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Change-makers, achievers feted by Lamudi


With the local economy in an upswing, the Philippines’ real estate market is currently enjoying continuous growth. In a report posted from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the industry is forecast to maintain its growth and remain resilient in 2019

To further quote the article, “Residential condominium supply grew in 2018 with approximately 35,000 units added to the total existing stock. Overall, total cumulative stock last year reached 338,000 units with majority of the stock located in Quezon City followed by Makati City and Taguig City.

Strong demand was observed for newly completed residential units and pipeline of projects from the upper-mid to luxury segments in Makati and Bonifacio Global City (BGC).

The leasing market in Makati Central Business District (CBD) and BGC was mainly driven by the influx of expatriate employees from BPO and online gaming firms while the sales market was fueled by the demand from local and foreign high net worth individuals.” (SOURCE)

For online real estate juggernaut Lamudi, the promising developments in the industry were made sweeter by a number of industry players who went above and beyond in real estate sales. Recently, Lamudi feted these individuals composed of outstanding real estate professionals and brokerage companies at their third annual Lamudi Broker Awards Night held at the Makati Shangri-La.

The Lamudi Brokers Awards is an evening of recognition of the real estate professionals who have demonstrated skilled achievement, superior leadership, high moral character, and professional behavior as chosen among the clientele of the Philippines’ number one real estate platform.

The Lamudi Broker Awards Night is our way to show appreciation to our most successful partners who not only grew alongside the company but helped Lamudi reach great heights in the real estate industry,” says Gilles Hage, Lamudi’s VP for Commercial Strategy

4 (1).jpg
Lamudi CEO Bhavna Suresh delivered an inspiring message to the best and brightest of the local real estate industry during the recently-concluded Brokers Night 

Lamudi’s CEO Bhavna Suresh formally opened the evening’s gathering. Industry thought leaders were also present in the event, offering an avenue for exchanging valuable insights on how to improve the local real estate industry and the community-at-large.

Elizabeth Ventura, President of Anchor Land Holdings, Inc. highlighted that brokers are an integral part of the overall success of property developers. Meanwhile, Colliers Philippines’ Senior Manager for Research, Joey Bondoc, dove deep into the highlights of the local property sector in 2018 and what can be expected in 2019.

The awards presented were divided into three categories: Individual, Company, and Special Awards. The winners of the Individual and Company Awards were determined via data gathering while winners of the Special Awards were chosen through voting by Lamudi’s partner network with the exception of the Lamudi Partner of the Year award as this was chosen by Lamudi.

Notable winners include Evelyn Samaniego who was named Lamudi Broker of the Year for Luzon and Miyabi Realty for Lamudi Broker of the Year for Luzon.

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A different kind of refresh with Sinalco

So, here’s the thing – I am taking a break from soda. I haven’t drank cola (the one that came in that iconic bottle) for more than eight years already; and I just recently decided to take a break from the clear one that rhymes with Sbrite. 

However, there are certain moments in one’s life where a tall, cold glass or can of soda is a must. Like when you’re Netflix-and-later-chilling; or when you’re trying to blow off a week’s worth of stress courtesy of junk foods , candy and a bit of coloring and drawing in between. Yeah, you could always get the orange juice or reach for a cup of hot tea but you know what would really go well with your junk food and your TV marathon?

Good old soda, served freezing cold.


But what do you do when you wanted soda but remained adamant on going back to the same old brand that you took already took a break from? You look for alternatives.

I was able to find that when I got my hands on Sinalco, the latest soda in the market today. Unlike its competitors who usually came from the US, Sinalco was from Germany and has been in existence in the last 100 years. The brand recently arrived in the Philippines and is slowly, but surely making its presence felt in the country.  The brand currently has two variants out in the market today,  good old Cola (black can) and special, which is a mix of sweet-citrus-y fruit flavors (pink can). I am currently in love with the pink variant and was actually craving for it (to go with the gummy bears) but our neighborhood 711 ran out of stocks so I bought the cola instead.


