World Street Food Congress celebrates the year of Pinoy street food

Some of the Philippines most loved comfort street food will be taking center stage, but will be served with fun twists and new interpretations, at the World’s Street Food Congress 2017 (WSFC17). 

A brain child of foodie and TV personality K.F. Seetoh of Makansutra fame and presented by the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB), the five-day gastronomic adventure, happening at SM MOA Concert Grounds on 31 May – 04 June 2017, will unearth Filipino specialties from six provinces across the country.


Kare-Kare Palabok

Sisig Paella


You will get to taste a rare fusion of Kare-kare and Palabok from Pampanga, Grilled Chicken with Black Grated Coconut from Davao, as well as discover the delicious pork monggo from Pres. Duterte’s favorite karinderia in Davao.

Each major region will also have its signature street food showcased. From Luzon are Sisig Paella, three (3) types of pizza: Pinakbet, Longganisa, and Bagnet, Cheese Empanada, Bicol Express Risotto and Pinangat Burger.

Beef Tongue or Lengua Con Setas Olivias Gua Bao

Representing the Visayas are Beef Tongue or Lengua con setas oliva gua bao, Piaya, and Chicken Inasal served with soft shell coconut tacos. Pyanggang, a grilled chicken with black grated coconut and Junay, a steamed, spicy rice wrapped in a leaf with boiled egg will represent Mindanao.


Chicken Inasal served with soft shell coconut tacos

If you are a foodie then, you are in for a treat as more than 40 different international street food dishes from Germany, Mexico, USA, Thailand, Japan, India, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Singapore will also be sharing the limelight. Must-tries are Marmite chicken burger from Singapore, Kushikatsu Daruma from Japan and Claypot Apom Manis from Malaysia, to name a few.

WSFC is now in its fourth edition and will once again be hosted in Manila, which is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing gastro cities in Asia. It annually celebrates and addresses inherent opportunities of global heritage street food culture. Through this event, the Philippines once again takes the spotlight for being a premier destination for gastronomy and culture.


I wonder if the rock star of the foodie world (and my personal hero) will be back for this year’s Food Congress

For more information about WSFC17 visit,


La Espanola shows clever ways to use and enjoy your olive oil

I had the pleasure of being invited to the recently-concluded Madrid Fusion Manila courtesy of La Espanola Olive Oil

Considered to be the oldest olive oil company in Spain, La Espanola prides itself for having the widest collection of olive oils in the market. 

As a health nut (or trying to be a health nut), I have always looked for ways to make the food that I eat tastier and healthier. One of these hacks is to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for frying and as the perfect dressing for salads. I find that La Espanola has the bitter-sweet distinct taste that is not so common in other brands. 

What makes La Espanola Olive Oil healthy is the presence of polyphenols which contributes to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress; and oleic acids which contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. 

For Madrid Fusion Manila, La Espanola brought in Chef Xavier Btesh, the genius behind the kitchen of some of Manila’s hottest hotels and restaurants. A health aficionado, Chef Btesh showed clever ways to prepare a Medittarenean dish Tabouleh using San Remo Couscous, La Espanola Olive Oil and the choicest tomatoes, raisins and cucumber. As a fan of couscous, this was an immediate favorite. 

Chef Xavier Btesh shows how to make homemade healthy mayonnaise


While the tried and tested way of preparing couscous is to soak it in hot water, Chef Btesh showed an alternative way using only olive oil and lemon juice. 

Next in line is Chef Btesh’ homemade Mayo using only mustard and olive oil while the finale was the Olive Oil infused vanilla ice cream which was a hit among the media and guests present during the demo. 

Using La Espanola olive oil made a lot of difference. For one, the flavors are more refreshing, heightening the freshness and taste of the individual ingredients. 

La Espanola shares the following tips on choosing your olive oil: 

  1. Always go Extra – extra virgin olive oils retain more polyphenol because they are mechanically extracted. 
  2. Olive oil bottles should be dark to shield the oil away from light and protect the special nutrients present in the olive oil 
  3. The best way to check the olive oil is to smell and taste it. 

    La Espanola Etra Virgin Olive Oil comes in three flavors, basil, garlic and lemon. Available in all supermarkets and groceries nationwide. 

