Choosing the right center table for your home

The past year –and by the looks of it, the rest of 2021 as well — proved to be a year of reinvention. Suddenly, everyone had side projects and self/home/work-improvements going on all at at the same time.

It’s no different in my case. Last year, my sister and I embarked on a home-redecorating spree where we started changing the furnitures in the living room, bought the house a new dinner table set, and even changed all the china and flatware at home. One of our best buys from the past year is this center table with a Japan/Scandi flair which has always been my peg when it comes to home furnishing.

We’re obsessed with the aesthetics that combine clean lines and aesthetics, doing away with too much clutter, while also combining the Scandi/Japanese minimalism with a touch of industrial. This has always been our peg for the living room:

white-scandi-apartment-living-room | Scandinavian interior living room,  Interior design living room, Living room scandinavian
Here’s my ideal living room. Photo from Pinterest (Not Mine)

Because we spend majority of the time in our living room, we needed a center table/coffee table which can serve a variety of uses. Since we’re out of the home most of the time or staying in our rooms, staying in the living room is our bonding activity, where we hang out or eat or watch TV with the whole family. We needed a coffee table where we can eat our meals (when we’re too engrossed with the TV that we ditch the kitchen table for the living room); but also one that can serve as my niece’s study table for her online classes.

We were lucky because we were able to find a center table that’s close to what we wanted and needed for our home. The funny thing is we saw it displayed at SM Aura’s home section and immediately loved it. For reference, this is what we got and even purchased the accompanying side table since both were offered at really great prices!

The Furio Center Table from Our Home

But more than the hunch or more than “falling in love” with a specific furniture, how do you pick centertables that will complement your home, and your over-all style?

  1. Think about your room size – This is basic. You don’t furniture that will not fit the room; or the rest of your other furniture. In choosing center tables, it should complement the size of your sofa and the whole room. According to, the ideal center table should anchor the furniture in a room by filling in the gap, while providing enough space around it for movement or for some simple leg stretching.
  2. Consider the shape of your coffee table – Coffee tables or center tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes. But in the end, what matters is if complements the look and size of your sofa set. Usually rectangular sofas or L-shape sofas go best with rectangle shaped center tables since this will provides bigger space for those seated to put their glasses or coffee mugs, regardless of where in the sofa they’re seating. For smaller sofas, best to get a square or round center table. \
Cosy living room ideas | John Lewis & Partners
Here’s a cosy living room. Photo courtesy of John

3. Define its purpose – What’s your center table for? Purely for aesthetic/decorative purposes? Or something that will obviously go through wear and tear since it’s in the most used area of the room? This will play a big role in the center table you will choose: from the material, make, size, shape and even added functionalities built into it. It’s not common nowadays to see center tables used as extra storage, especially if the space is too tight.

4. Check your budget – Like or not, budget plays a big role in the center table you’ll eventually take home with you. If you’re on a tight budget, look for pieces that look good, well made and can serve as great dupes for the ideal table you have in mind. Look out for sale announcements or buy from shops that offer great designs and great deals.

One of our go-to shops for stylish pieces is Our Home which carries a host of amazing furniture designs on a range of prices that fits any budget. For more information, visit their website at www.OurHome.PH.

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