The Unbearable Hotness of James Reid 

Hearthrob James Reid

It must be difficult being James Reid

Considered one of the most gorgeous faces in the local entertainment industry, James’ mere smile can cause middle aged lifestyle bloggers to go in full fan-mode; wielding smart phones to better capture the elusive selfie with one of the hottest actors in the country today. 

His onscreen  and offscreen presence, together with reel and real-life love, Nadine Lustre has given birth to Jadine fever (Jadine being an amalgamation of their first names) and has given rise to #TeamReal and a loyal and loving following of fans. Their followers are fiercely loyal and supportive – showing their love to the team amidst their many endorsements and tv and movie projects. 

Thus, it is not surprising when James’ latest  campaign with Century Tuna, the number one tuna brand in the country has given rise to countless memes and has gone viral – all it took was for shirt to come off: 

Dubbed as #BodyofTheCentury – The Fil-Australian actor has come a long way from his days at the grand winner of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition. From the scrawny, cute kid, he has grown with muscles in all the right faces and a face that could make a girl swoon. 

The path to getting that enviable body is not easy. Amidst his busy schedule, the world tours, the taping and other endorsements in between, James made the conscious decision to get healthy by following a strict regimen when it comes to his diet and fitness regimen. Citing fellow Century Tuna endorser Derek Ramsey as inspiration, James made sure to have regular work outs and embarked on a low-carb diet, eschewing rice to a healthy dose of protein. He cites Century Tuna as one of his go-to meals, being a regular in their pantry. He has even influenced his siblings, Lauren and Jack, to get healthy. 

Greg Banzon, Century Tuna general manager
The campaign that gave birth to 4.1 million views

Greg Banzon, the general manager for Century Tuna, shared the dedication and hard work of James during one of their shoots for an earlier campaign. Banzon shared that while some of the other endorsers are already resting, James was still working out. 

The Body of the Century campaign saw James embarking on a rigorous routine of diet and exercise. It doesn’t help that he has barely a month to achieve the best body for the shoot. In spite the limited time and the busy schedule, James delivered which then resulted to the vital campaign. 

Seeing James Reid in the flesh gave me an idea why girls go-gaga and why my teenage cousins seemed to hate me when they realized that I was seeing their James in person. 

Yes, he is unbearably hot but behind the abs and that too toned body is the hard work, the discipline, the months of dieting and the rigorous work our, and yes – the partnership with Century Tuna. 

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