to do more, create more and enjoy more moments of joy everyday.” 

True enough, the introduction of the IDOL 4S + VR, the flagship product for this latest launch, led the the roomful of journalis and writers exlaim in amazement. 

Made with the millennials distinctly into mind, the IDOL 4S guarantees that every young, hip twenty something will never get bored again – thanks to the development of the Boom Key. 

Akin to Tony Stark’s J.A.R.V.I.S. – the Boom Key gets the job done – quickly, efficiently and in a very fun way. It allows its user to take photos and videos, listen to music, play games and other user interface. As Woods puts it, “It boom-ifies everything, from the sound to photos to gaming. Something we’re really excited about as well is that we’ve augmented our flagship’a multimedia experience: the large screen with great views from all angles, powerhouse audio and a top-of-the-line camera with dual flash. 

Because generation now is all about the visuals, the pion comes with a 16-megapixel rear-facing camera and 8-megapixel front camer. It also has a 2k AMOLED screen display and a quick charge battery that can last all day. The innovative packaging design transforms into a pair of virtual reality goggles that create virtual reality experience anytime and anywhere. 

alcatel’s second product answers to parents who now deals with a digitally-connected child. The MOVE TIME AND TRACK watch for children is designed for kids ages 5 to 9 years old and allows parents to call or send them voice messages. 

Designed to be stylish and smart, MOVE TIME uses a blend of GPS, GSM and WI-FI to locate a kid’s location within 60 seconds using the most accurate information, both indoors and outdoors–thanks to a dedicated cloud service.  It is compatible with IOS7 and Android 4.3 and above. 

Mr. Vittorio Di Mauro, general manager of Smart Connectivity at alcatel , shows the new Plus 10

Rounding off the three new mobile products is alcatel’s first 2-in-1 device, the Plus 10 with 4G LTE Keyboard, equipped with Windows 10. 

The Plus 10 tablet can be used in laptop mode to type documents or create spreadsheets and in dock mode to display presentation and slides. It can also be connected to a hard drive, mouse, USB key and a secondary screen. It is compact and 40 percent than the average laptop. 

The tablet and 4G LTE keyboard combined have a total of 8,410mAh which lasts a full 8-hour working day. The keyboard also serves as a WIFI hotspot which can accommodate up to 15 users. The PLUS 10 has a front and rear-facing camera, with front flash that makes it ideal for video calls. 

alcatel executives during the recent media launch of the new mobile devices: Mr. Alain Lejeune, senior VP & GM of Worldwide Mobile Phone Division; Mr. Laurent Labbe, VP & GM of Global Quality & Global Customer Care; Ms. Liza Woods, regional director for Asia Pacific & Country Manager for the Philippines and Mr. Vittorio Di Mauro, VP & GM of Smart Connectivity Business Division

alcatel, currently the world’s fifth largest mobile device manufacturer, is confident that its latest line of products will resonate with millennials and the Generation Z with its simple, personal, authentic and fun approach. 

alcatel’s latest line of mobile devices will be available in June 2016

Say Hello to Elephone: the elegant, powerful, affordable smartphone now in Manila via Lazada 

Mobile phones used to be just phones – something to use to make and take calls. And then text messaging happened; in phone camera, and then the wonderful world of apps. 

Suddenly,  phones weren’t just mobile phones. They had to be smartphones: tiny, mean machines fitting the palm of your hand and with the power to arrange schedules, take breath taking photos, stream films and video, connect to the World Wide Web and yes, take calls and send SMS. 

There are many smartphones out in the market today: a mix of stylish, efficient ones with high price tags or the occasional cheap phone, with swanky design but wonky and inferior internals. 

Elephone, one of the emerging smartphone brands from Hong Kong, melds a beautiful balance of form and function. What’s even better, this well-reviewed smartphone brand is now in Manila via Lazada Philippines


HK Elephone Communication Tech Co. Limited CEO Jingui Ji is welcomed by Inanc Balci, Lazada Philippines Co-Founder and CEO


Premium-feel budget smart phone 

Innovative and user-friendly, superior in quality and performance, elegant in design and great value for money – these best describes an Elephone smart phone. Following years of development and innovation, Elephone has gained a very strong following and great reviews in Europe and Southeast Asia. 

Filipinos can now get their hands on an Elephone after the brand entered into a partnership with the Philippines’ number one online marketplace, Lazada Philippines. Lazada will serve as the exclusive distributor of Elephone in the country. 


For its initial foray in the Philippines, Elephone has made available three phone models that best fit any Filipino phone user: 

  • For the sophisticated user there the P9000 – boasting exquisite craftsmanship and superior performance at an affordable price. The P9000 retails for only PHP11,499 and features 1.6mm narrow bezel vision, a 5.5inch display screen with 1920 X 1080 resolution and wireless charging capability. 


P9000 wireles charger


the P9000


  • For those who want to balance form and function with a lower price tag – the P8000 has a 5.5  full HD screen and with fingerprint scanner. The P8000 contains a 3GB RAM, 16gb ROM and runs on Androir 5.1OS. 



  • For the minimalist with the discerning taste, Elephone has the S1 – designed for minimalists with an eye for perfection, the S1 boasts of double-sided glass and metal framing, a 5.0 HD Screen display and a 720o HD display. 


Elephone smartphones will start to go on sale on April 18, 12NN. Be one of the first to get their hands on the unit – head on to www.lazada.com.ph

To know more about Elephones and their products, go to www.elephone.hk. 

Be Cool Without the Bruises (or how to safely use your iRover)


For the younger set, nothing can be cooler than dancing one of the latest hits while you float in your iRover — CD-R King’s take on the hottest gadget of the new year. However, as much as you would like to channel your inner Justin Bieber or Jabawockeez, it’s important to note that the iRover is not a toy. Improper usage will lead to injuries or  accidents at home.

To guide the stylish set in using the iRover, CD-R King, the one stop shop in all of your gadget requirements, offers the following safety tips:

  • Age Matters – As per DTI’s consumer’s safety requirement, it should be clear to hoverboard enthusiasts that the gadget is intended for age 14 and above. Protective gear and proper care should be observed at all times when using anything that has two wheels, this includes helmet and wrist guards, elbow and knee pads that should be worn at all times.


  • Safety at all times – First time users should exercise caution at all times – this means the user should be in front of a sturdy handle to achieve balance in riding the iRover. Test your balance by slowly leaning back to move backwards.Gently lean forward to thrust in a slow mode forward. For novice users, always start working on a slow and steady pace until conquering the iRover. In maneuvering towards left, slightly put weight on the right portion of iRover, while in turning right the left portion should bear more weight.

irover edited photo 1

  • Battery Recharging is 6 hours and should be done with extreme caution.
  • Be chill at all times – We know, we know — having your own iRover is cool but kids should always consider safety when using an iRover. As much as possible, an adult should be present at all times to supervise kids. It is also advisable that iRover should ideally be for indoor use only.

The iRover comes in a complete set, including an instruction manual on proper usage.

For more information, visit www.cdrking.com to find out more.