A different kind of refresh with Sinalco

So, here’s the thing – I am taking a break from soda. I haven’t drank cola (the one that came in that iconic bottle) for more than eight years already; and I just recently decided to take a break from the clear one that rhymes with Sbrite. 

However, there are certain moments in one’s life where a tall, cold glass or can of soda is a must. Like when you’re Netflix-and-later-chilling; or when you’re trying to blow off a week’s worth of stress courtesy of junk foods , candy and a bit of coloring and drawing in between. Yeah, you could always get the orange juice or reach for a cup of hot tea but you know what would really go well with your junk food and your TV marathon?

Good old soda, served freezing cold.


But what do you do when you wanted soda but remained adamant on going back to the same old brand that you took already took a break from? You look for alternatives.

I was able to find that when I got my hands on Sinalco, the latest soda in the market today. Unlike its competitors who usually came from the US, Sinalco was from Germany and has been in existence in the last 100 years. The brand recently arrived in the Philippines and is slowly, but surely making its presence felt in the country.  The brand currently has two variants out in the market today,  good old Cola (black can) and special, which is a mix of sweet-citrus-y fruit flavors (pink can). I am currently in love with the pink variant and was actually craving for it (to go with the gummy bears) but our neighborhood 711 ran out of stocks so I bought the cola instead.


So how does Sinalco measure up against other brands?

The difference really lies on the taste – while other brands are usually too sweet, Sinalco was able to dial back on the use of sweeteners, hence what will usually taste is a neutral yet pleasant flavor that is not too cloying or too sweet to the taste. This is due to the use of the best natural ingredients, including natural sweeteners that made it a tad healthier compared to other brands in the market. For someone conscious on her sugar intake, this is important because it assures you that the product is at par with  its competitors.

I mentioned earlier that I dialed back on the soda intake almost eight years ago. When you do this, the result usually is that your throat will hurt or feel a slight burn when you drink soda again following a long break. Your taste has changed, so you feel that it was too sweet for liking. What I loved about Sinalco is that I did not feel an ounce of burn or “acid reflux” after drinking. Yes, even when it’s ice cold and you just took one big gulp.

Here’s a pairing I recommend: pair your Sinalco soda with any of your favorite evening snack, like chips or gummy candy.  It makes for a perfect pairing because the soda does not overpower the taste of whatever you’re snacking on. For those who can’t seem to quit their soda habit, Sinalco’s formulation is so mild that you can even take it on an empty stomach.


I love it that Sinalco is giving the market an alternative to the usual cola brands – bringing German ingenuity and high regard to quality along the way.

While I am still sticking to my “no-soda policy”, I will definitely bend the rules a little when it comes to Sinalco. I love that it’s not too sweet and the flavors are not too strong. Just perfect during cheat days when I want to indulge even for just a bit.

Given it’s Friday — and that I am looking forward to this week — I am ready to settle to another long night of movie marathon – gummy bear and cheetos on one hand, and a tall cold glass of Sinalco on the other.

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