So how does Sinalco measure up against other brands?

The difference really lies on the taste – while other brands are usually too sweet, Sinalco was able to dial back on the use of sweeteners, hence what will usually taste is a neutral yet pleasant flavor that is not too cloying or too sweet to the taste. This is due to the use of the best natural ingredients, including natural sweeteners that made it a tad healthier compared to other brands in the market. For someone conscious on her sugar intake, this is important because it assures you that the product is at par with  its competitors.

I mentioned earlier that I dialed back on the soda intake almost eight years ago. When you do this, the result usually is that your throat will hurt or feel a slight burn when you drink soda again following a long break. Your taste has changed, so you feel that it was too sweet for liking. What I loved about Sinalco is that I did not feel an ounce of burn or “acid reflux” after drinking. Yes, even when it’s ice cold and you just took one big gulp.

Here’s a pairing I recommend: pair your Sinalco soda with any of your favorite evening snack, like chips or gummy candy.  It makes for a perfect pairing because the soda does not overpower the taste of whatever you’re snacking on. For those who can’t seem to quit their soda habit, Sinalco’s formulation is so mild that you can even take it on an empty stomach.


I love it that Sinalco is giving the market an alternative to the usual cola brands – bringing German ingenuity and high regard to quality along the way.

While I am still sticking to my “no-soda policy”, I will definitely bend the rules a little when it comes to Sinalco. I love that it’s not too sweet and the flavors are not too strong. Just perfect during cheat days when I want to indulge even for just a bit.

Given it’s Friday — and that I am looking forward to this week — I am ready to settle to another long night of movie marathon – gummy bear and cheetos on one hand, and a tall cold glass of Sinalco on the other.

Box of Joy Marks Lazada’s 5th Birthday

I love it when Lazada celebrates a milestone. It’s because — more often than not — their well-loved  Box of Joy will be on hand as a staple treat to its affiliate bloggers. It initially started back in 2016 for the yearly Online Revolution and this year’sBirthday Sale saw the comeback of the Box of Joy. Previously, the contents of the box are primarily goods from the FMCG sector. While this year’s Box of Joy is still dominated by FMCG, we’re already seeing new additions from categories such as watches, and electronics accessories.

Colgate and Palmolive, the beloved Filipino institution in consumer goods,  have been supporting the Box of Joy since the beginning and this year is no exception. This year’s ColPal haul includes Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Great Regular Flavor Anti-Cavity Family Toothpaste, Plax Ice InfinityPalmolive Aloe Vera Shampoo & ConditionerPalmolive Naturals Body Wash,Palmolive Naturals WHITE + MILK soap, Gard Charcoal Shampoo, and Tender Care Talk Pink Soft. Colgate is also launching a scholarship promo starting April 3 for its Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Great Regular Flavor Anti-Cavity Family Toothpaste and there will be 2,500 winners of scholarships, and other prizes once the promo ends.

From Unilever, Dove’s Deeply Nourishing Body Wash and Hair Therapy – Hair Fall Rescue as well as Tresemme Platinum Strength Conditioner are included in the box. Tresemme Platinum Strength Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Spray Gift Set will go on sale from March 21 to 23 for only P249, a 42% discount from it’s price SRP of P429. As for Procter & Gamble, Pantene Hair Fall Control Intensive Conditioner have been shared to affiliate bloggers. P&G will be having a promo price on its bestselling Olay Night Ritual which will go on sale for only P999.

If you ask me, Lazada’s Fifth Birthday Sale is always a good idea to stock up on home essentials, considering premium brands can be had at big discounts. If you are on the look out for budget-friendly gadget accessories, it’s always a good idea to drop by Lazada . Merchant Sunsonic Electronic Plaza has given away an Awei Micro USB Cable for Smartphones and merchant Anything Under the  Sun gave away classic and trendyTempus watches. Hopefully with Lazada’s ever-growing partners base, more and more brands and merchants will support the Box of Joy project in the future.

