Bakers Maison does Bread Right 

I have a serious problem when it comes to bread. I just can’t stop eating it. For someone who is supposed to stay away from Carbohydrates, this presents a big problem. 

So when Bakers Maison invited us for a sneak peak of their latest bread offerings and to offer tips on how to jazz it up through yummy sandwich ideas, I said yes of course. 

In my opinion, breeds is the most flexible of all Carb types: with so many varieties and so many ways to eat it – a good loaf of wheat bread, a hunk of cheese and a nice hot tea makes more an ideal afternoon snack. 

Thus, it was more than welcome when Bakers Maison, a new bread boutique, unveiled some recipes where dinners can pairtheir Bakers Maison signature load pieces with some good proteins and vegetable selections. 

Invited to do a demo on some of the yummy sandwich ideas are Master Bakers led by Chef Edwin Tan. The Bakers gave bloggers ideas on how to prepare delicious and healthy sandwich types using Bakers Maison breads. What I particularly loved about the demo is the brilliant use of vegetables and proteins to make interesting sandwich combos. 

A clear favorite is Chicken Baked Pumpkin Sandwich, brilliantly done by Chef Edwin, which used a Ciabatta Classic bread and paired it with baked pumpkin and chicken ham. I hated pumpkins with the same level of intensity as my hate for bossa nova but this one I devoured like mad. 

What I love about the breads from Bakers Maison is that there’s a certain texture and chewiness to it. It’s not dry or flaky, or grating to the stomach. The inside of the bread is soft but can ably hold when piled with meats, cheese and greens. 

As much I would have loved to eat bread every single day of my life, I still needed to watch what I eat. But the breads from Bakers Maison is worth sinning for. 

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