My heart flips madly for Banana Peel’s new flipflops collection 

Flipflops or sandals used to be something we wear for trips to the beach or when lounging at home. They were basic, simple and definitely, not fashionable at all. What’s important is that they get the job done. 

Banana Peel changed all that. Through Banana Peel, Flipflops have become stylish staples which you can wear not only on the beach, but also anywhere as long as you have the right pair of sandals, matched with your carefully curated OOTDs. Bringing the look and colors of summer all through out the year, Banana Peel have excited its loyal fans and the the market with creative and exciting collections like the Jungle Fever, Sea La Vie and Printed Matters; as well as staple sandal collections such as Cayenne and Sutton. 

Further upping the ante is Pickles and Crewe, Banana Peel’s latest collection. 

The Pickles Collection – as worn above by the model who paired it with shorts and a fashionable jacket – was my immediate favorite the moment I saw it. Good thing Banana Peel gave all blogger attendees their own pair. 

As soon as I have mine, I knew already what to do with it:  

I was going after this look which I saw in Tokyo two years back and as shown in the photos here by Japanese street-style photographer Tokyo Fashion: 

I know it would look a lot better if I have less chunkier legs, but you know.. we work with what we have. 

Here are some of my favorite looks from the mini fashion show staged by Banana Peel:

Currently my black Pickles Flipflops were already subjected to extreme abuse following the long weekend. I love how the Flipflops itself are soft and comfortable, supporting my feet significantly during the long walks in between cities during the long break. You can wear it with anything and it still looks good and has a way of matching whatever your style maybe. 

BananaPeel Head Honchos

“When we started Banana Peel, our intention is to take Flipflops from being a footwear worn at home, to footwear that can be worn anywhere, anytime while being stylish and comfortable,” says Nikki Ng, Marketing and Creatives Director of Banana Peel. 

I couldn’t help but agree. As women (and men!) become more discerning on the clothes they wear, their footwear of choice and the sandals they prefer –  the need for a durable and stylish footwear brand has become more and more evident. The millenials of today were no longer the kids who make do with their Rambo and Spartan flip flops. The kids now gravitate towards what’s comfortable and affordable without losing their edge or style. 

The best par of the day was the free hand and feet treatment for all bloggers, courtesy of Banana Peel and Toccare Spa. Since I came straight from the office where I was dealing with the usual work drama, this was a welcome treat and a blissful and relaxing escape for me. 

The Toccare Spa team with Leah Dy, Toccare head honcho

My spa attendant delivered excellent service

I chose the Fruity Mint Hand and Feet Treatment and it was soooo good! For more than 60 minutes, my poor Callused feet was soaked, buffed, kneaded and scrubbed, while the refreshing smell of mint filled the air. Banana Peel really knew how to pamper us. I went back to the office relaxed and happy (and callous-free!) – thanks to Banana Peel and Toccare Spa! 

Banana Peel has 26 branches and 3 franchise stores. It’s products are also available in all major department stores nationwide. For more information on Banana Peel and its products, visit

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