    Bakers Maison does Bread Right 

    I have a serious problem when it comes to bread. I just can’t stop eating it. For someone who is supposed to stay away from Carbohydrates, this presents a big problem. 

    So when Bakers Maison invited us for a sneak peak of their latest bread offerings and to offer tips on how to jazz it up through yummy sandwich ideas, I said yes of course. 

    In my opinion, breeds is the most flexible of all Carb types: with so many varieties and so many ways to eat it – a good loaf of wheat bread, a hunk of cheese and a nice hot tea makes more an ideal afternoon snack. 

    Thus, it was more than welcome when Bakers Maison, a new bread boutique, unveiled some recipes where dinners can pairtheir Bakers Maison signature load pieces with some good proteins and vegetable selections. 

    Invited to do a demo on some of the yummy sandwich ideas are Master Bakers led by Chef Edwin Tan. The Bakers gave bloggers ideas on how to prepare delicious and healthy sandwich types using Bakers Maison breads. What I particularly loved about the demo is the brilliant use of vegetables and proteins to make interesting sandwich combos. 

    A clear favorite is Chicken Baked Pumpkin Sandwich, brilliantly done by Chef Edwin, which used a Ciabatta Classic bread and paired it with baked pumpkin and chicken ham. I hated pumpkins with the same level of intensity as my hate for bossa nova but this one I devoured like mad. 

    What I love about the breads from Bakers Maison is that there’s a certain texture and chewiness to it. It’s not dry or flaky, or grating to the stomach. The inside of the bread is soft but can ably hold when piled with meats, cheese and greens. 

    As much I would have loved to eat bread every single day of my life, I still needed to watch what I eat. But the breads from Bakers Maison is worth sinning for. 

    Grilla: Pinoy Comfort Food Meant for Sharing 

    The plates came out one at a time, usually steaming hot – the smell of familiar, comfort cooking wafting through the air. 

    We were at Grilla Restaurant and Bar, a sprawling restaurant and bar serving delectable Pinoy dishes along the SM by the Bay strip within the MOA Complex. At Grilla, your pot of sinigang or sizzling plate of Sisig comes with the magnificent view of the famous Filipino sunset. 

    We were first served Tokwa’t Manok (P155), which was their version of tokwa’t baboy. The chicken was supposed to offset the richness of the Pork and give a healthier version of this classic Pinoy pulutan and it was, indeed, good. The chicken was flavorful and tender and the tofu cubes were fried just right However, my coronary arteries were missing the sinfulness of the pork, so this one didn’t fly as much for me. 

    Next, we were served the Crispy Chicharon Bacon (P185) which was a run-away hit to the people at the table. Imagine a wide cut of bacon, dressed and breaded then deep fried and served with vinegar as dipping sauce. Yum. 

    The following came in quick succession: Beef Kansi (P325), which was a cross between sinigang and bulalo. Served steaming hot, with a soup pour-over, the soup was a nice combination of sour and spicy; the massive serving of Crispy Fish Trio (P450), deep-fried tilapia, bangus and hito served in a large plate; the Sisig Sampler (P320) which became my quick favorite and composed of Grilla’s famous pork Sisig, chicken Sisig and tofu-sigarilyas Sisig. 

    If we thought that was the end of the feast we were mistaken. We were just about to attack the fish trio when the efficient servers brought out the Lechon Liempo Ala Cebu (P225) served with sinamak; and the Grilla original dish Grill-A-Palayok (P750), which is the restaurant’s version of a boullabaise – mussels, clams, maya-maya fillet, thinly sliced Beef and pork belly served steaming hot on very hot stones in a palayok. The broth was was made of ginger and lemon grass and reminds you of the kind of soup that warms not only the stomach but also the heart. It was so hearty and delicious. 

    Not to be outdone is the final piece-de-resistance: “Pista Sa Nayon” – a collection of Crispy Pata, Sinampalukang Inihaw na Manok, Seafood Gising-Gising, Fried Okoy served with Steamed Rice. This one large serving is perfect for the family lunch and only costs P995. 

