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CDC Citadines Millenium Ortigas: When finding a Condo unit is both for home and investment 

When I was younger, I thought finding a home would be as easy as 1-2-3: you look at the ads, you do ocular and if you have the money, you go right in and discuss payment terms. 

It’s not when I started to seriously consider investing on a place of my own that I have come to realize that home ownership is not as easy it it sounds. More than getting the money and the finances to sustain your investment, what’s important is for the future home owner to have a clear view on what you want it for? Is it a starter home? An investment piece intended to augment the cash flow? Will it be a family home, where you will be staying for a long time? 

Once you have that out of the way, you need to think about the amenities that the condo offers and how it complements your lifestyle. If you’re the type who loves physical activities like sweating at the gym or swimming – you wouldn’t want to live in a place with no swimming pool or a basic gym right? 

The latest project for of CDC Holdings Inc, together with The Ascott Limited, aims to provide an intelligent and practical choice for future homeowners and business minded individuals intending to expand their real estate portfolio. This latest property rising in the heart of Ortigas offers two varying aspects of city living: as a world-class serviced residence called Citadines Millennium Ortigas Manila under Ascott’s Citadines’ portfolio and as the latest addition to CDC’s affordable but classy condos under the CDC Millennium Ortigas name. 

The secret is by delegating floors 4-24 as serviced residence floors while levels 25 to 30 are for private residence units. Both functions will have a separate entrance and amenities ensuring privacy and security for residences and guests alike. 

As Citadines Millennium Ortigas Manila, the property hopes to attract long-term guests and tenants working for the expatriate community as well as families who love staycations. 

Another thing that sets this property apart is it’s environment friendly design and aesthetics. We had a front row seat as CDC and Ascott unveiled this latest property during the formal turn over of the Citadines Millennium Ortigas Manila. Comfy, chic chairs and lounge sets decorated the lobby which carried the green and gray interiors as manifested by the carpet which extended up to the hallways. 

I, for one, loved the brilliant mix of minimalism and chic styles plus the touch of Filipino influences scattered all throughout the property. 

If you are thinking of extending your real estate portfolio, the Citadines is definitely a good choice. 

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“Now is the time to invest,” says Sun Life Asset Management as sales expand by 50% in 2016

Financial literacy is a topic that is very dear to my heart. As someone who didn’t know anything about savings and investing, I struggled early in life financially – not because I was wanting but because I was irresponsible.

When I was younger, I was one of the “one day millionaire” kids who go through hard-earned salary in a matter of days, spending it on shopping, food and my many juvenile hobbies that I always end up in the red days before the next payday.


I spent my twenties subsisting paycheck-to-paycheck, not because I do not have enough in life, but because I was too irresponsible to fix my own finances. The sad thing is I am not alone. A recent study by Standard & Poor’s (S&P) showed that only 25% of Filipinos understand financial literacy.

“While the array of financial products available in Asia continues to grow rapidly, S&P’s FinLit Survey suggests that most consumers lack a general understanding of credit, compound interest and other key concepts,” the ratings firm noted. (SOURCE)

In a recent media briefing, leading Financial organization Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. shared the good news that the Philippine economy continues to grow strong. In a media statement, Sun Life Chief Investments Officer Michael Enriquez explained that with the increased consumer and government spending, the outlook remains fundamentally positive:“Remittances from overseas Filipino workers, the BPO industry, and the large number of Filipinos who are of working age are among the factors boosting our economy from the consumer’s end. On the other hand, the rise in government spending is bringing about more jobs and has also increased the demand for construction materials.”

Enriquez advised investors to stay the course, and even boost their investments. “With stock prices cheaper, it’s a good time to buy so they can enjoy the greater gains once the market goes up,” he said.

This is the best opportunity to invest in Mutual Funds, Enriquez advised.

Photo credit: Sun Life Facebook page (here)

One way to take advantage of this scenario is by investing in mutual funds, such as the Sun Life Prosperity Funds managed by Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc (SLAMCI). The Sun Life Prosperity Funds have been performing strongly amid the developments in the market. The Sun Life Prosperity Philippine Equity Fund, for instance, yielded a five-year return of 39% and a 10-year return of 119%; while Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund marked a 28% and 89% growth in the five and ten-year return respectively; and the Sun Life Prosperity Bond Fund lodged a 12% and 44% return for the same duration. The said figures are as of December 31, 2016.

