Coffee… Truly Glorious Coffee

How do you define really good, glorious coffee? In my case, whose day MUST begin and end with a steaming hot cup of coffee — it’s always about the flavor, the kick, the benefit. As much as possible, I try to drink decaf, and take as little sugar as possible. If there’s Stevia around, That’sContinue reading “Coffee… Truly Glorious Coffee”

Choosing the right center table for your home

The past year –and by the looks of it, the rest of 2021 as well — proved to be a year of reinvention. Suddenly, everyone had side projects and self/home/work-improvements going on all at at the same time. It’s no different in my case. Last year, my sister and I embarked on a home-redecorating spreeContinue reading “Choosing the right center table for your home”

Change-makers, achievers feted by Lamudi

With the local economy in an upswing, the Philippines’ real estate market is currently enjoying continuous growth. In a report posted from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the industry is forecast to maintain its growth and remain resilient in 2019 To further quote the article, “Residential condominium supply grew in 2018 with approximately 35,000 units addedContinue reading “Change-makers, achievers feted by Lamudi”

A different kind of refresh with Sinalco

So, here’s the thing – I am taking a break from soda. I haven’t drank cola (the one that came in that iconic bottle) for more than eight years already; and I just recently decided to take a break from the clear one that rhymes with Sbrite.  However, there are certain moments in one’s lifeContinue reading “A different kind of refresh with Sinalco”

Box of Joy Marks Lazada’s 5th Birthday

I love it when Lazada celebrates a milestone. It’s because — more often than not — their well-loved  Box of Joy will be on hand as a staple treat to its affiliate bloggers. It initially started back in 2016 for the yearly Online Revolution and this year’sBirthday Sale saw the comeback of the Box of Joy. Previously,Continue reading “Box of Joy Marks Lazada’s 5th Birthday”

Kampai conversations with my father 

I was probably born attached to my father’s hips. While other little girls gravitate towards their mom, I crave my father’s approval from the time I was little to now when I am already an adult.  I made it my life-long mission to make my parents happy. I crave nothing but the approval and validationContinue reading “Kampai conversations with my father “

Too Fab to Be Stressed – thanks to Fern C! 

First, you would have to forgive me, because I’m gonna go on a bit of self-love.  On any given day, I’d like to believe that I am pretty awesome, even when there are days when I feel like I am not.  I have a corporate gig where I do branding, PR and events (and IContinue reading “Too Fab to Be Stressed – thanks to Fern C! “

Take care of your peepers with these sight-saving tips 

My father, whose simple happiness in life can be found in his newspapers and his favorite television show, is slowly losing his sight due to cataract.  He is already technically blind on his left eye and the right is slowly being corrupted by cataract also. Years of use – being exposed to the sun, glareContinue reading “Take care of your peepers with these sight-saving tips “

Chutzpah and Swish: Have the confidence to say it when it really matters

There are times in our life when we have to speak up in order to get what we want. In my line of work in Corporate PR, communication is a way of life. You have to speak up, say what you mean to say to get things done – whether it’s a presentation of yourContinue reading “Chutzpah and Swish: Have the confidence to say it when it really matters”

PR: FAT OUT: Clean up so you can lean up 

   Being clean extends not only to what’s outside but more importantly on what’s inside the body. More taking a bath, brushing our teeth, brushing our hair and looking clean and looking clean and presentable at all times, being clean on the inside especially with our colon is very important.  While there are procedures doneContinue reading “PR: FAT OUT: Clean up so you can lean up “