Colgate Palmolive Philippines celebrates 90 years of making every Filipino happy 

Who would have thought that well-loved brand Colgate-Palmolive is now 90 years old? 

The ubiquitous brand has been in every Filipino household for close to a century providing every need for oral care, personal care and home care with recognized brands like Palmolive, Tender Care, Axion and Ajax. 

These came in the mail recently and my dad was so happy – because these are the same brands we grew up with and we used at home

It’s storied history is one for the books. Established in 1926 in a small office in Binondo with five employees, the initial products sold during that time where brands Pompeia cosmetics, Octagon laundry and Crystal White laundry bar. 1928 saw the office merging with Peet Brothers and the Colgate Company. Popular products such as Colgate Ribbon dental cream and Cashmere Bouquet toiletries were added, along with Palmolive Soaps, which pushes its growth in the next few years. Products were delivered to stores by Carabao or horse-drawn carts. 

In 1941, the office and warehouse was looted by invading soldiers. In spite of this, loyal employees managed to manually copy all entries of the company’s ledgers, writing word-for-word all entries for over a week. This gave the company the opportunity to collect receivables from insurance after the war has ended. 

In 1949, the company was incorporated as Colgate-Palmolive Philippines. The same year, Ajax was also introduced to the market. 
An advertising pioneer; memorable campaigns

Colgate-Palmolive, more often than not, produced memorable TV commercials and campaigns. They were also the first to advertise in color in 1966, when local TV advertising switched from black-and-white to color. 

Ask any Pinoy over the age of 30, and they will remember Alice Dixson’s “I Can Feel It” for Palmolive Naturals, which proceeded to win a Pilak Award na cemented its place as one of the best Philippine ads in the last 50 years. 

In 2007, Colgate’s Super Mega Brushing campaign earned a Guinness World Record for the most number of children (41,000 to be exact!) brushing their teeth at the same time. 

In the age of YouTube and Millennials, their Palmolive Naturals “Bounce” music video featuring Julia Barretto, Janella Salvador and Liza Soberano is considered one of the top 10 performing ads of 2015. 
Giving back to the Communities 

One of the company’s core values is caring for the communities where it’s present. The Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures program has been supporting oral health education across the country with free dental screenings and tooth-brushing drills, distribution of oral care kits and integrating oral health education materials with Kinder and Grade 1 curricula. This was made possible by the company’a partnership with the Department of Education for nearly two decades. 

Other programs include Kabarangay sa Dental Health Program, in partnership with the Philippine Dental Association, which raises awareness all over the country through free dental check-ups and product sampling. 

To celebrate its 90th anniversary, Colgate-Palmolive partnered when Puregold in support of Operation Smile Philippines, an NGO focused on providing free surgeries to indigent children afflicted with cleft lips/palate. They also partnered with Robinsons Supermarket in support of World Vision Philippines. 

Currently, Colgate remains the Oral Care brand trusted by dentists while Palmolive remains the number one personal care brand in the Philippines.
Did you know? 

You can buy your favorite Colgate-Palmolive at the convenience of your own home. Just head to Lazada start clicking away! 

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