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Pinoys get SPAMmed! 

What do you remember when you hear the word, SPAM (R)? 

More often than not, you’d remember chunky, juicy meats cut into thick slabs and fried into crispy perfection. It will be either sandwiched between a piping hot pan de sal or monay; or served with sunny side-up eggs and garlicky siningag. For Pinoys, SPAM (R), in its fancy packaging, evokes memories  of balikabayan boxes, fancy supermarkets and PX goodies in Subic where people hoard SPAM (R) in boxes. Truly, it has become a staple in every kitchen and every pantry of Pinoy families. 

Suffice to say, it is safer to assume that everyone loves SPAM. But did you know that you can prepare your favorite SPAM anyway you like it – chop it, slice it, fry it, or bake it. Or if you’re feeling extra adventurous why not make SPAM sisig? 

Photo from SPAM PH Facebook page

Personally, I love my SPAM (Classic!) as SPAM (R) MUSUBI, lying on a bed of hot vinegared rice and wrapped in nori strip. Yum. 

To further introduce this yummy wonder to the public, SPAM recently embarked on a massive campaign, starting with a grand launch held at Glorietta Activity Center in Makati, which highlights helping its loyal Pinoy following find ways to enjoy their SPAM (R) through a cooking demo by Chef Sherwin Tee. Showcased during the event are some easy Filipino recipes like SPAM (R) Tokwa’t Baboy and Sisig, and even international fares like SPAM (R) Fried Rice and SPAM (R) Tacos. 

A touching part of the program is when SPAM (R) presented Children’s Hour with a check worth PHP100,000, which came from the proceeds of sales of the Make a Hero SPAMWICH. 

But the highlight, undoubtedly, is the launch of SPAM’s very own boy band, ALL4SPAM (TM).  The four member group sung and danced their way to the heart of the many event attendees for their playful personalities. 

Members are SUPREEZY, the bad boy who loves his SPAM (R) Hot & Spicy; MAD MIC, the good ball who can’t get enough of SPAM (R) Bacon; PEPPER, the pretty boy with a taste for SPAM (R) Classic and lastly, ACE, the cheesy romantic in love with SPAM (R) Cheese. 

ALL4SPAM With Ms. Jaynee Sherman

“The SPAM (R) team highly recognizes the love that the Philippines has for SPAM (R) products, and we are truly thankful for the support that we’ve received over the years. We have specifically chosen to launch the SPAM (R) Can! Campaign in Manila because we see the potential to grow the market of SPAM lovers by showing consumers how versatile SPAM (R) products are. And because Filipinos are known to be some of the most talented singers in the world, launching a boyband, ALL4SPAM (TM) made complete sense to reinforce what the brand can really do,” says Jaynee Sherman who is the Seniot Brand Manager of the SPAM (R) Brand, Hormel Foods International Division of the Hormel Foods Corporation. 

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Shopee aims to reach more Pinoy online shoppers; now the second leading online shop for App Store and Google Play 

The advent of the internet has given rise to a lot of shopping sites. While each one has their own merits, we can’t deny that the idea behind each one is the same: to make online buying and selling a lot easier, convenient and safer to Filipinos. 

One of the emerging online marketplace is Shopee, which connects buyers and sellers and features a unique in-app facility allowing buyer and seller to communicate even before the purchase of a product commences. By doing this, any type of misunderstanding or miscommunication is lessened or even eliminated all together. 

The shopping site recently celebrated a milestone after it has reached the number 2 spot in the Shopping category for both the App Store and Google Play in the Philippines only one year after launch. Shopee’s ratings have also been consistently high, reaching 5 stars in the App Store and 4.3 stars in Google Play, which shows that Filipino users have been continuously satisfied with the services and features offered by Shopee. Since its launch last December 2015, Shopee has shown significant business growth. In the Philippines, Shopee now has over 1 million products listed and over 3 million downloads.

Shopee marked the milestone with a get-together with bloggers and partner sellers where the site promised to be more bullish in reaching more customers. 

“We experienced overwhelming growth in the past year and we are constantly improving all aspect of our business to cater to the increasing demands of our users. Our main commitment has always been to provide the best experience to our buyers and sellers,” shared Macy Castillo, Shopee’s Head of Commercial Business.

Another helpful feature is Shopee Guarantee, where payments are held in escrow until buyers receive their products. This makes buying online safer, gaining highly positive reviews from loyal and satisfied Filipino customers.

Recently Shopee announced that it will be the first mobile shopping platform in the Philippines to offer both buyers and sellers Free Shipping and Cash on Delivery (COD) nationwide.

“Because of the program’s success with selected sellers last year, we decided to expand our Free Shipping and COD service, enabling a larger number of our sellers to attract even more customers from over 900 cities and municipalities in the country, especially outside Metro Manila,” adds Castillo.

