I like 2NE1!

Yeah, yeah…we all know Sandara wasn’t exactly cool when she was here In fact, with all the things Channel 2 made her do when she was here–you’d think the poor kid had no choice but to be one of those pretty talking, dancing, moving card board cut-outs we all see on TV, So, when Kim Chui wasContinue reading “I like 2NE1!”


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a fan-girl extraordinaire. I’ve fan-girled for so many groups since my high school days, I’d probably earned a medal or something. I’ve been through New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, F4, Incubus and now J-Pop group ARASHI–my poor boyfriend (now hubby) probably went through aContinue reading “Fan-boying”

Job-Hunting Post #1: Job Fair

Don’t get me wrong…I’m currently employed.But with my health conditions taking a nose dive 3 years into my current job–it’s time to reassess where I standSo, today — I joined the Tourism Dept.’s "Trabaho sa Turismo" Job Fair…it was good — obviously, madaming kailangan ng trabaho! It’s going back to basics–sometimes I tell myself I’m tooContinue reading “Job-Hunting Post #1: Job Fair”