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Elements of Style – My Way.

I am at an age where I am expected to dress less like a Millennial on a soul-searching trip, and more like the #girlboss that I aspire to be.  You know the drill: the #TimelessStyle –  a solid and dependable little black dress, trusty black pumps, complementing blazer and a string of pearls around my neck.

Something along this line:


And while I am in love with this ensemble — floral-patterned wrap dress that flatters the figure and hides the bumps, solid black pumps with good heels and layered pearl necklace — it also does not represent who I am or how uncomfortable I was. My feet were hurting the whole day  from wearing my trusty heels. That while I love this dress, it just doesn’t work for me every single time since working in PR meant being on the go most of the time.  That in as much as I loved how mature I looked and how on-point was my style – it just wasn’t me.

Style icon Audrey Hepburn once said:


In the day and age of fashion influencers, of #OOTDs and power dressing — who makes the rules anyway on what is really trendy and fashionable? After all, the trends that everyone used to eschew back in the day is currently doing heavy rotation on the pages of fashion magazines: they say the 80s, 90s and heaven forbid, the 70s are back. As the seasons change along with the wants and obsessions of the people, who really has the last say?

At the end of the day, is it all about the timeless pieces or about the fashion statements? Do you opt to get the clothes where you can get the most mileage over the years through good old mix and match? Or would you rather have the stand out pieces that can turn heads and give you “feed goals?”

In my case – I tend to always choose the classic route; alternating between the laid back and the comfortable. Yes, I am the kind of woman who lived for comfortable jeans,  and comfy tops and long sleeves; who loves her brogues and oxfords over heels; who considers a well-made hat as a a fashion investment and whose love for a classic black satchel remains true.

In my case, I’ve subscribed faithfully to a few “timeless buys” as published at Who What Wear:

  • I tend to stick to dark colors which allowed me to mix and match my clothes; and style them no matter how I like – corporate with a bit of edge, laid back or comfy for quick trips and night outs. As you can see from the photo, most of my clothes are black; with a smattering of navy blue and gray. I’d like to invest more on white clothes but the care and maintenance is keeping me on the edge.
  • If you can, opt for quality pieces that lasts – I used to get a kick out of buying dirt cheap clothes, but learned my lesson when it gets frayed (or worse, torn due to wear and tear) in just a year. Case in point: I have this bootleg denim which I bought on sale at Mark’s & Spencer about four years ago. It’s still my go-to piece when I want to wear jeans but does not want to look “too laid back.” I always pair it out with my trusty ankle boots and my black knit sweater and I’m all set for corporate Fridays.
  • Even if you’re a “jeans and sneakers kind-a girl” (like me), invest in a good black dress. Karl Lagerfeld once said, “One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a little black dress” — but if I may boldly paraphrase Lola Karl, maybe don’t stop with that little black dress: buy a full-length cocktail number or a mid-length one. Own it. In my case, I have three black dresses which I can always count on for times when I need to dress up.
killllllin’ it.
  • They say that the first thing that people notice about you is your shoes. So make sure you’re wearing something nice. It can be your 4-inch stilleto, kick-ass pumps, or the classic white and green Stan Smith. The bottom line is it should be clean and complimentary to what you wear
  • And lastly – and if I may so, always be yourself. Do not be afraid to dress comfortably and revel on who you are. If you are comfortable with the sweat pants and your beanie; or heck, even the pokemon lounge wear – wear it. Timeless dressing means being who you are – beyond trends, beyond brand names and beyond rules.

Investing in clothes also meant that you should be able to take care of them. Why? So that they will last longer and that you will get to wear and enjoy these key pieces for a few years.

