How I put my skin care woes to rest with DermClinic

skin care rediscovered

Let me tell you something about myself: I am deathly afraid of anyone poking my face – because of this, I avoided going to dermatologists, never even tried a facial treatment, more so use any local skin care brand, sticking to my tried and tested brands The Faceshop, Innisfree and Laneige.

To take care of my skin, I tried variations of the 10-step Korean Skin Care Routine, and I haven’t had any break outs since.


So, I was a both scared and excited when I was chosen by Dermclinic, one of the country’s top skin care and dermatological centers, to try out their 3Face, a moisturizing and anti-aging treatment which combines Microdermabrasion, Collagen Renewal and Skin Tightening leading to full on pampering.

We were also given a full set of the Nuderm Intensive Whitening Package (more on this later), to further achieve that fair, young-looking skin.

Let’s talk about 3Face facial treatment first.

On the day of the visit, I literally asked a few of my friends what to expect during a facial treatment. I was a having a bad case of jitters and I really wanted to have a better understanding on how it will help me take care of my skin. I also had the mistake of watching too many “pimple-popping” videos on the net, further adding to my agitation on having my face screened and prodded for the first time.

Dermclinic – The Link Ayala Center branch

The process is easy and very straightforward. Upon arrival, new patients are asked to fill a patient information sheet before being lead to thoroughly clean the face prior to the treatment, then finally to the treatment room assigned to you.


I love the fact that the 3Face treatment begins with a facial. Assigned to me was the kind nurse Jane who patiently answered all my questions, starting from – if the pricking will hurt, to asking her to explain the process she’s doing to my face. I love how my skin was gently cleansed all the way through; steamed to open up the pores and then slathered with a cooling facial mask, said to tighten and encourage smoother skin. I loved the facial massage in between, which was just what I needed, considering the full load that I have at work.

I asked Jane if she will be the one to do the treatment for me, but she explained that at Dermclinic, only doctors are allowed to do procedures/treatments on patients. As a first-time visitor to a dermatological center, this gives me the assurance that I needed.

From the longest time–and because I really don’t have pimples or zits, save for some lone stragglers during a specific time of the month–I’ve always believed that I have a “passable” healthy skin. But apparently, my 10-step process is not working out as much as I would have loved.

Jane and the lovely Dr. Tiu pointed out quite a smattering of white heads on my forehead and then a few black head spots on my chin, then promptly took them out. Contrary to my foremost fears, the pricking wasn’t too bad.

3FACE is composed of three procedures which results to younger-looking, smoother skin. The process begins with the Microdermabrasion, to exfoliate and rid the skin of dead skin cells; Collagen Renewal, where a special liquid-based emulsion was applied to the face to regain elasticity and firmness of skin; and then finally, Skin Tightening, through a small suction/vacuum type tool with the aim of restoring skin’s radiance.


The procedure lasted a good two hours, with waiting in and prep included. I loved the fact that Dr. Tiu and Jane moved quickly without sacrificing the quality of their work. They are also conscious of the pain tolerance and comfort of their patients, with Dra. Tiu asking me in-between procedures if I am feeling any pain at all (FYI, there was none).

To achieve the fairer skin, we were given full sets of Nuderm Intensive Whitening Package, composed of the following products:

Intensive Whitening Soap with Micropeal – which helps rid pigmentation and hot spots; Intensive Whitening Toner with Micropeel, intended to refresh skin and inhibit its melanin-production; then finally, the Intensive Whitening Cream with Micropeel, which lightens, removes discoloration and promotes regeneration of healthier skin.


I’ve been using the product for almost a week now, and I love how squeaky clean my face gets after a very long day at work or on field work. The toner doesn’t sting while the whitening cream smells fresh and clean. On the third day, I noticed a slight peeling near my jaw already, which was manageable and was expected. I am curious to see (and share!) if there will be noticeable changes in my skin following daily use of Nuderm.

I am grateful to Dermclinic for tapping me to be one of the lucky few to experience this 46th Anniversary treat. While taking care of your skin through serums and creams are always commendable, it’ still different when you rely on the expect care of a doctor – in my case, it helped me understand that there are minor skin concerns that I needed to address soonest. And yes, sleeping with make-up (no matter how tired you are) is always a bad idea.

To maintain good results, it’s a good idea to have 3Face at least once every two months. This is something I now seriously consider adding to my “Me Time” routine, especially since looking presentable is a must when it comes to my job in PR.

For more info about  Dermclinic, click the link to head to their website.



One of the pioneers in the industry, Dermclinic opened its doors more than 46 years ago, providing medically-vetted, safe and effective skin care consultations and procedures to many Filipinos.

Known for being accessible due to its high presence in malls, Dermclinic offers a wide range of services, ranging from simple facials to more complicated procedures.

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