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PSID marks start of 50th Year with “Saturday Soirée”

Flowers has always been the easiest and cheapest way to liven up any room. Its pop of color can brighten up and bring joy any space. While you can always order flowers from the shop, there’s a certain joy and pride when you did the design yourself. 

My creation

I had a very pleasant weekend courtesy of a flower workshop offered by the Philippine School for Interior Design (PSID). As the premium design school in the Philippines, PSID has been producing some of the best interior designers of the country. Since 1968, the school has been the noteworthy name when it comes to interior design education. 

To mark the school’s 50th year, bloggers were given the opportunity to take a peek on the the usual day at PSID is like through “Saturday Soiree,” a delightful afternoon tea mixed with lessons in flower arrangement. Helming the class is well-respected and sought-after interior designer, Prof. Leo Almeria. Prof. Almeria is also an alumnus and a faculty at the PSID, who is also affiliated with Philippine Institute of Interior Designers, Asia Pacific Space Designer Association (APSDA) and the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI). He is also a principal of his own design firm (Leo Almeria Design Studio) and also a contributing writer and a published author. Prof. Almeria is sought after for his advises related to furniture/product design, visual merchandising, special settings and styling. 

In spite these notable achievements, Prof. Almeria remained humble and approachable, as manifested by the fun class we had with him. He encouraged everyone to approach flower design and arrangement with courage, highlighting that everyone has the talent and the skills to come out with a note-worthy design. True enough, soon – we were all snipping away branches and leaves and shaping through our own arrangements. 

A very classic, very Game-of-Thronish arrangement and my personal favorite out of all the demo projects shown by Prof. Almeria

The best classmate ever 🙂

Being able to experience first hand how it was like to be a student at PSID rekindled my dreams of studying at the school when I was younger. After my years as part of the press corps, I dreamed of studying interior design at PSID, but since I knew I couldn’t afford to study at that time, I decided to move to corporate and the rest is history. While I am happy with my career in PR, seeing how dynamic and how informative classes are at PSID made me remember one of my childhood dreams. 

As it celebrates its golden years, PSID had indeed come a long way as a small design school located in Makati. It is now the home and the proud source of some of the best interior designers in the Philippines. 

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711 Run for 2017 All Set



As someone who is constantly stressed and famished due to work and my other side hustles, 711 has always been my happy place. Every day, after work, my hubs and I will hie to the nearest 711 and get our comfort food. Mine usually involves green tea and their famous hotdog-in-a-bun while my husband takes comfort in his favorite snack. While our nightly runs to 711 might need evolve into choosing the healthier options they offer (like the salad, boiled egg and yogurt prominently displayed on the fridge), I am happy to note that come February 05, 2017  (Sunday), my “run with 711” will be more than the usual.

That’s because the highly-successful and highly-anticipated 711 Run will happen on that day, with runners joining the 10KM, 16KM, 21KM, 42KM categories and 10KM Buddy Run will enjoy the course and the scenic view along along the Skyway. For those joining the 500M, 3KM and 5KM categories (like I do!), the race course is along Filinvest City.

The race is open for individuals aged 18 and above, while the Kids Run will accept runners as young as 3 years old, provided they are accompanied by a guardian on the day of the race. (For more information, go to the 711 Race Guidelines here)

Top 3 winners per category will receive cash prizes and medals, while the top 3 Filipino males and females in the 21KM and 42KM categories will be given a chance to represent the Philippines to join an international marathon in Asia, through a  sponsorship by 711.

Through 711’s unique system of SELF-SELECTED WAVE STARTS, participants can choose their wave start and run with people with the same skill or speed, or with their friends!


To join, register online at and pay the fees at any 7-Eleven store within 48 hours. Race Kits can be claimed on the date indicated on the receipt, and from the same store where payment has been made.

711 has prepared a really cool finisher shirt and medal to those who will be able to complete the race:


Online registration for 711 Run 2017 is until January 18, so hurry!

Hope to see you on race day!


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Passionate upcoming gourmands featured on Alaska Merry Cremas  

If there’s one thing I learned when I attended the recently concluded Alaska Merry Cremas, where upcoming home cooks and bakers shared their wares to the public -is that it’s takes a lot of passion to do what they’re doing. 

To be able to feed hundreds of people who lined up that day, prepare your specialities without compromising on quality and still have the mindset to sell and promote our product, I say that’s dedication. 

Here are some of my favorite offerings from the home cooks who were present during the event: 

 The Birthday Cake by Chef Jonts – One bite and this cake brought me back to my seventh birthday party where my world revolved around cakes. It’s sweet, creamy (must be the Alaska Crema) and sumptuous down to the last bite. Because I am no longer seven years old, it can be too sweet for my liking due to the  “healthy living” crusade I am trying to live. Nonetheless, this is the kind of cake you bring home to your family. 