“We’re delighted that our investors are reaping the rewards of their commitment to invest for the long-term, and we hope to see more Filipinos treading the same path so they too can experience financial security,” SLAMCI President Valerie Pama said.

As a leading financial organization, Sun Life espouses the importance of financial literacy among Filipinos. This is something that the company spends time and effort as part of its advocacy, Pama shares. To do this, the company conducts active engagement of new financial advisors and even rolls out free seminars on financial literacy that are open to the public.

I can relate. After my disastrous twenties, I finally settled into a more responsible financial outlook when I started my 30s. I began a triple bank account dividing my monthly salary, savings/emergency account and travel account. I started buying insurance – maintaining accounts on two different insurance companies. Two years ago, I discovered Mutual Funds and Sun Life and began my investment with just PHP5,000. I figured that all my hard work and all that overtime work will go to waste if I don’t start investing in my future. One day, my health will fail, I will retire but will still have a fairly-comfortable lifestyle, thanks to my savings and investments.

The recent pronouncement of SLAMCI gave me courage to be more bullish on my investments. My mutual fund with Sun Life still needs a lot to be desired and are on the very conservative side. The bullish approach and the positive economic outlook as announced by the company gave me the idea to shift the fund into a more risky approach across a ten-year period. Currently, I am still crunching numbers but hopes to achieve this dream within the year.

Considering the volatility of the economy and what ever may be happening in the world, I am comforted with the fact that SLAMCI continues to look out to its many customers. Their advocacy to financial literacy is slowly chipping away the notion that “investing is complicated.” With proper knowledge and research, and with a company you can depend on like Sun Life, a brighter tomorrow is possible.

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Sun Life study: Filipinos need to exercise more! SUN Fit & Well might be the solution for the Overworked generation

Filipinos consider themselves healthy; but needs to exercise regularly — that is a nutshell is the result of the recently concluded Sun Life Financial Asia Health Index commissioned by leading insurance company, Sun Life.

Always praised for its optimistic attitude, Filipinos ranked the highest when it comes to the total level of happiness, compared with its other Asian neighbors, notching exceptional numbers on how they regard their relationship with both family and colleagues.

However, Filipinos have a long way to go when it comes to their health. In the study, 61% of Filipinos admitted that they do not engage in any type of physical activities, citing lack of personal motivation, distraction of modern life, cost and lack of accessible venues to engage in sports and other activities.

The findings of the study is significantly worrying, considering that a large part of the population belong to “Generation O,” a segment of the population which is overworked, overweight and overwhelmed, which was first identified by Sun Life during their 2014 study. This is the same segment of the population that continues to struggle with their health goals.

The silver lining of the study showed that Filipinos are still very positive about the state of their health. In fact, the Philippines scored the highest compared to other Asian countries when it comes to the overall Health Index, scoring high on emotional health and coming second to Indonesia when it comes to physical health.

Personally, the findings of the recent study resonated well with me — an “overweight, overworked and overwhelmed”thirty-something desperate to find means to get healthy. Like many of young, urban professionals, my work currently consumes a better part of my waking hours and getting healthy means finding ways to find activities that answers my needs and lifestyle.


That is why Sun Life Financial’s SUN Fit and Well, a new generation wellness product that offers comprehensive life and health protection from childhood to the golden years, seemed like an interesting and viable investment for me.

After undergoing an early mid-life crisis last year, one of the things I did to improve myself and my life is to start picking on viable investments that will prove to be helpful in my old age. I started financial investments with two other life insurance agencies and then started investing in real estate.

During the SUN Fit and Well launch, I realized that if I am capable of investing on my financial freedom, I am also more than capable to invest on my health and well-being. As someone who holds an extensive and sizable HMO coverage, I am comforted by the fact that SUN Fit and Well serves as a perfect complement to my health care benefits and thoroughly covers a large chunk of my health journey:


The coverage that comes with the investment are both notable and convenient, covering from hospitalization to preventive health care:

  • Preemptive Wellness Benefit1
    Proactively maintain your health! Enjoy special access and privileges to various wellness activities that will help you stay fit and healthy.
  • Comprehensive Critical Illness Benefit
    Enjoy peace of mind knowing that SUN Fit and Well covers you at a young age up until your senior years, providing financial benefits upon diagnosis of any of the 100+ critical conditions across minor and major stages.
  • Specific Cancer Booster Benefit
    Further ease your financial worries with additional cash benefit equivalent to 50% of the Face Amount upon first diagnosis of any covered advanced-stage cancer.

