Peaceful, happy babies with Dr. Brown’s Feeding Bottles

ADVERTORIAL The highlight of our year was the birth of my niece, Penelope Hope. Penny — four months old, a bundle of energy, all chubby-cheeked and slowly turning into a screeching banshee — has the whole household in her chubby little fingers. Her nanay and tatay, her Tita Ninangs, her Tito Ninong (the hubby) andContinue reading “Peaceful, happy babies with Dr. Brown’s Feeding Bottles”

Lolita Temptations

In one of my earlier posts way back 2009, I explained why this blog is called KamikazeeGirl. Basically, it’s my simple homage to one of my most favorite movies of all time, Kamikaze Girls or Shimotsuma Monogatari, a 2002 novel adopted into a movie in 2006 starring two of my favorite Japanese girls, Kyoko FukadaContinue reading “Lolita Temptations”