OMF Publishing launches Book 2 of best-selling “Ikaw Na ang Maganda” 

As someone who lives for books, I always find it a pleasure each time I am invited to a book launch. For me, this means the book publishing industry is still thriving and people still flock to the printed word – inspite the 20th century being truly wired. 

OMF Publishing, the name behind inspirational titles including “The Purpose Driven Life” series has recently launched the second book of “Ikaw Na ang Maganda” by inspirational author Malu Tiongson-Ortiz. Whereas Malou’s first book “Ikaw Na ang Maganda (How to be Beautiful Inside and Out)” tackled makeups, the second foray in the series discusses proper dressing and personal style. 

Author Malu Tiongson-Ortiz

The launch, held in a quaint cafe in BGC, served as a quick refresher on personal style. I was brave enough to share my daily uniform of ” rock concert clothes” noting how the choice of clothes really fit the personalities of those who shared their personal style. 

Tiongson-Ortiz candidly shared how she developed her personal style- something that was shaped by the various moments in her life, from dressing up to cover her depression over a failing marriage to finally discovering God and shaping her style based on her Faith. 

My thoughts 

It took me a long time to write this post because I wanted to read the book and be able to share my thoughts on it. 

I agree that dressing shouldn’t be based on what’s the “in thing” or based on the current trenss that flood the market. It should be based on your personality, what makes you stand out and what makes you unique. The clothes should be clean, pressed and presentable. After all, it really makes a lot of difference on how people respond to us based on the clothes we wear. While it may not be the latest brand or it may not cost you a fortune, as long as its clean and it brings out your best features, then you should wear it. 

This is a struggle that I can very well relate. While I am already in my 30s, my taste in clothes can be best described as “street style.” I don’t do corporate attire and was lucky enough to work in a company that lets me wear chunky black shoes with LBDs. What I try to do is dress accordingly for meetings and presentations because I want to assert myself and I wand people to not question my credibility. 

There are some parts of the book where I don’t agree, particularly on how dressing sexy “leads men to sin.” It might be because I have a different interpretation of my religion or maybe because my views are more liberal than the author. 

In the end, Tiongson-Ortiz presented valid points on appropriate dressing, which in my opinion is a life skill that should be learned and mastered not just by women but by everyone. 

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