In my case, I tend to be OC when it comes to taking care of my clothes:

  • I organize and store my clothes based on colors – the blacks have their own pile, along with the grays, blues and the few colored clothes I have.
  • Invest in quality hangers – I recommend buying wooden hangers with a sloped/curved ends, instead of the usual plastic ones with sharp ends. I learned this the hard way after I left one of my remaining white polo shirt on a plastic hanger.
  • Only keep in the closet the items you wear on a day-to-day basis. For seasonal clothes like sweaters, jackets and even swim wear, put them in plastic boxes and keep them in storage. This will lessen the number of items in your closet and will allow your pieces to breathe. Less stuff in the closet means there’s less stuff crammed inside; clothes do not get wrinkled or misshapen.
  • Store leather items (like belts, shoes and bags) inside cloth bags or dust bags to protect them from the elements.
  • Lastly and more importantly, keep them clean. Timeless pieces like a good cotton polo shirt, that little black dress or a nice pair of trousers served as good investments. While laundry shops are a dime-a-dozen nowadays, it’s still good measure to wash your own clothes.

Obviously, our busy, fast-paced lives meant doing the laundry should be easy, painless and effective as much as possible. Investing in timeless pieces also meant investing on how you care for the very items you wear.

As Rajo Laurel, one of the Philippines’ most prolific designers succinctly puts it:


Now, I know not all of us are a fan of washing clothes and ironing clothes (in my case, I’d rather spend the whole day  in the laundry than iron my clothes). Maybe, it helps if you are using a really good washing machine that can assure you that it will do the job efficiently and with the least possible hassle?

In my case, I am currently curious to try out (and maybe invest — *Christmas bonus goals*) on a good washing machine. Right now, I am really partial to Electrolux’ wide range of washing machines currently up for grabs with their ongoing Electrolux Amazing Holideals, with up to 25% in discounts and freebies.



To learn more about #ElectroluxFashionCare Campaign, visit the Electrolux website at or Facebook page:


Some of the amazing deals up for grabs with Electrolux’ Amazing Holideals

Electrolux also has an ongoing #ElectroluxFashionCare campaign, which promotes taking care of your timeless pieces, while also getting to know some of the nifty machines that can get this done. To know more, visit the Electrolux website at or at


Hassle-free OOTDs made possible by Shopee Fashion Week

Fashionistas are In for a treat, as Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, teams up with leading local fashion brands like Bench, Silverworks, CLN, Watch Republic, Banana Peel, Avel Designs, and Unisilver to kick off Shopee Fashion Week, happening 19 to 25 September 2018.

Score one of a kind apparel, shoes, and accessories at wallet-friendly prices, with as much as 95% off on choice merchandise.

To cater to the diverse fashion tastes of all Filipino shoppers, Shopee Fashion Week will contain six themed collections namely Fresh Finds, Sneakerfest, Aegyo! Korean Fashion, Denim + Leather, Holiday Glam, and Accessorize. Featuring unbelievable deals starting from ₱1.00, shoppers can save even more when purchasing their fashion essentials on Shopee. Shoppers can also look forward to the Everything Must Go flash sale on September 25, where the most in-demand fashion items will be available at unbeatable prices.

To officially mark Shopee Fashion Week, the eComm giant officially welcomed Bench, the Philippines’ top fashion brand to the Shopee Mall family.

Bench models Marco Gumabao and Max Collins with Bench general manager Jude Ong and Shopee Philippines director Jane Lim

To celebrate the opening, Bench will be offering 20% off storewide for fashion hunters to fill their wardrobes. Bench Apparel and Bench Body will also offer exclusive bundles for as low as ₱259.00 on a limited time only, so fans of the brand can usher in the festive year-end shopping period with Bench on Shopee. Lastly, the first 100 Bench shoppers will win a free cosmetics set and limited-edition postcards signed by celebrities Max Collins and Marco Gumabao.

Jane Lim, Director of Shopee Philippines, said, “Shopee is dedicated to bringing a customised shopping experience that caters to the unique tastes of our users. With dozens of the most beloved local fashion brands on board, Shopee Fashion Week aims to give users first-hand access to exclusive deals on a wide variety of clothes, shoes, and other fashion accessories. Together with themed collections and various other attractive promotions, we are confident shoppers can save even more on their favourite fashion products at Shopee Fashion Week.”

For more information about Shopee’s Fashion Week, visit:

For more information about Shopee, visit

Download the Shopee app for free on App Store or Google Play Store.