    Capping off the delicious lunch was Halo-Halo Spring Roll (P165), Grilla’s take on the classic Filipino dessert served on deep fried spring rolls; and the Grilla Dessert Sampler

    At the helm of Grilla is a group of friends with a passion for good food and an ambience that brings family and friends together. The interior inside the restaurant is distinctly Filipino, while service is quick and light. At the forefront during the launch is former PBA cater Ritchie Ticzon whose good looks continued to turn heads in spite the passing of time. 

    Former cager turned restaurateur Ritchie Tucson with the rest of the Grilla team

    Grilla is the kind of place where you often end up meeting with family and friends for a “salo-salo” – a gathering of good company while enjoying good food. The food servings are huge; served piping hot and evokes good ol’ Pinoy cooking. 

    If you’re looking for a place to dine in within the usually chaotic MOA complex, give Grilla a try – it’s at the thick of the action but minus the chaos. 

    Skippy’s knows how it’s like to Party Down Under 

    There’s hundreds of bars and restaurants in Metro Manila but how do you find one that’s so chill – without any air or pretense? 

    Try going to Skippy’s Bar and Grill, conveniently located at the BGC Forum, right across the new MCDonald’s Cafe in BGC. They know how to unwind just right. 

    I was fortunate to be one of the invited bloggers as the bar celebrated Aussie Day. Since the establishment was owned by a Filipino-Australian couple, the chill party vibe of the Land Down Under was alive and well. 

    As I got older, I noticed that I started to shun bars and even restos where you had to put in an effort to feel welcome. You know, gotta have the flashy clothes and the swag, but none of that is needed when you’re at Skippy’s – just bring a healthy appetite and a very chill vibe and you’re all set for a fun evening. 

    Let’s talk about the food: 

    We began the evening with a good serving of Cajun Pizza, served on a round block of wood,  its melted gooey cheese complemented the generous toppings heaped piping hot: fat, juicy prawns, green and red bell pepper, Cajun sauce and tomatoes. Then we were served with Buffalo Wings topped with fries. The Wings were just right, a bit spicy for my liking but very soft and juicy. 

    Cajun Pizza

    Buffalo Wings with Fries

    Then someone in the group had the brilliant idea of getting Skippy’s version of the good ‘ol Sisig. It. Was. Heavenly. Prolly one of the best sisigs in town. The combination of the meat and the selection of veggies was brilliant, with the meet having that melt-in-your-mouth, cheesy feel. I take sucky photos but I can assure you that the photo above will not do justice to the masterpiece that was Skippy’s Sisig. 

    Beef Pot Pie

    Crispy Pata


    Then, the Beef Pot Pie I ordered finally came. I had high expectations but a bit disappointed on the heartiness and the size of the servings. Nonetheless, the come-off-the-bone goodness of the Crispy Pata and the garlicky-salty yumminess of Salpicao easily made up for my heartbreak over my Beef Pot Pie. 

    From the bar: 

    WaZZup Pilipinas founder Ross del Rosario and one huge cocktail

    My drink of choice – Iced Tea

    Skippy’s had a collection of local, international and artisanal/craft beer, as well as a long list of cocktails/mocktails – whatever floats your boat. 

    The bar also also stocks wine and other hard drinks including Vodka, Tequila, Rhums, Whisky, Cognac and Brandy. For those looking for a long night of drinking with the barkada, a bucket of San Miguel Premium or Cervesa Negra is only PHP540, while a bucket of San Miguel Pale Pilsen is PHP480. 

    The entertainment: 

    There’s a band (so a lot of singing and dancing) on some nights; otherwise you can go for a game of pool in one of the pool tables inside. Dancing is heavily encouraged. 

    The servers are friendly and efficient, though it can get a bit slow during busy nights. There’s a welcoming and happy atmosphere – people chat and often times spill outside, nursing a beer while chatting or just hanging out. 

    Check out Skippy’s at The Forum, BGC. 
    Disclosure: I was part of a blogger group treated by Skippy’s for a night of dining and drinking. Nonetheless, the views expressed in this article are entirely my own. 

