MEGA Global highlights value of “malasakit” and giving back with MEGA Bigay Sustansya

The start of the New Normal due to the pandemic came with a lot of baggage for many Filipinos. On top of the concerns on safety in the midst of COVID-19, ensuring a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition was also a concern for many, especially the rural communities where livelihood and health was more at stake.

With malnutrition among children as one of the biggest areas of concern, it has become more crucial for the community and the nation’s stakeholders to work together  to help.

Keeping this in mind, Mega Global Corporation together with the Mega Tiu Lim Foundation has set the date for one of its key projects, “Mega Bigay Sustansya” which aims to provide affordable and healthy meals to children of its beneficiary communities.

In a briefing with members of the media, the MEGA leadership was in full attendance to highlight their commitment in the initiative. Present were William Tiu Lim, Founder & CEO, MEGA Global; Michelle Tiu Lim Chan, Chief Operating Officer, MEGA Global; Marvin Tiu Lim, Chief Growth & Development Officer, MEGA Global; and Marylou Tiu Lim, President of MEGA Tiu Lim Foundation. They were joined by Dawn Cabigon, Founder & Director, Reach Out Feed Philippines.

Photo Credit: MEGA Global

A health and nutrition program that’s deep rooted within the company’s core value of malasakit and guided by its determination to improve the health sector of the country, Mega Bigay Sustansya will highlight the importance of nutrition to every Filipino family nationwide.

As it expands the program, Mega Global will be working in partnership with Reach Out Feed Philippines, who will spearhead the preparation of the meals daily, deliver these house to house to each beneficiary, provide a nutritional assessment of all recipes used in the program, and also analyse and evaluate the results of the program. 

The program aims to support 870 children from various barangays across six  provinces through a 60-day nutrition program. These include Batangas, Navotas, Valenzuela, Samar, Surigao del Sur, and  Zamboanga. Beneficiaries are children aged 4-12 years old, who will receive two nutritious meals daily for 60 days. The daily meals will include at least one sardines meal, made using Mega Global’s vitamin- and nutrient-packed high quality sardines. 

At the beginning and end of the program, the weight, height, and mid-arm circumference of the children will be taken to gauge their progress. To encourage parents to support the nutrition program for their children, Mega Global will provide incentives to select participants who fit the program’s criteria – biggest gainer, most improved, etc.  

To further ensure that the progress made is sustained, Mega Global will also be developing leave-behind materials containing affordable nutritious recipes made from ingredients that are easily accessible to the families. This will empower parents and the community with knowledge on how to prepare nutritious meals for the health and well-being of their children and loved ones.

“When we first launched this nutrition program two years ago, we saw how transformative it was for the beneficiaries, who not only saw an improvement in their weight, but also in their health and well-being. Inspired by their transformation, Mega Global decided to expand this program and make it sustainable by also educating the community on the importance of having good food and having good nutrition for the whole family,” said Marvin Tiu Lim, Chief Growth and Development Officer. 

In all that it does, Mega Global Corporation gives life to its core value of malasakit. From products to people to the greater community, every decision made by the brand is anchored onto the belief of malasakit for all. This once again comes alive in Mega Bigay Sustansya, which is envisioned to uplift the lives of impoverished children and allow them to achieve their potentials.

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