Secure your loved ones’ future with guaranteed life insurance protection equivalent to the policy’s Face Amount until Age 100.

Be rewarded with a Special Paid-Up Bonus at the end of the premium paying period, and annual dividend earnings thereafter which may be withdrawn anytime or left with Sun Life to accumulate.

SUN Fit and Well can be fully paid in 10, 15 or 20 annual installments, and payments are fixed throughout the paying period. Semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly4 modes are also available to make payments more affordable.

  (SOURCE: Sun Life Financial Philippines website)

As part of its preventive health initiatives, SUN Fit and Well also offers access to GoWell, Sun Life’s very own wellness program where members can enjoy easy access to health and wellness information, fitness and wellness activities,  nutrition and health experts.

Hopefully, I will be able to afford SUN Fit and Well this year, after I have crunched some numbers and check the cash flow. This is one investment I do not mind making, for my future and my health.


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Piolo leads call to “Go Well;” launches this year’s Sunpiology Sugar Wars

Piolo Pascual

Heartthrob Piolo Pascual is like a Pinoy Tony Stark – even without the “Crush Ng Bayan” tag which followed him all his life, Piolo is well-loved and known to his followers as a product endorser, as a savy businessman, a philanthropist and a budding athlete. This is aside from being a loving father, brother and son to his family. 

For a few years already, Piolo has added another title to his already long multi-hypenates. Following his long-term partnership with leading financial services company, Sunlife. From espousing the values of saving up for the future, Piolo is also now the face of Sun Fit & Well, Sunlife’s foray to wellness products and its Wellness Advocacy component, Go Well

“SUN Fit and Well provides coverage for 114 critical illnesses and can help replace funds used for diagnostic procedures and check-ups. But more than a usual health insurance, it provides benefits to keep customers healthy and well. It is available in limited pay and Advantage variants, which includes hospitalization and follow-up care with a specialist,” explains Mylene Lopa, Sunlife Chief Marketing Officer. 

It’s Wellness Advocacy Component, Go Well is a community with a website that provides nutrition tips, exercise ideas, and content about a more mindful life. But more than just an online community, Go Well members can enjoy discounts in partner establishments, as well as free access to regular community classes featuring the hottest fitness trends

The Go Well program introduced its various ambassadors, leading different aspects of wellness. These include Rovilson Fernandez for CrossFit, Bubbles Paraiso for Yoga, Tessa Prieto-Valdez for Yoga, Piolo Pascual for cycling/strength, Sunlife Health & Wellness Manager Jaymie Pizzaro for running and Inigo Pascual for the Youth. 

“GoWell marks Sun Life’s entry into the wellness space,” according to Health and Wellness Manager Jaymie Pizzaro. “GoWell is envisioned to be a wellness community offering credible and relevant health and wellness information and high impact fitness events to help Filipinos live healthier, brighter lives.”

Go Well is available for Sunlife members and non-members. Those interested to live the healthy life can go to Varying benefits are available depending on the coverage. 

As someone who fiercely advocates wellness, Piolo is again lending his name to this year’s Sugar Wars Sunpiology Run happening on November 19, 3PM at Camp Aguinaldo, QC. 

Aside from his Go Well co-ambassadors, Star Magic artists will also join the yearly run mixed with fun activities, through the leadership of the Run Rio team. 

In spite the fact that there is a constant influx of new pretty boys, no one can deny that Piolo remains on top of the “hot guys meter” – add to this his acting mettle and his Well-loved personality and it’s common knowledge that he can still give any 20-something guy a run for their money. 

Piolo credits his youthful look and energy (take note: he is nearing his 40s) to his dedication to living a healthy life. Unlike younger guys who strictly watch what they eat, Piolo believes in “eating what he wants” as long as there’s proper moderation and that he works out after. 

He favors cycling now adays but during his early foray to fitness, he has trained with Well-known running guru Coach Rio. In fact, the two had an easy banter during the Q&A, with Piolo noting that it has been a long time winded their last run. 