    Press release: Early New Year feast at St. Nicholas Catering’s “Boodle Fight sa Bilao”

    “Boodle Fight sa Bilao” and “Shrimp Wednesday” Only at St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant 

     Share a feast with your family and friends at St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant. Indulge and feast on a great selection for the special price of Php999.00 for the Boodle Fight sa Bilao Set. The set is available in a variety of selections named from well-known tourist destinations like Palawan, Boracay and Batangas all available for only Php999.00 per set. 

    BEST SELLER: The Hot and Juicy Shrimps

    St. Nicholas Catering also offers Hot and Juicy Shrimps in the following flavors/variants: regular, spicy, mild, sweet, and medium. The shrimps are guaranteed fresh, sourced directly from Roxas City, known as the seafood capital of the Philippines.

    The resto’s Chef Nick also personally came up with its signature sauce which further enhanced the flavor of the dish.

    Wednesdays is a special day for shrimp lovers and regular customers at St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant for its called “Shrimp Wednesday” where shrimp lovers get 50% off from the regular price of Php399.00, further marking it down to Php199 per order. 

    At the helm of St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant is Chef Nick Pelaez. He started the catering business back in 2003, while the resto is considered to be still on its infancy, it’s now on its third  year serving sumptuous Filipino dishes for Mandaluyong and nearby areas. 

    While fast-food chains were a dime-a-dozen, St. Nicholas has its own charm due to the intimate ambiance of the restaurant which entices diners to visit. The busiest hours are lunch and dinner, while the resto also serves brunch and merienda. 

    Visit St. Nicholas Catering at #1 Fatima St. corner San Rafael st., Bgy., Plainview, Mandaluyong City, Philippines 1550

    Phone: (02)535-7637 | Email: 

    Follow them on Facebook – 

    Swiss Miss signs Anne Curtis as face of new Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut 

    Swiss Miss, the world-famous chocolate power drink brings the luxurious Italian Dolce Vita (sweet life) to every one with the launch of its newest flavor, Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut. 

    The new premium flavor is made of imported cocoa and real milk, infused with the aroma and flavor of hazel nut. 

    Chosen as the brand’s latest “Swiss Miss” is the hyphenate and phenomenal star Anne Curtis who brings her own level of sweetness to her new endorsement. Introduced to the tri-media during a glittering and classy launch held at Venice Grand Piazza Mall in McKinley Hill, Taguig, Curtis is elated with her new endorsement.

    Herself leading her very own “dolce vita,” Anne no doubt is at the peak of her career. She is a well-loved television and movie personality, a certified bankable star and has even branched out to singing. She is also an in-demand model and product endorser and has been known to be one of the most followed local personalities in Twitter and in other social media. 

    “Work is important, but we should also allow ourselves the well-deserved indulgence by enjoying life and rewarding ourselves after hard-won victories — big or small. With Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut, this is possible anywhere — at work, at home or even while travelling,” said Anne.

    For Swiss Miss, there’s no other brilliant choice for the Dolce Vita flavor of Chocolate Hazelnut than Anne, “We’re proud that the Philippines is the first country in the world to try this new flavor. The new Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut flavor is truly a very exciting flavor because of hazelnut’s unique taste and aroma,” said Cathy Castro, Swiss Miss Asia marketing manager.

    Like Anne, you can also indulge in your very own sweet cup of Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut. Swiss Miss Chocolate Hazelnut is now available in leading stores and supermarkets nationwide. For details, visit Swiss Miss Philippines on Facebook and follow on Instagram @SwissMissPH.

    Let’s go on a food trip at Alaska Merry Cremas Food Fest 2016 


    If there’s one thing that best highlights the joys and abundance of the Christmas season, it’s the many feasts and gatherings that bring Filipino families and friends together. Aside from the happy memories, the catching-up and the bonding opportunity, it’s the sumptuous dishes coming out of the kitchen and even the take-out box that is truly the centerpiece of every Christmas gathering.

    The Yuletide Season also marks the opening of many food fairs and bazaars where up and coming food merchants take center stage and get the opportunity to showcase their delicious food products to foodies and the public. Bazaars provide the chance for upcoming names to reach out to a bigger slice of the market at a more convenient setting due to its strategic location, high market traffic and the word-of-mouth advertising it usually brings. 