The Lazada Birthday Sale runs from March 21 to 23 with products on flash sale available all throughout the day. Make sure that you visit during the campaign and enjoy these amazing discounts from Lazada and its partners. Remember that Lazada offers CASH ON DELIVERY and FREE DELIVERY to ensure the customers’ effortless shopping experience.


Kampai conversations with my father 

I was probably born attached to my father’s hips. While other little girls gravitate towards their mom, I crave my father’s approval from the time I was little to now when I am already an adult. 

I made it my life-long mission to make my parents happy. I crave nothing but the approval and validation of my father. While I will gladly lay down my life for my mother, I am a daddy’s girl through and through. I got my love for the arts from him, the way I crave achievements and my type A personality is due to my desire to make him proud. 

When I grew old, I stopped playing the goody, nerdy girl. More than the studious, artsy kid, I’d like to believe that I am now at a place where I can be a friend and a co-conspirator for my dad. While we bond via movies, reading and GINEBRA games, my age has also allowed me to spend time drinking with him. We knock back a few bottles and discover new liquor and shoot the breeze while maintaining a nice buzz. 

Thus, I am more than pleased after I have discovered this nice liquor shop centrally located in Jupiter Street, Makati (near Montivar Bldg and Whistle Stop). Called “The Booze Shop,” this quaint shop carries the finest selection of booze from all over the world – whatever you are looking for, there’s whisky, wines, vodkas, sake and of course, a wide selection of beers perfect for the serious booze enthusiasts. 

These caught my attention while I was browsing their shelves, looking for something to get my dad – maybe two of the priciest liquor I have seen in my life. 

This beauty is worth PHP40,000!
Fine, aged sake for only PHP35,000

Due to my dad’s age, I’ve become hawk-like in monitoring his liquor intake. I think I’ve always mentioned in my posts how my father is very much a simple man who knows how to appreciate the good things in life. He only drinks when there’s a gathering or during occasions, and rather prefers drinking on how own on some nights when he wants to unwind. After we kids have grown up, we sometimes bond over light liquors while watching television or when celebrating holidays – just talking like good friends. 

As dad gets older, I know that there will come a time that I’ll become stricter with him when it comes to liquor intake. The good thing with my dad is that he always knows his limits. Maybe it also helped that after he has retired, he preferred more to just drink the occasional bottle or two and has started saying no to his friends when it comes to big drinking sessions. These days, “buzzed” conversations with dad had become rare – something which you’d take advantage of because you were not “that kid” anymore. Somehow, adulthood has promoted you to become that “equal.”  I’ve become that, bringing with me 30plus years of neuroses and hang-ups, all of which are perfect fodder for conversations in between shots of Arctic Vodka or Asti Martini. 

Somehow, somewhere along the way, I graduated from being the kid “who buys dad San Mig Mucho from the sari-sari store” to “the kid who buys dad fancy liquor from a shop.” 

Friendly The Booze Shop team members Maribel and Nick

If you love finding that rare bottle of liquor or a budding spirits connoisseur, head to The Booze Shop. It’s a nice place to know more about your favorite drink. Their team members Maribel and Nick are very knowledgeable and can give you a tip or two on the selections they offer. If you also love trying rare beers, The Booze Shop has a big selection of beers from all over the world. They are open from 12noon to 12 midnight. While looking for something for my father, I asked them to recommend something with lower alcohol content. 
A word to our readersKamikazeeGirl is against people getting irresponsibly drunk. Please drink responsibly. And make sure you’re of legal age when you visit a liquor shop. 

Too Fab to Be Stressed – thanks to Fern C! 

First, you would have to forgive me, because I’m gonna go on a bit of self-love. 

