Product Review: Carabella Pure Collagen aims for fuss-free beauty 

I don’t like complicated routines. As soon as I am given a jumbled up process, my mind automatically shuts down and refuses to comply. This fuss-free, uncomplicated type of lifestyle extends to my skincare and beauty routine. I want my products effective and affordable, and I get a kick out of discovering new beauty brands that works wonders for my skin without draining my wallet. 

Above is my daily make-up routine with the usual lipstick and eye shadow, and the new limited edition Pokemon cushion powder foundation from Tony Moly. What maybe new to your eyes is the small white tub beside it. 

Carabella Pure Collagen Cream to Powder is a foundation-like Cream with a smooth powder-like finish upon application on the skin. It’s light and smooth, and a really small dot can work wonders to the skin, acting like your usual CC or BB cream, covering small blemishes and serving as base for your make up. 

Active ingredients include Collagen and Elastin, which are both known to cause healthy, young-looking skin, and Alpha-Arbutin for lighter, fairer skin. 

My sister has been telling me about the 12-step skin care process followed in Korea for smoother, younger looking skin. In as much as I would love to have the glow and skin of our Seoul-based sisters, I don’t even have the time and patience to follow my skin care routine, much less one that involved 12 steps. 

Here’s what I usually do: after bath, I wash my face with My favorite Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Minimizing Scrub; then slather on The Face Shop Olive Emmulsion for moisturizing; I will then move on with the Carabella Cream to Powder which will serve as base for my make-up. 

To apply, I usually get a dollop of the cream, dotting it carefully on my face, particularly on both cheeks, across my forehead, T-zone (forehead, nose and my chin). And then, I spread it out generously. 

Once it’s evenly spread out on my face, I then follow it up with my Tony Moly Cushion Cream, then work  on my brows, lips and cheeks. 

Here’s my everyday office look:

So, does Carabella work? 

If you want an affordable, fuss-free foundation as basic coverage for your face, then this is the best. It’s very light on the skin, doesn’t feel heavy and smells nice. A little dollop can go a long way already. It works as a good coverage for simple, small blemishes. 

Though I would recommend you to stick to your concealer when covering up eye bags, darker pigmentation and bigger pimples. 

After a few weeks of constant use, I noticed that my face is softer and a lot more supple. I also loved the fact that I don’t need to pile on the heavy make up to look put-together. Just a dab of Carabella Cream to Powder plus the Cushion Cream and I am good to go. It’s very easy to apply and one little tub goes a long way. It’s matte finish assures that I don’t look oily while it’s SPF30 component protects me from the harsh rays of the sun. 

My 15gram tub lasted more than a month already of heavy use. Retailing at PHP 680 per tub, it’s a good buy considering you don’t need to use much per day. 

I discovered Carabella following a very classy product launch held recently in M Cafe Makati. The fledging Filipino-owned brand has introduced its line of products to select beauty bloggers. 

The cool thing about this upcoming brand is that it’s 100% Filipino owned and it’s line of skin care products were all made locally, with its ingredients sourced from Japan. Carabella follows a strict process in the development and production of its skin care line while also ensuring to maintain an affordable price point. 

Mr. Rey Ignes, president and owner, shares  Carabella’s mission is to ensure that an affordable and effective skin care brand is available for all Filipinas. Aside from the Carabella line, Ignes has also brought locally Belleishua, a highly-effective Collagen drink made and imported from Japan. 

Carabella products are available in selected kiosks in Manila, through direct distributors or online via Lazada. Belleishua is available in Mercury Drug branches nationwide. 

To know more, go to

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