Passionate upcoming gourmands featured on Alaska Merry Cremas  

If there’s one thing I learned when I attended the recently concluded Alaska Merry Cremas, where upcoming home cooks and bakers shared their wares to the public -is that it’s takes a lot of passion to do what they’re doing. 

To be able to feed hundreds of people who lined up that day, prepare your specialities without compromising on quality and still have the mindset to sell and promote our product, I say that’s dedication. 

Here are some of my favorite offerings from the home cooks who were present during the event: 

 The Birthday Cake by Chef Jonts – One bite and this cake brought me back to my seventh birthday party where my world revolved around cakes. It’s sweet, creamy (must be the Alaska Crema) and sumptuous down to the last bite. Because I am no longer seven years old, it can be too sweet for my liking due to the  “healthy living” crusade I am trying to live. Nonetheless, this is the kind of cake you bring home to your family. 

Creamy fruit flavored popsicles – one of the best popsicle sticks I’ve tasted. The creaminess and the richness is heaven. 

A close third for me was the fudge brownie from Batter Up featuring young baker Florence Bayer.  At a young age, Bayer’s creations are both innovative and yummy. With a predilection to mixing and matching ingredients leading to surprisingly yummy treats, Baker has a bright future in baking. 

The full day activity also featured fun activities like easy cooking workshops using Alaska Crema as well as raffle draws upon purchase. 

Through the yearly Merry Cremas initiative, upcoming home cooks and bakers get the opportunity to showcase their wares and their products to a larger audience. And when these dishes get a touch of Alaska Crema, what’s yummy becomes even more delicious. 

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