Be a Humanitarian: Join the Red Cross Million Volunteer Run

    There are many ways to do something good. It can be volunteering for your local charity, donating and even supporting causes near and dear to your heart through fund raising and events.  Doing good is good for your soul. It makes you realize that in a greater scheme of things, you are part ofContinue reading “Be a Humanitarian: Join the Red Cross Million Volunteer Run”

UNO Premiere: The Multi-Level Marketing Game Changer 

Getting embroiled into multiple controversies did not help the reputation of multilevel marketing (MLMs) companies in the country. There is a certain gravitas, certain sense of dread when you hear about MLMs. People often meet it with skepticism and a certain level of worry.  Unlimited Network of Opportunities (UNO), one of the country’s leading MLMsContinue reading “UNO Premiere: The Multi-Level Marketing Game Changer “

Straits Wine brings Wine Fiesta Manila 2015

  Granted that the Philippines is a nation of beer drinkers – a typical Pinoy salosalo won’t be complete without the requisite San Mig. That is why more props should be given to Straits Wine, a ten year old wine distribution company, who has been staging the country’s premiere wine festival now on its fifthContinue reading “Straits Wine brings Wine Fiesta Manila 2015”

KamikazeeGirl is attending the Bloggys

Elated and honored to be one of the chosen bloggers to attend the Bloggys (Philippine Blog Awards) Gala Night on Saturday, 21 November and to be held at the SMX Convention Center. (View complete list of attending blogs here).  The Bloggys aims to recognize some of the best bloggers in the Philippines across various niches andContinue reading “KamikazeeGirl is attending the Bloggys”

Aspiring artist named KIX’s Toughest Pinoy while lone lady contestant stands tall

How tough do you think you are? There’s something remarkable when you see a person push himself to the limits–whether its emotional, mental or physical. What more when it’s all three challenges and a person’s limit is put on display? This is the premise behind KIX’s “R U Tough Enough?” (RUTE), the nationwide search forContinue reading “Aspiring artist named KIX’s Toughest Pinoy while lone lady contestant stands tall”

Lamudi: A success story of how a real estate start-up connects people to their future homes

Everyone dreams of owning a place they call their own. Whether you’re born to wealth or a 9-to-5er with aspirations is to eventually buy a home from the fruits of your hard work, owning a home is a solid testament that you have done well in life. After all, nothing spells success like being a bonafide,Continue reading “Lamudi: A success story of how a real estate start-up connects people to their future homes”

KamikazeeGirl is going to Blogapalooza 2015

I have just received word (i.e: read on the Blogapalooza Community FB Site) that KamikazeeGirl is one of the confirmed attendees for this year’s Blogapalooza. Now, my Saturday is off to a great start! From the Blogapalooza Site: “Blogapalooza is a community of Bloggers and Online Influencers who love sharing and links to businesses who wantContinue reading “KamikazeeGirl is going to Blogapalooza 2015”

Oras na Para sa Alpabasa: Inspiring People Changing Lives

Did you know that there are Filipino students who reach sixth grade without learning how to read in Filipino, the local vernacular? This is the sobering fact presented by the lovely ladies of “Oras na para sa Alpabasa” a social entrepreneurship program led by three volunteer school teachers during the final awarding of Pharmaton’s  “Life Changer’s Challenge:Continue reading “Oras na Para sa Alpabasa: Inspiring People Changing Lives”