My heart flips madly for Banana Peel’s new flipflops collection 

Flipflops or sandals used to be something we wear for trips to the beach or when lounging at home. They were basic, simple and definitely, not fashionable at all. What’s important is that they get the job done. 

Banana Peel changed all that. Through Banana Peel, Flipflops have become stylish staples which you can wear not only on the beach, but also anywhere as long as you have the right pair of sandals, matched with your carefully curated OOTDs. Bringing the look and colors of summer all through out the year, Banana Peel have excited its loyal fans and the the market with creative and exciting collections like the Jungle Fever, Sea La Vie and Printed Matters; as well as staple sandal collections such as Cayenne and Sutton. 

Further upping the ante is Pickles and Crewe, Banana Peel’s latest collection. 

The Pickles Collection – as worn above by the model who paired it with shorts and a fashionable jacket – was my immediate favorite the moment I saw it. Good thing Banana Peel gave all blogger attendees their own pair. 

As soon as I have mine, I knew already what to do with it:  

I was going after this look which I saw in Tokyo two years back and as shown in the photos here by Japanese street-style photographer Tokyo Fashion: 

I know it would look a lot better if I have less chunkier legs, but you know.. we work with what we have. 

Here are some of my favorite looks from the mini fashion show staged by Banana Peel:

Currently my black Pickles Flipflops were already subjected to extreme abuse following the long weekend. I love how the Flipflops itself are soft and comfortable, supporting my feet significantly during the long walks in between cities during the long break. You can wear it with anything and it still looks good and has a way of matching whatever your style maybe. 

BananaPeel Head Honchos

“When we started Banana Peel, our intention is to take Flipflops from being a footwear worn at home, to footwear that can be worn anywhere, anytime while being stylish and comfortable,” says Nikki Ng, Marketing and Creatives Director of Banana Peel. 

I couldn’t help but agree. As women (and men!) become more discerning on the clothes they wear, their footwear of choice and the sandals they prefer –  the need for a durable and stylish footwear brand has become more and more evident. The millenials of today were no longer the kids who make do with their Rambo and Spartan flip flops. The kids now gravitate towards what’s comfortable and affordable without losing their edge or style. 

The best par of the day was the free hand and feet treatment for all bloggers, courtesy of Banana Peel and Toccare Spa. Since I came straight from the office where I was dealing with the usual work drama, this was a welcome treat and a blissful and relaxing escape for me. 

The Toccare Spa team with Leah Dy, Toccare head honcho

My spa attendant delivered excellent service

I chose the Fruity Mint Hand and Feet Treatment and it was soooo good! For more than 60 minutes, my poor Callused feet was soaked, buffed, kneaded and scrubbed, while the refreshing smell of mint filled the air. Banana Peel really knew how to pamper us. I went back to the office relaxed and happy (and callous-free!) – thanks to Banana Peel and Toccare Spa! 

Banana Peel has 26 branches and 3 franchise stores. It’s products are also available in all major department stores nationwide. For more information on Banana Peel and its products, visit

That thing with plus-sized clothing

After I have gained weight about a good ten years ago, one of the gravest injustices to me is finding the right kind of clothes that fits me comfortably while also appealing to my personality.  Sure, I can always go to boutiques or go to Marks and Spencer where my size isn’t even considered plus size but I don’t exactly have the bank account akin to that of Jinkee Pacquiao’s. 

I’ve found out, after constant visits to local department stores, that there seemed to be a prevailing designs and patterns made for you when you are, erm, plus sized. 

the usual patterns

Ten years of fighting the bulge can make you observant. For example, you’ll see distinct designs and patterns in every plus sized clothing selections in any of your friendly department store and in local catalogues. 
Always on top of the list is the use of animal prints. Really? How many tiger print/zebra-print/cheetah-print dresses or blouses will you need when you hit the plus sized range? Not everyone wants to look like  Big Momma. Think about it, whenever there’s a plus-sized clothing collection, there will always be one dress that’s done in animal print. Always. 