    This year’s Alaska Merry Crémas Food Fest, to be held on Sunday, November 6, from 11AM to 8PM at the Trinoma Activity Center in Quezon City proves to be another exciting gathering of more than 30 food concessionaires all geared up to showcase their various food specialties to the public. While the food on display is a mix of sweet and savory dishes, there’s one thing that makes it both delicious and delectable and that is the Alaska Crema All-Purpose Cream.

    On it’s fourth staging, start-ups and established businesses operating out of their home kitchens relish the opportunity of being able to showcase their specialty dishes, while also having the chance to gain more patrons, thanks to the exposure being offered by the event.

    Here, three food merchants speak about their passion for good food and the “créma” that makes it possible.


    Chef Jon’s: Sumptuous, mouth-watering cakes

    by Chef Joseph Sanvictores

     Baking has always been a passion for Joseph Sanvictores, a young chef who is living the dream of starting his own bakery, Chef Jon’s, following a quick detour with food. Already an established chef with multiple food businesses under his name, Chef Joseph started offering cakes and other pastries out of his home kitchen two months ago. As a baker, he credits Alaska Crema for giving his cakes its distinct taste, “What I like about Alaska Crema is that its a cream that’s not too overpowering in sweetness; it has that balanced taste that works well for my cakes,” he shares. 

    Since the bakery is still in its infancy, Chef Joseph appreciates the fact that Alaska Crema gives bakers like him value for money — especially since baking is a business that relies heavily on the use of creams. By joining this year’s Alaska Merry Crémas Food Fest, he hopes to reach out to a bigger market, with more people having the opportunity to get to know more of his products. Chef Joseph will showcase up to four variants of cake on display, including his best-seller, dubbed the Birthday Cake.


    Southern Barbecue: Pinoy favorite made different

    by Anna Tugas and Marsie La Sangre

    Barbecues are a truly distinct Pinoy staple food, hence making them a dime-a-dozen. Southern Barbecue, a business by long-time friends Anna Tugas and Marsie La Sangre hopes to make that difference by offering their barbecues with a side of Alaska Crema. If this sounds implausible, then all the more that the public should try it.

    The two long-time friends have food businesses of their own when they decided to collaborate on a shared food business. After deciding to offer barbecues (“because they’re easy to make,” says Anna), the two were able to open a physical store in their BF Homes neighborhood. Since barbecue has always been a common viand, the two decided to put an edge and a spin to the staple meal by offering it with a side of garlic sauce, made out of Alaska Crema.

    Marsie believes that joining Alaska Merry Crémas Food Fest serves as a good marketing tool to their business, on top of having a physical store. The association to the Alaska Créma brand also provides them with the edge and the exposure that will definitely benefit Southern Barbecue.


    Batter Up: Sweet brownies and cookies you can’t help but nibble on

    by Florence Bayer

    Florence Bayer discovered her love of baking when she was still barely out of high school, following a serendipitous turn at the school oven during a home economics class. Bayer began offering the baked goodies for sale, buoyed by the success of her signature brownies that turned out to be a hit even among her mom’s friends. This was more than ten years ago, and the love for baking resulted to Batter Up, Bayer’s successful home bakery business. 

    Bayer is back for the second time for this year’s Merry Crémas, and definitely more excited than ever to showcase more than seven variants of her baked goods. Taking center stage is her signature brownies, which counts Alaska Crema as one of its ingredients. “I started using Alaska Crema by accident. I had to improvise because I was missing a yogurt so I decided to use Alaska Crema with lemon instead. That made all the difference and had led me to create something that is well-loved by everyone,” she shares.

    By joining Alaska Merry Crémas Food Fest 2016, Bayer is looking forward to having an entirely different market to cater to, plus gaining the exposure, which is very important, especially for a young baker like her.

    Have a taste of what these three food merchants can offer, while also getting the chance to enjoy other sumptuous dishes and sweet delights when you visit this year’s Alaska Merry Crémas Food Fest at Trinoma. Who knows? You might just have met the next food superstar or tasted the next in-demand dish that day. 

