About A Charming Guy called Nick 

Nicholas Hoult in Manila, APCC 2016

The thing about liking celebrities is that you’re not sure if they will be as charming and as lovable in person as their onscreen persona. Who knows? They might turn out to be jerks or idiot douches effectively ruining any love you have for them in the process. 

Nicholas Hoult – British dream boat, this generation’s Dr. Hank “Beast” McCoy; sexiest undead in the universe; the crazily heroic Nox and future on-screen JD Salinger – is (thankfully) charming and lovable on screen and most especially, off

The excitement of the awaiting tri-media during the Hoult meet and greet during the recently concluded Asia Pop Comic Con is palpable the minute the press was accommodate inside the makeshift press area. Everyone was jostling for seats and stakes were claimed where cameras will be placed. The minute Hoult entered, the girls promptly screened, the guys winced (cos of the ear-splitting shriek of the ladies) and Hoult promptly smiled and waved, obviously happy with meeting the local press. 

A major network immediately asked the tried and tested question for visiting celebrities in Manila: “How do you find the Philippines?” 

Hoult answered he didn’t know what to expect, since it was his first time in the country but he thoroughly enjoyed and loved the food and going around malls and bars. (True enough, pictures of Hoult and Joe Dempsie circulated showing the two dancing in a local bar). Having mentioned the food, the question immediately was another from the patented list of Qs: “So have you tried balut?” Not yet, he tells the host and the crowd proceeded to rib him with balut jokes for the next hour or so. 

Being in a gathering for the nerds, geeks and lovers of pop culture, Hoult was asked if he plays Pokemon Go. He said yes but admitted he is a sucky player and continues to be on Level 13 under Team Mystic (we have the same team). 

Of course, network reporter takes it a cue to subtly dig Nicholas for info if he chooses Mystic because you know it’s “Mystique” (aka Hoult ex girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence’s character in the X-men franchise). 

“No, I just love the color blue,” he quipped, smiling. 

For Skins fans (myself included), Nicholas shared that he continues to be friends with the Skins cast, and the cast – has in fact – grown up together after the series concluded. “I thought I was supposed to play the Sid character,” he shared but of course, he ended up being the iconic Tony Stonem, the cool and rebellious gang leader of the first gen Skins. He notes that it was extra cool to be at the APCC with Joe Dempsie, who played troublemaker Chris Miles along with Nick on the first Skins and is now part of the “Game of Thrones” franchise as the ever-rowing Gendry. (Another Skins alumnus Hanna Murray – who played Cassie – is also part of the GOT universe, playing Gilly). 

Here’s another bit of a trivia for Skins fanatics out there. Hoult admits that it was not him singing in some of the musical scenes in the show (one was when the cast was singing “Wild a World”) – “sorry, it wasn’t me!” he sheepishly admitted. 

It’s okay, Nick — we still love you.

Nick shared: “Joe and I plan to see more of the islands, maybe some beaches, after this (meaning the APCC)…” 

When pressed where they plan to go, he smiled and quipped,

“The Philippines!” 

The audience promptly laughed, conceding it was a good and safe answer. 

Asked to choose between Magneto, Wolverine and Professor, Hoult shared he would love to be Magneto, but quickly admits that Michael Fassbender is already doing a wicked job with the role. His answers to questions related to the X-Men movies showed how grateful he was to be part of the successful franchise, never mind that he was in two: X-Men and Mad Max. He shared that he has always been thankful and even if he is fully covered in make-up as Beast, he still happy to note that he could easily go to the loo when he needs to, even if he is in costume because some of the casts couldn’t. “In fact, I know someone in the cast who has to be helped by the crew when going to the bathroom because of how hard his costume was!” 

In my head, I was wondering if he meant Jennifer Lawrence, considering how skin-tight her costume was as Mystique.

All throughout his 20 year career, Hoult practically played every role in the playbook – starting as a cute, chubby-cheeked kid to a multi-faceted actor. Right now, his latest movie “Rebel in the Rye” is already in post production and is set for release in 2017. In “Rebel in the Rye,” Hoult plays legendary writer and author JD Salinger whose reputation as a brilliant later is only preceded by his reputation as a recluse. 

I love JD Salinger and “Catcher in the Rye” is one of my favorite books, and with Nicholas Hoult in the title role, I am now in bliss. 

Charming and affable – on and off screen – and yes, gorgeous, Nicholas Hoult is the kind of actor you always end up swooning after. 

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