dares Filipinos to get healthy through proper nutrition 

The people behind talks to invited media about the website
I have a problem with my weight – try as I might, I just can’t seem to shake it off. I know that problem lies in me: I have to consistently work out, I have to consistently watch what I eat and I have to be more disciplined. 

The recent launch of opened my eyes to the importance of taking into account the food we eat. As the saying goes, “You are what you eat” highlighting that proper nutrition is the cornerstone of good health – it influences the proper function of the body, prevention of health issues and natural healing. 

Global Medical Technologies (GMT) who has been at the forefront of bringing medical innovations in the country, takes its advocacy of creating a healthy nation through nutrition a step further with the launch of GMT, together with its partners, including LIfe Science Cenyer for Health and Wellness, created an online community where experts in health and nutrition give access to Filipinos to current, valuable and up to date information and advice on nutrition and dietetics, and provide the most apt and precision for their health and nutrition concerns. 

Mr. Jason Ramos, Country Manager of GMT
Dr. Nigel Ambraham, Nutrition and Allergy expert, Cambridge Nutritional Science in the United Kingdom

“AskND is positioned to help healthcare professionals and individuals in addressing nutrition issues. For individuals, allows them to consult and work with nutritionists and dieticians in creating their personalized nutrition program. For professionals, allows them to access information, studies, partners and tools to better equip them in guiding their patients,” shares Jason Ramos, country director of GMT. 

“Through, we hope to bridge nutrition gaps by connecting stakeholders, such as health care professionals, food suppliers and producers, and allow them to work together in helping patients achieve optimum health,” he adds. 

Up to date knowledge and advanced medical tools available at is attained through a partnership with the world-renowned Cambridge Nutritional Sciences in the United Kingdom, Institute for Functional Medicine in Cleveland, USA and Genosense in Austria. 

At the launch of AskND.Ph, Dr. Nigel Abraham, a Nutrition and Allergy expert and scientist/laboratory director at the Cambridge Nutritional Sciences, shared the recent study findings on the “human gut microbiome.” The recent study findings further establish the influence of the food we eat in the population and metabolic activity in our body. It also presents a deeper understanding of microbiome a in our body, how it influence health and diseases and how it can be harnessed to understand and address diseases. 
Understanding what I eat and its effects to my body 

For me, the highlight of the evening is the opportunity to truly understand the impact of the food I eat to my general health. I am fortunate to be invited to try out the “Food Detective,” a food intolerance kit being offered by GMT. The kit checks my blood’s compatibility with 48 food types and provides information on which food to avoid and which to intake. 

JM Aspillaga, channel sales manager of GMT shares that consuming food types that are usually incompatible with us often leads to illnesses, bloatedness, migraine, among others-further highlighting the significance of consuming food that is only compatible with your body. 

The test is relatively quick and painless and would only entail drawing of your blood sample. 

In my case, the findings showed that I should stay away from some of the food that I love the most like potatoes, peanuts, wheat, dairy, yeast, corn and almonds. 

The recommended time frame is to stop intake for at least three months. To lessen the impact of the abrupt change in eating habits and to curtail any feeling of deprivation, GMT recommends a gradual phasing of food. To this, I agree. While I am already missing my potatoes and cheese, I also realize how my body have taken so much beating with my weight gain and my constant illnesses. If getting healthy means having to exercise discipline, then it’s a must do for my family. 

Know more about your health and how nutrition can play a big part, go to 

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