Then there’s the typical color block of “light  in the middle, black at the sides” style – which always reminded me of the cruel meme of Kim Kardashian looking like a whale circulated by tabloids at the height of her first pregnancy: 

I know color-blocking is intended to draw the eyes towards the inner colors, thus virtually eliminating the flab, but it’s always a hit and miss. Plus, it will be mortifying if some smarty-pants will complement your clothing by comparing you to a whale. 

Then, there’s the usual use of extra cloth flaps in the middle, shirring on the sides of right around the gut; or the use of really large sleeves to hide the arms. 

I guess the challenge in plus-sized fashion is that people keep hiding their curves rather than embrace them. Sadly, I’ve gone through this when I first started gaining weight. The depression of having additional flab led to me wearing clothes that were just too large for me. Never mind that they are unflattering, never mind that they do not accentuate what was good, never mind that I don’t feel comfortable.

Eventually, I learned to accept that I will never be the same weight compared to when I graduated college. I also learned to be unfazed by callous remarks of some people whose standard greeting was, “you got fat?!” More importantly, I learned to dress for myself. Curvy people can be fashionable and stylish too. And thanks to a lot of inspiration from the Internet and from plus-sized style bloggers, dressing up has become fun.

Note: Photo credit belongs to their respective owners 

Thanks to a lot of emerging plus-sized style bloggers, it is now proven that you can have the curves and still be fabulously and effortlessly beautiful. 

I love Curvy Girl Chic and GabiFresh for their fun and fresh ideas, coupled with effortless yet stylish dressing. These girls know their curves and flaunt it. I think it’s about time we talk about self-love and these girls exude body positivity. 

Every time I see plus-sized clothing and they’re always the typical tried and tired styles, I always tell myself that I could probably do better by heading to the nearest H&M (whose clothes are more curvy-friendly) or Forever 21 or yes, the tried and tested Marks & Spencer. 

Yes, it’s more expensive compared to buying in grocery stores but if this means comfortable and chic dressing, then I’m all up for it. 

The future’s so bright, you gotta wear shades! 

As what one of my favorite poets, Brandon Boyd, used to say: 

“Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there – with open arms and open eyes…” 

I have been mulling a career change for the last few months, brought by some happenings in the professional front and a few realizations after I have begun to bring this blog public a year ago. 

On the professional side: I have come to be at peace that right now, a career back in journalism or publishing is still not yet in the cards for me. The security and the stability of the corporate world remains uncontested. With three cats to feed at home, I am really not in a position to turn my back from the same thing that shaped me for who I am and gave me a stable and comfortable life. Maybe I will be able to go back to writing – full time- in two years, but not now when I still need to fortify and strengthen my nest egg. 

For blogging, some of you may have noticed that I have quite a stash of back log for my blogging duties and I do need to write often. However, these past months – I have taken stock of the contents of these page and have become convinced that I owe my (three) readers more than what I usually put out. 

First, I’d like to curate the brands featured on this space more strategically and more stringently. More than anything, I’d like to focus more on brands I believe in. 

Second, I know it’s every bloggers dream to be noticed and get selected to events and launches. But the past year has been really dizzying and overwhelming for me. Man, blogging is a whole different ball game. I’ve seen and heard some things that overwhelmed me, considering my training is more of traditional media than online. I am lucky to have met really passionate people and hard working individuals, and was blessed to be able to turn some of them to life-long friends. However, like in any environment, there are still incidents that opened my eyes on “how things are.” The past year have been a learning experience – yet, i also made a conscious decision to be more selective of events to feature. Again, it’s a decision to come up with a more carefully curated content that will benefit the readers more. 

Lastly, I wanted to bring back my personality and my voice to this page. If it’s always all about products and events; but without my daily drivel and aimless discourse on things, places and people I care about – then how can this page represent me? 

Distressed sweater – Forever 21 

Textured A Line Skirt – Forever 21 

Lace up Mary Janes with heels – H&M 

Silver socks – Bench 

Dickies Intimates goes beyond the teen market; introduces new collection for the fierce Filipina

“Always wear good underwear” 

This is a time and honored advice for any lady. Nothing beats wearing good intimates – somehow, knowing you are rocking an amazing pair of bra and panties adds the extra ooomph and confidence in every step. 