More than his drop-dead features, its the many facts of Piolo Pascual, the man, that will forever endear him to the public. After all, dor almost two decades in the industry , he remains our one and only “Papa P.” 

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The path to Brighter Life begins now 

So, here’s my story… 

Sometime this Summer–just right around my birthday–something clicked in me and I began re-evaluating my life. I’ve been alive for more than 30 years; working close to 20 years; married for less than 10; and still living it up like it’s a scene out of Reality Bites everyday. 

Living it up in Nami Island, South Korea

I began to take stock of what I already achieved and managed to make for myself. I don’t know if it’s friends and family reaching their own milestones, or my own frustration at my own career -but suddenly, I began to be more conscious of my financial health and more importantly, my financial literacy. 

Here’s a bit of real talk: I currently have a passbook savings account with very minimal money in it, a retirement savings account with another insurance company M, a health and insurance account with company P and a mutual fund account with Sun Life. In spite all these, I still feel financially inadequate most of the time. My monthly salary goes kaput as soon as the bills roll around and there are days when I need to tighten our spending in order to have enough fund in time for the next payday. 

In between, I use my husband’s earnings from freelancing as our daily spending money and use the money I earn as a freelance writer to build up my travel fund. Again, in between – I shift between feeling like we have too much and feeling like we have too little. 

these shoes are made for wandering

finding my way in Tokyo

I don’t have any vice but traveling, which for me is not a vice but more of a need since it keeps me sane and feeds my drive to succeed. 

But on a humid early morning last May, I woke up from my usual slumber with a nagging thought in my head. I can die anytime and still not have even a measly house to our name; my savings leaves much to be desired l, I want to be able to afford having kids of my own and yes, I am starting to hate my job. 

You might say it’s a bad case of mid-life crisis, but for me – it’s a wake up call, one that usually surfaces when you got too tired of playing the rat race and is hankering to pursue your passion and the things that make you truly happy. Everyday, I tell myself that I will quit my job and earn a living thru any of my passions like writing, the arts and event styling. But everyday, the pessimistic voice in my head will prevail me to lead my 8 to 5, afraid of a life without the assurance of HMO coverage, vacation and sick leaves and the cushy comfort that comes with the corporate grind. 

#LiveBrighter Better Lives 

We bloggers receive ton of invites to many events – but it’s a blessing when you find an event where some of your life’s questions are answered. 

SunLife’s launch of its #LiveBrighter Campaign held recently at Aracama in the Fort featured notable individuals who heeded their passion call while also setting financial goals for themselves. Here are people broke out of their comfort zones in pursuits of their dreams. 

Arriane Serafico is a travel blogger and educator when she heeded her life’s call to pursue study in the US while laying the ground work for her dream business. From her “raket-raket Lang” mentality, Arriane placed her sights on achieving more out of her passion. Her talk provided me much needed insight that it’s never wrong to monetize your passion. And my most important take away? To always put premium value on what you do, because if you don”t — who will? 

I love how Arriane encourages women to actively campaign for their own voice and reach for their goals while also giving a gentle reminder to be financially prepared for the tough battle ahead. 

For Sun Life Manager Agnes Cuaso, a former commercial model turned Sun Life Advisor, her life’s fulfillment came with helping others achieve their financial goals. Cuaso, whose short six years with Sun Life already yielded numerous milestones, shared how her life now as a Sun Life advisor enabled her to achieve her career milestones while getting fulfillment in her personal life. As a young wife and a new mom, Cuaso now finds a different kind of happiness and achievement — honed by her time with Sun Life. 

So, what now? 

While I wish I can be like Arriane who quit her job to bravely pursue her passion, I know that I just can’t – for the meantime. 

Opting to be strategic about it, I believe that the best way for me to finally be able to my creative career is to set the path to it. I will continue to maintain all my retirement and insurance funds, grow my savings account nest egg and exert more effort to understand my mutual funds account – all while simultaneously growing these portfolio. I will try to save more by staying away from online shops and foregoing wants in favor of “needs.” At the end of the day, the first step in achieving these goals is to have the commitment and discipline to see it through. 