On any given day, I’d like to believe that I am pretty awesome, even when there are days when I feel like I am not

I have a corporate gig where I do branding, PR and events (and I must say, I am pretty good at it); I have a side hustle here and there: writing press releases for various agencies plus I manage an event here and there; I blog (though with a hefty backlog, PR friends- sorry); I travel here and there; I do calligraphy and I draw. I do all of these while playing the role of a wife to an amazing guy, daughter to the most awesome parents, sister to crazy yet loving siblings, friend to equally insanely smart friends and a lot more roles for various people in various stages of my life. 

To say I am busy is an understatement. To say that I am stressed… Well, that’s a major one. 

A wise senator once said that she eats death threats for breakfast. Well, she ain’t got nothing on me because stress is my favorite brand of popcorn! 

What do I do when I get stressed? Usually I read, blog or stream Korean dramas or TV shows and ogle these cute Korean hearthrobs. Or I watch NHK and pretend I am living in Japan. 

But when it gets really bad, that’s when I rely on my Fern-C. 

Fern-C has vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and is regarded by many as a “cure all” for most ailments, because its primary function is to boost the immune system, protecting the body from flu, cough, bronchitis and other viral and bacterial infections. Aside from this, it also acts as a potent anti-oxidant. Finally, Sodium Ascorbate FERN-C also promotes healthy gums, teeth, bones and other connective tissues.

While it is a common misconception that Vitamin C comes only in one form – Ascorbic Acid, the truth is there is in fact another form of Vitamin C called Sodium Ascorbate and it is actually superior to Ascorbic Acid in areas where it counts.
For one, Sodium Ascorbate dissolves faster upon ingestion. This means that the body reaps the benefits of Vitamin C faster, enabling it to quickly act on stress. In addition to that, Vitamin C Sodium Ascorbate supplements are non-acidic and thus better tolerated. Unlike Ascorbic Acid which causes stomach discomfort unless taken with meals, Soduim Ascorbate can be taken on an empty stomach.

Travel: best stress buster – after your daily dose of Vitamin C

With its pH level at 7.5 to 7.8, Sodium Ascorbate FERN-C is alkaline-based to neutralize acidity in the stomach. This makes it the perfect vitamin for those with hyper-acidity, and people whose schedules cause irregular sleeping and frequent meal skipping.
The good news is that the number one Vitamin C Sodium Ascorbate brand in the Philippines, FERN-C, which used to be available only via multi-level marketing, is now on sale via retail and can be bought in any major drugstores nationwide. 

The quality of FERN-C is assured because each pack is certified with the Quali-C seal, as the Sodium Ascorbate which is the active ingredient of FERN-C was developed and it manufactured by DSM, the only European Vitamin C manufacturer.

Take care of your peepers with these sight-saving tips 

My father, whose simple happiness in life can be found in his newspapers and his favorite television show, is slowly losing his sight due to cataract. 

my father, the simple man finding his happiness in the simple things in life

He is already technically blind on his left eye and the right is slowly being corrupted by cataract also. Years of use – being exposed to the sun, glare of television, reading on low lights, constant exposure to harsh lights (he is a painter by profession before he retired) has now taken its toll. As his children, we are scrambling to prepare him for his cataract operation. 

Like my father, my life and happiness depended heavily on my eye sight: I am writer and corporate PR practitioner by profession; I blog and attend events; I draw and sketch as well do calligraphy. One of my greatest fears is to lose my sight when I grow old. 

Hence, my father’s cataract diagnosis has become a wake up call for me to take care of my eyesight more. If you’re like me who is more conscious about the health of your eyesight, here are some tips to consider: 

credit to owner

Healthy food for healthy vision. Nutrients such as Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin C and E, can help ward off age-related vision problems for adults while Lutein helps increase optical density. Studies show that by eating leafy green vegetables, which are rich in these nutrients, decreases the risk of macular degeneration and cataract. Moreover, eating a well-balanced diet can also help prevent other health problems such as diabetes, which is the number one cause of blindness among adults.