For me,  a good underwear is something that fits your body comfortably: no weird feeling of your panties riding up your butt, just a snug, comfortable fit that makes your body breathe. Dickies Intimates latest collection of intimate apparel passes the test for me. 

I was lucky to be one of the invited media for the launch of Dickies’ latest line of intimates held in a rockingly awesome affair at the Sky Lounge at the W Building in BGC. Adapting a carnivalesque rock theme, the introduction of the intimate apparel coincided with the unveiling of rock chick Arci Munoz – Ramona Thornes of the rock band Philia – as its latest face of the global street wear’s intimates line. 


Closely associated  with the teen crowd with its style-savvy collection, Dickies is breaking out of the mold by reaching out to the modern Filipina who is both fierce and charming at the same time. 

Dickies Intimates’ marketing manager Jerrinah Cheng puts the rebranding in perspective, “There is a need for continuous innovation of garments, especially in underwear. Designs are made specifically for a certain generation and factors are constantly changing. Women of today are more daring whilst comfort-seeking.”

Cheng adds, “Dickies Intimates showcase daily undergarments in various colors, prints and styles to make every woman confidently sexy and comfortable with their bodies.” 

Dickies Intimates marketing manager Jerrinah Cheng

A girl named Arci and a girl named Ramona  

Dickies top honcho Jerry Cheng, Arci and Jerrinah flanked by models wearing the latest collection


Coinciding with the launch of the latest line of intimates is the introduction of the brand’s latest endorser, Arci Munoz. 

Arci, one of the country’s latest femme fatales, is currently making waves following a successful movie and a top rating soap opera. But more than just a pretty face, Arci is also a seriously amazing rock chick, the front woman of the heavy metal band Philia. To say that she represents the modern Filipina and her many facets is an understatement: after seeing her sashaying sexily on the aisle, the media present was also introduced to Ramona Thornes, her rock star persona after her band Philia played some of their hit songs and even sampled the now-classic “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana. 



Arci shares, “It really represents the women of our generation who are bold, sexy and conservative at the same time. It’s liberating. A mix of everything – just like my personality. It’s a huge honor for me to be the new Dickies Intimayes girl.”

Pinoy Summer: TeamManila launches Spring/Summer 2016 collection 


A collection that evokes the follies and happiness of growing up as a 90s kid, set amidst the vivid colors of the arcades of our youth mixed with the distinct green and blues of Pinoy Summer – these are the colors resonating with Team Manila’s Spring/Summer collection launched recently at Kabila Cafe at Ayala Museum, Makati. 



As a true-blue TeamManila fan who immediately fell in love with the witty Rizal representation in all their apparel (Rizal in shades is the height of cool for me in 2005)- mixed with cool Pinoy branding, wicked typography and witty one liners, I am giddy with excitement after being given the chance to view their latest collection (thanks to Primer Magazine, one of my side hustles). 
Let’s talk first about this year’s collection: there was the arcade-inspired shirts with Pacman imagery and all things Timezone-Glicos of 2001 (anyone remember those?). The
Then there’s the Pinoy Summer collection, comprised of vibrant colors of the many beaches in the Philippines. Lastly, of course there’s a new addition to the usual tried and tested creative Pinoy nationalism which Team Manila is known for. 

My favorite out of all the pieces featured are their latest line of bags that are both functional and stylish. 

Coinciding with the introduction of the new collection is the launch of Team Manila’s newest campaign, called #BreatheAdventure – a call for savvy and active youngsters (and the not-so-young alike) to discover the beauty of the county by traveling locally this summer. 

As a Team Manila fan, a highlight of the event for me is meeting the brains behind Team Manila – Jowee Alviar who serves as the Creative Director and Mon Punzalan who is the COO. These two have made being nationalistic cool and fashionable. I can’t imagine meeting the creative force behind the imagery which changed the way Filipinos view apparels with nationalistic messenges.   

The latest collection is now available for TeamManila branches nationwide. For more information, go to the Team Manila FB page