The Secret Life of Pet Owners 

Our Family Picture

It’s been almost a year since my beloved puspin, Sayuri crossed the rainbow bridge and it doesn’t get any better. There are days when I feel fine and then I’d remember Sayu, which would then turn into a sappy crying fest. 

Sayuri, a native cat which I picked up as a tiny kitten was with us for short six years until she was diagnosed and claimed by liver and kidney failure. The day she died was one of the worst days of my life. I could still clearly remember the sobbing and the wailing I did inside the tiny vet’s office as I look at Sayu’s lifeless body. Until today, I can’t believe that she’s gone. Her photo (below) remains my lock screen and the family photo above remains my profile pic for Facebook. I don’t see myself changing these photos anytime soon. 

Sayuri left behind a daughter, Scarface and two apos, Bellatrix LeStrange and WingNut. The sudden death of my familiar, Sayu has made me more protective of my kitties. You see, the hubs and I – inspire many blessed years of marriage – didn’t have human kids of our own. We don’t consider these cats as mere pets, to us – they are our family. This is also our reason why we take pet ownership seriously. 

To some, owning a cat or a dog may simply mean having cute playmates – tiny balls of fur that you can play with until you get tired of them, and have someone deal with the feeding and the cleaning up after. 

It’s not really a secret, but pet ownership is a serious responsibility. One that you should be ready and willing to do at all times. 

In our case, a small slice of our monthly budget is allocated for their kibble (they prefer Whiskas and VitaPet) and upkeep of their litter box. Our cats are toilet trained since they were kitties and are accustomed to looking for their box when they need to go. After years of trial and error, the Hubs and I finally found the best kind of kitty litter – dry, clean, doesn’t smell and doesn’t turn into a soaking, reeking chunk of mud. If you’re curious -it’s the VitaPet brand which is only being sold at Rustan’s. Every payday, we usually rush to Century City Mall to get two weeks worth of kibble and kitty litter. The stash would get us through the next payday, where we proceed to replenish our stocks. 

Every week, we need to scrub clean the litter box before changing it with a fresh batch of kitty litter. 

If you think this is a lot of work and expense – note that this doesn’t cover medical bills. We had Sayuri neutered before at the CARA clinic where neutering services goes for less than 1,000 pesos. Following Sayu’s death, the hubs and I talked about getting all the shots for the remaining kitties, as well as the usual neutering and grooming services. We have their ears cleaned, their fur combed and their sharp nails cut. 

The expense really adds up considering we still have three fur babies to take care of, but we consider it a trade off to the happiness and aloof loyalty these cats have given us. After a hard day at work, it’s always heart warming to come home to a house where the kitties will start meowing as soon as you opened the door. Or wake up to the sound of soft mewing and see your cat sitting on your chest, as if waiting for you to wake up. 

I’ve encountered a lot of people who can’t understand the effort we usually give when it comes to our pets. It doesn’t affect or bother us. 

These pets depend on us for everything: their food, nourishment and well being. In return, they give us their love. 


In other news, here’s some events that pet owners will love: 

Century City Mall is set to become another pet friendly destination. The mall hopes to encourage responsible pet ownership as it is set to release a  set to guidelines intended for the benefit of both petlovers and non-pet owners. While NOT all areas will become pet friendly at this time, the mall will release more information as soon as it is made possible. 

The mall will also have the following events in store for the mall goers and pet owners: 

Sept17 – All About Pets in the City

A pet fashion workshop which features: pet fashion talk, beauty grooming tips by experts, pet care/welfare talk and Catwalk workshop.

Oct8 – Ghostly Pawgeant 

A pet fashion competition themed as scary chic. Great prizes await the Grand Winner and finalists. Freebies and services awaits attendees until  supply lasts. 

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