    For more information about the event, visit our social media accounts – FB: @AlaskaCremaMoments or IG: @alaskacrema. Interact with us, use the hashtag #MerryCrémas2016!

    Imagine this: Jollibee Creamy Floats and You 

    Imagine it’s scorching hot, your office situation is the very definition of hell and you are up to your eyebrows in stress; and all you could think of is having a sweet, ice cold, sigh-inducing drink that can chase all the bad vibes away. 

    Something like this: 

    Jollibee Iced Coffee (P49-solo; P30-add on) and Jollibee Iced Choco (P44-solo; 25-add on)

    Jollibee Creamy Choco Float (SOLO – P49, ADD-ON – P30) Jollibee Creamy Coffee Float (SOLO – P54, ADD-ON – P35)

    Jollibee bringa this specialty beverage line-up, made from real coffee and chocolate. Jollibee Chocolate and Coffee Floats are topped with vanilla soft-serve and Jollibee’s well-loved chocolate syrup for a treat packed with cool, creamy indulgence. These Creamy Floats are the perfect reward to a long day at school or work, or as a way to celebrate anything and everything.
    Keep up with the hustle and bustle of day-to-day with an energizing sip of the Iced Chocolate or Iced Coffee! Brimming with real, refreshing flavors and drizzled with rich chocolate syrup for extra decadence, these treats are great to enjoy on their own or paired with any Jolly meal. 

    “We’ve granted our customers’ requests to bring these deliciously indulgent beverages back,” said Kay Segismundo, Jollibee Senior Marketing Manager for Complementary Products. “The Chocolate and Coffee Floats, as well as the Iced Chocolate and Coffee Drinks, have always been a source of pleasure and delight for them. By re-introducing these drinks to our menu, we hope to help them take their meals, snacks, coffee breaks, and every moment in between to the coolest, most indulgent level.”

    The fan favorite floats start at P49 and are available for dine-in, take-out, and drive-thru transactions in all Jollibee stores nationwide.

    For more information on Jollibee’s latest products and promotions, Like or follow @Jollibee on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

    Saturday Ice Cream Party with Baskin’ Robbins BHS

    Nothing in this Earth has the power of dusting all the worries away like a good pint of ice cream. 

    Hear it from the girl whose constant yoyo dieting has wrecked havoc to her mental and emotional state. My only source of happiness is the weekly dose of ice cream, which represents both a cheat day staple and my only source of sugar after noshing on nothing but nuts and oats for one week. 

    Imagine if that source of happiness is a nice pint of Baskin’ Robbins. 

    Baskin’ Robbins doesn’t need an introduction. One of the world’s most beloved ice cream brand, Baskin Robbins continues to spread more happiness and sweet treats to Manila’s ice cream lovers with the opening of its 14th branch at B8, Bonifacio High Street in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. 

    “There’s been a lot of anticipation for the opening of this branch so we are looking forward to bringing our extensive flavor variety and fun factor to Bonifacio High Street,” shares Michael Dargani, president of IceDream,Inc., the exclusive licensee of Baskin Robbins in the Philippines. 

    Baskin Robbbins was Founded in 1945 by two ice cream enthusiasts whose passion led to the creation of more than 1,300 ice cream flavors and a wide variety of delicious treats. 

    To further sweeten the afternoon, Baskin Robbins prepared tons of activities for bloggers, guests and even BR loyalists who didn’t mind the long line snaking inside the newly-opened shop. For one day, ice cream aficionados were able to get their favorite Baskin Robbins flavor for just P31. There were also performances from the UP Dance Company, a meet and greet with the Baskin Robbins mascot, photo printing and face painting, among other fun activities. 

    Sisters from Another Mother: The Filipino Rambler himself, Allan Bobis Gokongwei

    Perhaps what made the day sweeter is the opportunity to pig out on ice cream with good friends. I had the pleasure of seeing again some of my good blogger and PR friends. The presence of The Filipino Rambler himself, my #sisterfromanothermother Allan Bobis Gokongwei made pigging out on the sumptuous ice cream (get the butter pecan fudge!) a lot more fun. 
    Indulge in delicious ice cream flavors at Baskin Robbins Bonifacio High Street and at the branch nearest you!