Avoid excessive exposure to damaging blue lights. At this age of technology, we cannot avoid getting exposed to radiation emitted by the blue light in our gadgets. This can cause eye fatigue and eye strain. Make sure you limit your exposure to your screens and monitors and take a rest every now and then.

Get regular eye check-ups. Periodic eye and vision consultation and examinations are an important part of preventive eye care. Adults should have their eyes tested to keep their prescriptions up-to-date and to check for eye complications, while eye exams are essential for children to ensure normal vision development.

Use effective eyewear. The right kind of lenses can protect your eyes from the glaring ultraviolet rays of the sun or the blue lights caused by your digital lifestyle, prevent your eyes from future damages and correct your existing vision problems. 

Technologies like Crizal®, Transitions® and Varilux®, Eyezen®, Xperio®, Optifog® and Myopilux® have lenses which are specifically designed to suit your needs, age or activities. For instance, Crizal Optifog™, which is best for surgeons and chefs, prevent fog from clouding your eyes, while Varilux is prescribed for those 40 years old and above and helps in achieving clear vision in their age. Myopilux®, meanwhile, prevent Myopia or nearsightedness for kids 12 years old and below.

Essilor Philippines, the world’s leading ophthalmic optics, offers the kind of technology and science to help you care for your eyes. Essilor brands and products are available at at leading optical shops nationwide. 

For more information, visit


Chutzpah and Swish: Have the confidence to say it when it really matters

There are times in our life when we have to speak up in order to get what we want. In my line of work in Corporate PR, communication is a way of life. You have to speak up, say what you mean to say to get things done – whether it’s a presentation of your yearly budget to the Board, socializing with the media or even every day communication with team members. 

An old mentor used to say that PR work takes a lot of Chutzpah

It’s defined in the Merriam Webster dictionary  as having the supreme self confidence or courage that allows someone to do or say things that may seem shocking to others. While chutzpah used to have negative connotation, especially in its Hebrew or Yiddish roots where it is used to describe someone who oversteps boundaries; it has taken a more tongue-in-cheek meaning in modern times. Now used to express audacity, extreme courage and supreme confidence; chutzpah is a term that I closely associate in my line of work. 

In this business, you have to have a certain level of chutzpah to get what you want. In my case, because I am a closeted wall flower, I usually rely on confidence and a heavy dose of courage to get through presentations, meetings and social events. Hard as it may seem to believe, I really don’t like socializing since my shyness is often mistaken for aloofness. Having a resting bitch face doesn’t help either. 

But there are instances where having confidence and guts of steel isn’t enough when you communicate with other people. Of course, you have to know your stuff. I believe that knowledge and intelligence is one of the biggest confidence booster. Second, you have to look presentable and clean. You don’t have to look like a fashion model, but proper hygiene and being easy on the eyes helps a lot. This means that your hair should be combed, your clothes should be clean and pressed and — for the love of God — your breath should be fresh. 

No matter how good you look or how witty you may seem to be, but if your breath stinks, I can assure you it’s the one thing that people will remember about you. Not the face, nor the sense of fashion or the looks, but you will forever be known as “the person with the bad breath” 

Aside from brushing your teeth and maintaining good dental hygiene, it also helps if you have a quick remedy for times when brushing your teeth is out of the question and you are due to meet with people you need to impress. 

Recently, I discovered a product that now holds a permanent place in my pouch: 

Thanks to the good people behind Swish who gifted me my Swish stash enough to last me a few months, I can feel confident speaking no matter where I am and no matter who I an talking to. While the Peppermint Fresh variant tasted good, I am partial to the Arctic Chill variant. 

To use Swish, just spray one to two pumps into your mouth. It automatically freshens your breath in 10 seconds, killing germs and bacteria in the mouth to eliminate bad breath. 
Swish is alcohol-free and sugar-free. 

So the next time you need to speak and you lack the confidence, think about Chutzpah and don’t forget to #SayItWithSwish

For more information, go to the Swish Facebook page

Here’s a fun video from Swish.