Creamy fruit flavored popsicles – one of the best popsicle sticks I’ve tasted. The creaminess and the richness is heaven. 

A close third for me was the fudge brownie from Batter Up featuring young baker Florence Bayer.  At a young age, Bayer’s creations are both innovative and yummy. With a predilection to mixing and matching ingredients leading to surprisingly yummy treats, Baker has a bright future in baking. 

The full day activity also featured fun activities like easy cooking workshops using Alaska Crema as well as raffle draws upon purchase. 

Through the yearly Merry Cremas initiative, upcoming home cooks and bakers get the opportunity to showcase their wares and their products to a larger audience. And when these dishes get a touch of Alaska Crema, what’s yummy becomes even more delicious. 

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Bo’s Coffee delivers a different kind of Christmas by giving back to local coffee farmers 

No one can deny that the start of the Christmas season in the Philippines meant the proliferation of various Christmas campaigns from lifestyle brands. One of the most ubiquitous and enduring is the Christmas planner collection introduced by coffee brands. 

As someone with a long-standing love affair with paper, I am guilty of upping my coffee intake during the holidays in order to redeem my collectible planners from two of the most well-known brands in the county. Thus, I was giddy with joy when Bo’s Coffee, a locally homegrown brand with extensive presence in Visayas and Mindanao, invited me to grace the launch of their Christmas collection. 

Truth be told, I was expecting another planner, one that would be a nice addition to my collection. 

However, the fast-growing coffee brand had other things in mind. 

Something different this Christmas

I had a pleasant talk over coffee and sumptuous pastries with Michelle Lim, Bo’s Coffee Creative and Branding Head. Lim shares that Bo’s is on a reinassance of sorts following the brand’s rebranding efforts theee years ago. As a coffee company that is proudly made in Cebu, Bo has emerged as an advocate of the Philippine coffee industry since the company sources most of its coffee from local coffee partners based in Benguet, Sagada and Mt. Apo. 

This was evident on the photo exhibit staged by Bo’s Coffee featuring photos taken by emerging talent Artu Nepomuceno in Ambuklao, Benguet. The photos were also shared with us through select postcards included in the Coffee Starter Kit given by Bo’s. 

The Coffee Starter Kit – from Bo’s Coffee Facebook page

To get the especially made Coffee Starter Kit, one must download the Bo’s Coffee Mobile App where every purchase worth P250 automatically unlocks one e-Voucher. Unlocking 5 eVouchers automatically avails you of the Bo’s Coffee mug while unlocking 10 eVouchers gets you the Starter Kit. 

The app is available via Apple IOS. 

The Bo’s Coffee Starter Kit includes V60 Hario Pour Over Kit, Christmas Mug, A recipe book and coffee guide featuring photos taken by Artu Nepomuceno, 40 grams Benguet Beans, Bucket Bag and 2 Coffee Filters. Redemption period is until December 31, 2016. 

According to Lim, the Starter Kit is intended to pay homage to the local coffee partners who are inherently part of the Bo’s Coffee family. In fact, following their rebranding where they highlighted their commitment to locally-grown Coffee, reception has Beene exceptionally good, especially among millenials. 

During the launch, Bo’s Coffee also introduced their Christmas offerings: the Quezo de Bola cheesecake and the Benguet Minty Cold Brew. 

I am already looking forward to using my own Coffee Starter Kit and thanks to Bo’s Coffee, I have a renewed appreciation of my everyday brew. 

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Mountain Dew’s Dew Tour AM highlights the best of local amateur skateboarders 

When I was younger, I wanted to learn how to skateboard. There was something inherently cool when it comes to skateboarders. 

That’s why I was elated to be invited to watch the launch of this year’s Dew Tour were some of the country’s best amateur skaters had a chance to battle it out for the title of being the best in the land. The winner stands a chance to win P75,000 and a chance to represent the country in the US. 

Katrina Paras, PepsiCo Flavors Category Manager shared, “We can’t wait to see the tricks, moves, and surprises that the best Filipino skateboarders will stun us with at the Dew Tour Am Series here in Manila.”

Showing some mad skills during the press preview were skateboard geniuses Thetis Beasley, Chris Coulborn and Reemo Pearson who wowed the crowd with their own brand of showmanship while on the deck. 

In addition to the amateur skate competition, the Dew Tour Am Series will include product sampling, professional skater demos, consumer booths, and live band performances to fuel the growing Dew Nation skate culture and passion across the world. 

With amateur skateboarders from Makati, Laguna, Cebu and Davao, the future of skateboarding in the country is clearer than ever. 

Results of the Dew Tour to be posted soon.