The second step is to ensure that you have the best partner when it comes to lay Ng the ground work towards financial independence. Companies like Sun Life has a wealth of products that answers to whatever you may need. When you’ve prepared by life’s many curve goals, your path towards a brighter and better life becomes easier. 


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Adulting: How to save money while shopping for a new home 

One of my biggest frustrations is still not having a home to my name – at my age, I feel that I should be able to at least have a property  to my name. 
This is not surprising. For Fililinos, owning a home speaks volume – it qualifies you as an achiever, and for some – even serves as a status symbol that you have finally “arrived.” Owning a home means you are officially an adult, capable of keeping and maintaining mortgage. It is a badge of accomplishment and security of having a shelter paid for with their hard-earned money. 

How ever, the first step towards home ownership also meant having the foresight to assess your financial capability . As a home is probably one of your biggest purchases, every peso saved is a big help. In my case, this is also the reason why after a few false starts (comprised of condo visits and preliminary inquiries), we’ve still yet to commit to a property by way of a down payment. 

The living room of my dreams (Photo credit to owner)

But how do you even save money while you’re in the process of your first home purchase? Here are some tips from online real estate marketplace

1. Know how much money you have by getting a pre-approved housing loan

Getting pre-approved for a housing loan offers plenty of advantages. Once your loan for a new home has been pre-approved, you would know just how much you can afford so you will not be wasting money, effort, and time looking at houses that are not within your budget. Also, a pre-approved mortgage gives you an edge when it comes to competing with other buyers for a home as it gives the seller an assurance of your payment capacity.

2. Make the preliminary search online

To save budget while searching for a good bank, Andy Mañalac, former chairman of the National Real Estate Association of the Philippines and now chief advisor of ThinkInvest, suggests going online. “Not only do you save on travel expenses, but [you] also enjoy the benefit of choosing the bank that can give you the best loan rates and terms,” he said.

Mañalac also advises to try house-hunting and initial selection online; not only is it free, but it’s convenient and easy as well. “Now you can do your initial selection through the different listing platforms, check out the details, and have a bird’s eye view of the surroundings and even a street view of the actual property. You can now also view the actual interiors of the units with a controlled panning of the property photos and videos available,” he stated.

3. Know what high want based on what you can afford

Arming yourself with a budget and various information about the available houses for sale will help you narrow down your choices. This means you’re eliminating houses that are not within your budget and not up to your standards, thus saving you from spending your resources on impossible choices.

4. Visit houses based on area

Instead of jumping from one area to another then back to where you’ve previously been, you’ll save money and time if you can concentrate on the available houses in one location first. Getting a map and studying the area helps you plan how you can go about the day. The quicker you get to the destination, the more time you’ll have to inquire about and inspect the property.

5. Schedule as many property viewings as you can in a day

If possible, visit as many houses as you can in a day. This does not mean you have to rush through every house and risk missing out on details that could potentially make you regret settling for your chosen new abode. However, the more houses you see, the closer you are to finding your dream home.

6. Take note of the payment period

It is important to consider how long you will be paying for your mortgage. Depending on your finances, you may choose to pay for your mortgage over a shorter period of time, say 5 years, but this means your monthly mortgage payment will be higher. If you opt to choose a longer loan duration, say 15 or 20 years, that is absolutely fine; you will be paying lower monthly mortgage payments, although the overall cost of the loan will be higher as well. What’s important here to choose a payment scheme that your monthly income can comfortably accommodate.

7. Don’t be shy – haggle! 

During the negotiation process, you may try to haggle the price of the house, especially if you found some things that could lower its value, such as outdated fixtures, leaking ceilings, and other elements that need repair or replacement. Be careful not to overhaggle, though; going to extreme lengths, such as fabricating a story, just to get the price down might force the seller to give the house to another buyer who’s offering a higher price.

However, Mañalac warns buyers from being the first to make an offer. Knowing the actual and listed price is important as it will help you determine the lowest price the seller will accept. From there, buyers can start making the counteroffer.

There are many more ways to save money when buying a home. It just takes patience, skills in finding the right one, and knowledge to avoid being a victim of overpricing. It’s also recommended to hire a professional, such as a licensed real estate broker, to help you buy the home of your dreams 

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How do you know if you’re ready to invest in a condo? 

