Innovation meets creativity with the new Oppo Reno Series

In a highly-anticipated launch celebrated by Filipino creatives, trendsetters and tastemakers, OPPO Philippines officially introduced to the market their Reno series – comprised OPPO Reno and the OPPO Reno 10x Zoom. Because smartphones nowadays go beyond sending messages, taking calls and even surfing the internet; and has, in fact, become literal extensions of our individuality andContinue reading “Innovation meets creativity with the new Oppo Reno Series”

24 Beauties vie for Ms. Makati 2019 crown

As a long-time resident of Makati, the city where I was born and bred – I couldn’t think of any other city where I want to spend the rest of my life. Makati City, the country’s central business district and a prime location,  is the hub for leisure, entertainment, and commerce. With the leadership ofContinue reading “24 Beauties vie for Ms. Makati 2019 crown”

Why Happiness is something not easily defined in black and white

According to the recent results of the United Nations’ annual World Happiness Report, the Philippines is the 69th happiest country in the world – up to two places from its recent ranking of 71st.  Good ol’ PH was also ranked third happiest compared to its Asian neighbors, Singapore (at 34th place) and Thailand (at 52nd).Continue reading “Why Happiness is something not easily defined in black and white”

Aladdin: I may have gotten older — but it’s still a whole new world

It was 1992, and I was at the brink of adolescent rage – the neighborhood cutie must have thought me as a freak; I have just begun freshman year at an all-girls high school filled with nuns and kids with trapper-keepers and Benetton shirts; and yet, my only cause of worry was saving enough moneyContinue reading “Aladdin: I may have gotten older — but it’s still a whole new world”

F*ck Forty – Realizations as I hit my fourth decade

There is an oft-quoted statement, “Life begins at 40.” Well, I turned forty a few weeks ago and if you ask me if I finally have my cataclysmic awakening yet, well — there’s really none. I woke up the same grumpy bitch, had my bitter coffee and rue my lack of carbs in my attemptContinue reading “F*ck Forty – Realizations as I hit my fourth decade”

The story of Kagitingan: Looking back to the lessons of History in Corregidor

  For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by war – the heroism, the sacrifice, the toll on the human spirit and the lessons behind it. Often times, I would consume copious amounts of books retelling the various stories of war in the Pacific and even in Europe during theContinue reading “The story of Kagitingan: Looking back to the lessons of History in Corregidor”

Capsule Hotel 101: Hacks & Etiquette

Thanks to the relaxed visa requirements enforced by Japan about two years ago, it has become easier and more convenient for Filipinos to enjoy Japan. The upcoming Summer Olympics in Tokyo, slated for next year, has also seen a boom in new AirBnB’s, new hostels and new hotels being built — in fact, one thingContinue reading “Capsule Hotel 101: Hacks & Etiquette”

Change-makers, achievers feted by Lamudi

With the local economy in an upswing, the Philippines’ real estate market is currently enjoying continuous growth. In a report posted from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the industry is forecast to maintain its growth and remain resilient in 2019 To further quote the article, “Residential condominium supply grew in 2018 with approximately 35,000 units addedContinue reading “Change-makers, achievers feted by Lamudi”

Outgrowing KamikazeeGirl

What do you when you seem to outgrow your blog identity?  I first started blogging close to thirteen years ago. Back then, my very first blog was hosted in LiveJournal. I was probably in my late twenties, I was sullen most of the time, a rebel-without-a-cause and a devil-may-care attitude. I was obsessed with JapaneseContinue reading “Outgrowing KamikazeeGirl”

A different kind of refresh with Sinalco

So, here’s the thing – I am taking a break from soda. I haven’t drank cola (the one that came in that iconic bottle) for more than eight years already; and I just recently decided to take a break from the clear one that rhymes with Sbrite.  However, there are certain moments in one’s lifeContinue reading “A different kind of refresh with Sinalco”