One of the things that I spend time daydreaming on is owning my own condo unit. I do not even want a car- owning a vehicle is something I just consider when there’s no GrabCar in sight. But having my own condo unit? I daydream of it the same way I daydream about the lotto – consistently and continuously. 

My Pinterest and Instagram feed is full of pegs for my living room, bathroom, master’s bedroom and kitchen. I trawl Architecture Digest the same way I trawl Buzzfeed. Whenever I see a really good furniture, I automatically think where to put it in my future house. 

Thing is, after more than 10 years of working I am no where near my dream of owning b my own unit. Maybe I am too conscious and too cautious when it comes to taking a step forward and availing a unit. I have asked and consulted a lot of developers and still bide my time.

Real estate website has formulated these 10 questions you should ask yourself to be certain that now’s the time to upgrade from renting to owning a condo. 

1. Do you have a stable source of income?

Buying a property through a home loan means taking on the responsibility of making monthly amortizations. This means you need to have a job that not just earns you enough to make regular payments on time, but also one you’re confident you’ll keep for a long time. If you’re in a career or industry that’s known to be unstable, or if you just started working for a new company, there’s a pretty high risk you might lose your source of income and miss monthly loan payments.


2. Have you saved enough for a down payment? 

The down payment for a property doesn’t come easy for everyone. In most cases, it’s 20%—an amount that can either be small or large depending on the price of the property and your monthly income. If your income allows you to comfortably set aside a certain amount, then good for you. If not, there’s nothing wrong with waiting a little longer to save; what’s important is that you’re able to put together the amount without it making a sudden huge dent in your current budget.

3. …and still have enough left over to tide you everyday?

You don’t want every single centavo going to condo payments. What if someone ends up in the hospital and you have no other resources to tap? You also need to think about the other costs involved in keeping your new home up and running (utilities, maintenance fees, and association dues). Remember that you have to eat, too. You can only truly say you’re financially prepared when you’ve factored in all of these and the payments toward the condo, and you still have some money for a nice emergency fund (worth at least six months).

4. Do you have your priorities straight?

Being realistic about your wants and needs for your dream home helps you narrow down your options, so budgeting your finances should be easier, too. You may want a spacious condo, but a few months down the road, can you spare the time, money, and effort to maintain it? Your smile might be fading at the idea right now, but it’s better to consider these factors now than feel stuck later.

5. Do you have a firm grip on your debts?

We all incur some sort of debt, but not everyone does a good job of keeping them from blowing up. Ideally, you will have been able to eliminate all your consumer debt, but as long as you’re able to stay on top of your credit cards, car loan, and any other things you need to pay regularly, then you’re doing OK.
6. Can you think like an investor?

Your priority might be having a unit to live in now, but should things change a few years down the road, it would be nice to know that the unit you’ve purchased has the potential to earn you a sizeable profit should you lease it out or put it up for sale.


7. Have you suppressed your inner Martha Stewart long enough?

Renting a home means giving up a lot of things, such as your absolute freedom to decorate. Sure, you can probably talk your landlord into drilling a few holes in the wall for your precious photos, but what if your desire to be creative can’t be limited to that? Having your own condo means you can personalize it as much as you want without worrying about security deposits.


8. Do you know how to fix a leaky faucet?

… or unclog a drain, or repair a door lock? When you were just leasing a unit, you were comforted by the fact that you could count on the landlord to take care of things should anything need repairing. Once you’ve made the switch from renter to owner, you’ve only got yourself to rely on. How ready are you to fix signs of wear and tear? Or are you willing to shell out money to pay someone to do them for you?

9. Are you getting ready to settle down?

Did you and your significant other recently tie the knot? Or are you about to have your first child? If you’re starting a family soon, chances are you’d want a stable form of residence, something that a rental may not offer. Belonging to a two-income family means you’re even more assured that you’ll be able to make your monthly payments should one lose their job. Also, with a child on the way, you’re most likely thinking about leaving them with something (like a property) when they’re older.


10. Do you relish living in the same place for a long time?

To those who find themselves jumping from one city to another, renting is the most sensible option, but if you’ve been renting in the same neighborhood for quite some time, there’s a reason for it. It could be that it’s close to everything that matters to you, it’s safe, or it’s generally comfortable. In any case, it would be smarter to start putting your rent money toward your own condo from here on out, especially if you see yourself living in the same place for another five years or more.
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